Tuesday, August 3, 2010

20 June 2009

I got quite a fright today when I downloaded the photo's taken at Sommerfest last night...this photo is not the best one of me, it was already 11.30pm and my make up and lipstick had faded, but I did get a fright at how skinny and drawn my face was looking. I suppose expecially after Heinz had once again told me last night at the function that he was looking at me from a distance and felt that I should stop dieting as my face was looking very drawn, of course I told him he was talking rubbish - that was before I saw this photo!

The other photo was taken a year ago on my 46th birthday ( my birthday is two days away ) why I'm showing you this is that the photo's were taken a year apart...Here I have a soccer ball as a face...well thats what I see when I look at it now.

I think I will start maintaining as soon as I reach the 62kgs mark, am not going to try for any less than that weight as it will really make my face and body look haggered, now I think my face and body needs adjusting time.

I went way over my 20 points allowed yesterday...
I had 6.5 when I went to the sommerfest

Ate Grilled Turkey = 4 points
Salad with Avo and feta cheese that I made = 1 point
2 coffees with 2 sugars = 2 points ( forgot my sweetners at home that have NO points)
1 Roll = 2 points
Crunchy and small cheese cake...+ - 7 points.

I didnt plan my day very well....but thankfully with all the training I have done this week I had over 46 bonus points, so all in all I should be okay for weigh in day this coming Monday...

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