Tuesday, August 3, 2010

24 June ~ The Day After

Waking up this morning with all the excitement of yesterday over....I struggled to wake up...must tell you that my sleeping pattern has really improved. When I returned from my holiday I struggled to sleep at night,was up early in the morning - now my old pattern has returned, I know Heinz is happy with that as he hates waking up to me out of the bed, now he sees me sleeping next to him and has a morning cuddle before getting out of bed for work.

I got stuck in front of my computer this morning as I had so many emails etc I had to reply to...just as well as at 10am the post lady came and delivered hubby's Oakley sunglasses he sent in for repairs...So I only got to gym around 10.30 today...did 40 mins weights and then an hours of cardio, but at moderate pace, didnt feel like working out too hard...burned over 700 calories and built up a good sweat.

Last Monday one of the ladies who knows I come from SA came to chat to me, she asked me many questions, all in German as she cant speak English...and told me she spent time in Witbank in the Transvaal in 1987 - her husband went over to do some work there. They travelled to Cape Town, Drakensberg, Kruger National Park - her husband was Dutch so could speak afrikaans, english and german. She said she can see I dont have friends here ( does it show on my face I wonder?) and then told me to bring with me on Wednesday my telenumber and street address, that we could meet for coffee and walk around fulda...
Today I took my address etc on a piece of paper to her, she gave me a business looking card with all her details on.
Are you not impressed that all of this was in German and I understood?????? You better be...

This afternoon I got a call from her, she put her husband on the line, could hear straight away he was Dutch, he first spoke in Afrikaanse to me then when he heard I was english speaking he changed...so we had a long chat, he wanted to know how SA was, that he was happy he left when he did etc etc...* only bad news get spread of SA on the news *
He said Heinz and I must pop around and visit...so I'll mention that to him...The lady looks as if she is in her early 60's so imagine the hubby to be a bit older.

I've not done much today, Heinz has gone away on a business trip till tomorrow night...
The weather started off good but by this afternoon it was cloudy and coldish here...other parts of Germany was good today...in the 30's but not where I stay. Am hoping tomorrow is better, really need to get some sunshine on this white body of mine.

8362 steps today...havent been walkin around much as u can tell.
Last night when I got to bed I had done over 18 000....was a good day.

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