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Recap of my journey ~ 22 October 2009

Those of you who know me will know my weight has always been an issue for me. I've been 58kgs to 74kgs during my years of teaching - I must also mention I found I could be teaching 4/5 classes a day, not eat correctly and still gain...there was no ways I was one of those people who could train and not worry about the food I ate...It has taken me many years to understand this about myself, so won't be making those mistakes again.

When I stopped teaching the month before I was due to leave for my new life in Germany with Heinz I gained 10 kgs...my body exploded...it was so uncomfortable I could not get used to the feeling, felt my skin was too tight, I could not lift my arms above my head nor could I bend my knees without feeling the skin was going to tear it was so tight.

Once I got to Germany my weight continued to rise, no gyming and eating healthy but too big portions, of course trying all the German food as so much was new to me...I didnt worry about eating chips at braai's, ice creams when we went to cities, fast food, etc, I was happy to be starting my new life.

I would get a glimpse of myself in the mirror and be totally shocked at what I saw, then get all emotional and find a diet I could follow, I'd throw myself into the diet and after 2/4 week throw in the towel...this pattern went on for over 4 years..
I did the Dr Atkins diet so many times, the Cabbage diet, Protein and low carbs, milkshake diets, Herbalife, you name it I tried it...even a funny tea that was meant to make you lose weight and tasted awful.
Each time Heinz would say to me...* Why you put yourself throught this - you never lose, you always look the same *

One day in Feb this year, Heinz said those words to me again while I was doing the Dr Atkins diet once again...something clicked in my head that day...it was not an emotional thing like the past...I told myself...I'LL SHOW YOU...and that was the start for me.

I'll do the next chapter to this journey tomorrow...

I want to leave you with this thought...DONT WASTE TIME, DONT YOYO DIET, DO IT ONCE AND DO IT WELL...you will never look back with regret.
I have a friend who did Weight Watchers over 6 years ago...I saw her go from a chubby woman into this very slim woman in months - She had always been bigger than me and now she was slim and I was the chubby one. When I asked her about the plan 6 years ago, the thought of counting points seemed like counting calories and it was not something I had the energy for, so pushed the idea of that plan out of the window and carried on with my yoyo dieting.

In Feb when I found myself ready to tackle this for the last time, I remembered my friend and felt that I needed to do this plan as she has managed to maintain her weigh for the past 6 years...there had to be something in this eating plan, she also had two babies and regained her slim figure back within a few months doing the WW plan each time.

I called her up in the UK - asked her all the questions I had about this plan....As she was a member she told me I could use her Online WW site as she didnt use it - at this stage she knew exactly how many points were in different foods. She gave me her password, name so I could log in...My jouney began that day...

Without working out how many points I was allowed she told me to start with 22 points a day...When I joined Cape Town WW while on holiday in March this year they dropped it to 20 points a day.

In the beginning it felt like such a little food to eat - some days by midday my points were coming to an end and I still had dinner to go...
Slowly over the next few weeks I saw that if I made better food choices I could spread the points further, if I dropped things like butter from my bread, used fat free milk instead of full cream etc...

The weight started to come off...as each kilo came off so did my dedication to the eating plan. I never broke my plan once...NOT ONCE, I was so focused... I knew that food was always going to be around - so if I didnt eat it now I could when I was in a better place with my weight...

I drove Heinz nuts...he had to weight 100ml of wine for me, it had to be weighted as that was 1 point...He often would say, like so many others did to me * Live...enjoy your life * - NOPE....I'm a ALL or NOTHING kind of person....I wanted to reach my goal weight far more than I wanted to put food into my mouth - There were times I felt demotivated when I never lost...I either stayed the same for a week or two or lost a few 100 grams only...Not once did I want to throw in the towel, I kept thinking of the day I climbed on the scale and saw a big loss. ( also Angela from group would send me such encouraging messages to keep me motivated daily )

With WW eating plan I could have chocolate, chips, ice cream...and I did...If I had points available or saw I could work the treats into my day I would. I would have 3 blocks of chocolate ( 1 point ) if it was offered to me, 30g of chips ( 1 point ) if at a braai and one scoop of ice cream instead of 2 ( 1 point ) I never ever felt deprived on this plan. No food on the WW plan is off limited. I have made my own choices...for example I dont eat Pizza as I cant see it being worth the amount of points it takes out of my day...no one has said * You may not eat Pizza * as then I will crave it, but making that choice for myself I have no desire or craving. I still eat take aways but my choice will
be from Subway....I can have half a foot long roll, with grilled Chicken or Turkey, filled with salad and little dressing for 5 points. As Heinz knows this he always makes sure our take aways are from there and not mac donalds or Burger King like we did in the past.

I joined the gym and went at least 3/5 times a week for an hour...slowly I taught myself to run on the treadmill, something I hated doing being a dancer...I could not run to save my life I was so bad at it. I started with walking for 4 mins and running for 1...at 30sec I was struggling!! Then I did 3.30 mins walking and 1.30 mins running...and slowly week after week I added more running time and less walking time. I promise if you just start off with running you going to stop within the first two weeks...allowing your body to get used to the running and your fitness level improving is the way to go. I remember running for my first 10 mins and feeling so excited...I had actually run for 10 full minutes WOW....ME!! Now after 8 months of slowly increasing my running time I can run for 80 mins...( my current record )

Running has changed the shape of my body, its made it a lot leaner than it used to be when I taught 4/5 aerobic and dance classes a day. I've finally found something that is working for me, I so wish I had discovered running when I was younger...I now pray I dont get any injuries or bad knees etc that would force me to stop. I had bad knees from teaching Step classes and bad hips from Boxing classes...but all those injuries went when I stopped that form of training...So far..*touch wood* ( marcelle bangs the wooden table next to me ) running is agreeing with me and I'm loving it which is more important. I do believe you have to find a form of trainng that you enjoy for it to become long term, if you hate a form of training you going to find excuses as to why you cant go...
Will do next update on Monday....

This weekend Heinz and I are going to Frankfurt...we have a South African guys 30th birthday dinner we attending, sleeping in a hotel in Frankfurt and Sunday its our 5th wedding anniversary - going to have brunch at hotel before coming home... I'm going to enjoy myself but still make good food choices as this is a life plan now.
I've planned this whole week for this weekend away as I know I'm going to be eating and drinking a little more than I would usually...
I've been eating 18 points a day instead of my 20 - this means I will have 12 extra points to play with this weekend...not much but it does help.

How much I weight is now in my hands....its up to me to keep the weight off....no more blaming everything around me...I loved blaming my hormones!!!

I dont have time to check this entry before posting it...have to get to gym now!!!

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