Tuesday, August 3, 2010

June 1 2009

I lost 1kg this week...so am now sitting on 65.4kgs...I cant tell you how good this feels, its a weight I have not seen in over 8 years - my goal is 62kgs so its starting to look achieveable now.

Heinz and I are going to cycle this morning ( public holiday here today ) - I'm terribly nervous as I am not that keen on bikes - but will give it a bash, I need to overcome my fears I have - each season I have these fears and once I'm out on the road I love it...

A very nervous cycle for 1hr 22 mins
Burned 890 calories

Now we off to the gym......

Did toning machines for 40 mins
Burned 298 calories

Total for today 1188...so happy with that..am thankful Heinz is home as he pushed me, I would have sat on my bum all day otherwise.

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