Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hospital ~ Day 2 on cortisone

I only got 3 hours sleep last night even with taking a sleeping pill...have no idea what my problem was...I sat up at 5.30am and started watching the Dr Phil shows Heinz put on DVD for me to watch on my laptop...till breakfast arrived.

On waking and taking my pills I ate a banana
Went to shower...put make up on my face as decided it was New Year and hate looking sick when I dont feel sick...but..clever me got base in my one eye so it was sore the whole day, it ran, it weeped, it felt so sore...
So although I looked better I didn't feel better as with sore eye my nose ran..

1 slice wholewheat bread
Tsp Honey
Coffee _ the above was hospital food
30 grams muesli
1 Tsp seeds
Fruit salad mixed in - food from home.

I refused the cheese spread as has 28g of fat
The mushroom spread as has 30g fat
Plain yogurt as has 3.5g fat
Now u see why Heinz needs to bring me food.

I went for a walk around the hospital...climbed from the ground floor to the 9th floor 2x....I need to move my body as I am just sitting all day...now I know why I'm getting a daily injection to keep my blood thin...

I ate the sandwich Heinz made me
2 slices rye bread
WW chicken slices

Hospital food arrived as I finished my sandwich
Horrible dry piece of chicken breast with NO flavor
Carrots and carrots and carrots, so ate half
Vanilla pudding with cream, scraped the cream off and ate the pudding.

3 hours later had the left over fruit salad from snack

Dinner around 5.3ppm
2 slices of wholewheat bread
butter thinly spread over bread...but so thin
One piece of cheese from the cheese platter ( has about 5 slices of cheese ) I cut in half and used on both slices
One tomato I cut up and put on bread

Pudding Heinz brought from home.

Later Heinz arrived with a clean pillow slip for me as have my home pillow here, my freshly washed gown and a slab of diet Lindt chocolate - and my breakfast for tomorrow in a cooler bag with more tv shows for me to watch...
I ate 3 blocks of chocolate...

So have ended my points on 35 out of 35 to maintain today
I so want to keep to 29 points while in hospital but finding with bread being around 3 points a slices and eating so much of it here I cant.

Went for another walk up and down the stairs with Heinz tonight...he has huffing and puffing while I was keeping ahead of him...so my fitness level is still up there...will make sure I add a bit more steps to my day tomorrow..did 3 124 today

My stomach is not as flat as it was but am a few days away from a period, thats if it comes as I havent had one in 3 months now.
But as long as I keep to my points daily, eat fruit and drink water and do as much as I can in this situation 'm happy.

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