Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weigh in Day ~ 2 November 2009

My weight this morning was 61.1kg's

So still maintaining under 62kg's but still wanting to reach 60kg's - but am not putting in too much effort as I don't feel the burning need like I used to when I was very overweight...it can come off if its there to come off..as long as I stay under 62kg's I'm thrilled.

Today cycled at home for an hour watching X-factor finales and Dr Phil...
Went to visit the gynie for a new prescription of my hormone pills - 3 months supply then popped over to Heidi for lunch.

She made us a divine chicken salad...with a 2 slices of bread...very tasty indeed, thanks Heidi..

I lated up sitting at Heidi from 12 to 4pm, have no idea where the time went - we of course chatted about our grandkids, children, live in Germany and Weight Watchers.

Came home and had a webcam chat to my daughter and Xavier, they have been without a computer for a week so haven't seen him till today...how they grow at this age, such an active little boy...always got some new habit to show off to his Nana.

Am now preparing dinner...Heinz is at gym so will be eating before he gets home as he still has to shower, then make his sandwiches for work tomorrow before he settles down to eat...too late for me.

Hope you all have had a great week.
Angelique - my drinking water has not improved at all...I did drink some yesterday, but it seems all my water is in my coffee and tea...its so cold here..

Hope you all have a good week....come on...Xmas is around the corner...

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