Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 145 ~ WEIGH IN DAY

Today is Wednesday - this means weigh in day for me....am i ready, not sure, but know I will be there standing on the scale to see what it says - of course I'm hoping for more than a .2 or .4 - but anything above that is very welcome.

This morning I had my all bran, yogurt and 100g grapes with coffee for breakfast, this added up to 5 points...then this afternoon my daughter and I went to the mall and I said * I feel like Salmon Roses * so we went to the Fruit and Veg, I had six small roses which adds up to 3 points....then had a small apple, another half a point...so right now am sitting at nine and a half points and nothing will touch my mouth till after the weigh in....

I ran for 40 mins today...up and down the hills in Somerset West...burned 789 calories and did over 7 000 steps...feeling much better today as I havent done anything since Saturday....I will be running tomorrow as I will be back in Plumstead at my son's house - tomorrow morning little Eden and I will go out and do what we do every morning when I'm staying there.

Tomorrow I'm off to my sister Jenny's house for a hair cut, want my hair cut short...so will post a pic once its done...

Hold thumbs for me friends from this group!!

Update after my meeting...
Lost 1.4kgs this week...am thrilled!

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