Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 188

Good *beautiful* morning
What a lovely day outdoors today, the sun is shining and it puts me in such a good mood...am ready for my day!
Planning a run this morning then going to Fulda to walk around and buy take-away sushi.

Oats so easy
180ml fat free milk
POINTS = 2,5

Went out for a run/walk.
Did 40 mins running
20 mins walking.
Total one hour outdoors.
Burned 985 calories
Walked 8970 steps

74g muffin I baked yesterday with butter
POINTS = 2,5

After my shower and getting myself dressed I took a drive down to Fulda...wanted to find *Little Tokoyo* as its the only place to sell sushi. When I got to the place they had never heard of *salmon roses* so had to describe, the man said he would make me some, so I sat outdoors and ate his version...6 - slightly bigger than the ones I ate in CT, so am not complaining, tasted very nice.

6 pieces of sushi

Afterwards I thanked the man and ordered another 6 for takeaways, told him I would walk around town for awhile then come back to collect, I walked all around Fulda...bought - 2 weird panties, 3 diet type magazines, creme of balsomic, 3 butternuts ( not easy to find, so when you do you stock up ) a cheap junk bracelet...Now you see why I dont go out, I cant go out and not buy, even if just small junkie stuff...LOL

Steps so far at 3.41pm = 16155 - the most I've done in a lonnnnnnnnnnng time.

100g strawberries
1 tub WW yogurt
Points 1.5

Watched some tv, fell asleep while watching DR Phil, then the 'Biggest Loser' came on so watched then started preparing dinner.
1/2 Butternut roasted ( thanks for idea Ivone ) with Olive oil
Salad with 20g Avo and WW salad dressing
Chicken with chutney
Vanilla pudding
POINTS = 7,5

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