Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weigh In After Hospital

This morning I decided to brave the scale.

Not too concerned as I know I have tracked and walked stairs, but the worry about the effects of the cortisone did play a bit of a worry on my mind as I climbed on the scale, I also didn't feel fatter!!

My weight was 59.9 kg's ( 132.1 lbs ) the day I entered hospital - 9 days ago.

Today my weight is 60.3kg's ( 132.9lbs )

My maintaining weight is 64.4kg's ( 142 lbs )
So am still in the safe area.

I will not be training till next Monday, by training I mean, walking on the treadmill.
I have sensed since home that I still have a long way to go to be better, the way I was.
My balance is off and so is my eyesight, I need my body to heal...
I am going to allow my magnificent body the time to do the healing it needs.

Hospital ~ Day 5 on cortisone

So today I found out why I'm not sleeping too well....HORMONES affected by the cortisone!!! Not only Doris the snorer keeping me awake.

I didn't sleep too well last night...in my blog I have written more about that and the laughing fit I had which felt so good afterwards.

Took my calcium and magnesium with banana soon after waking. ( have to take when on cortisone )

1 slice rye bread
1 tsp honey

10am snack
Muesli and seeds
Mixed fruit salad

Paste filled with cheese in tomato base
Didn't eat the tomato base but enjoyed the pasta
Pudding...scrapped the cream off and only ate vanilla section

Block of the last Xmas Lindt chocolate

2 slices Rye crackerbread
1 Slice cheese
Yogurt mixed with last fruit salad

Kit Kat chocolate balls - about 8, Heinz brought to hospital and made him take it back home as I don't want to be tempted here this evening.
Hot chocolate

Walked 2562 steps today
Not better than yesterday
But after DR told me to take it easy for a while and I was experiencing the affects on my skin I decided 2 trips up the stairs was enough for today.

Hospital ~ Day 4 on cortisone

Over all I had a good day today...

Woke up early again...found the light shining into the room to bright to sleep...anyway, no good complaining after all this is hospital life.

About an hour after waking I ate a 1/2 WW bar with my calcium and magnesium pill which I need with taking cortisone.

Went and had a shower...

1 Slice rye bread
Banana and tsp honey
( all hospital food )

Walked up and down the stairs a few times

Chicken leg - asked to have no gravy, they listened
Carrots and rice, only ate some of the carrots
Sweet potato Heinz cooked me last night at home.
Yogurt and fruit salad Heinz made at home

Went for a walk up and down the 9 flights of stairs....

3 blocks of Lindt Diet chocolate.

1 slice rye bread
1 slice cheese
Tuna salad Heinz made at home for me
Pudding from home
Hot chocolate

Walked up and down the stairs

Total walked today and a huge improvement from yesterday as my goal is to slowly add more and more steps daily....was 5228 Steps and 3 litres of water.
So over all am feeling good about today....ate 30 points...

I am seeing some of the signs on my body from the cortisone, did some reading on google this afternoon..also know as soon as the session is over my weight and water retention will return to normal so not worried as feeling I am doing all I can from my side...medication I have no control over...but want to be healthy again...so will accept whatever comes my way to get there.

Hospital ~ Day 3 on cortisone

Had a bad nights sleep again, had to have 2 sleeping pills, so hoping tonight will be better for me...

Okay now to update on my eating and training...lol if I can call it that.

Went to shower and shave my legs, under arms and fanny area...( lol ) you never know who has to look down there....

1 thin slice wholewheat bread
smeared banana on bread and ate the rest, banana came from home
Muesli of 30g and 1Tsp seeds

I watched tv programs Heinz recorded for me onto dvd

10am the last of the cortisone drips arrived....so sat online for two hours while drip did its think making to heal the inflammation on my brain..

Lunch arrived
Small dry chicken breast with no flavor
Boiled potato
And ate a pudding from home.

After lunch I did a walk around the hospital, up to the 9th floor from ground floor 2x, walked a few passages and came back to bed...walked 1 900 odd steps that trip.

I ate the last sandwich Heinz made at home, told him to stop as am eating far to much bread and can see how bloated my stomach is looking compared to normally
Sandwich has cheese, chicken slices and avo on...

During the afternoon I munched on grapes, apple and 3 blocks of diet Lindt Christmas chocolate

1 slice of wholewheat bread
1/2 slice cheese
One sweet potato Heinz made at home and brought which was nice and warm.
Yogurt mixed with fruit salad Heinz made at home.

Had a hot chocolate with Heinz after walking the steps again...

Did a total of 3849 steps today, more than yesterday...tomorrow I will aim to do this trip 3 times as I start cortisone via pills tomorrow.
3 days have been on 1000 mg's via drip
Tomorrow it will be 80mg's..
I will be in hospital one day longer now, till Tuesday.

Am gaining weight....but am trying to do as much as I can in the situation.

I ate 35 of my 35 points to maintain...as I say with each entry, would love to only eat 29 while here but all the bread adds up to 10 points or 12 in day...so no more home sandwich for me and have asked for only one slice and not two for the meal times.
Also eating my low cal puddings and yogurt and not the hospitals.
have told them I don't want dinner tomorrow night and asked Heinz to bring me a Tuna salad from home rather.

Keep those prayers coming...am seeing an improvement...and thats such a positive sign for me.

Hospital ~ Day 2 on cortisone

I only got 3 hours sleep last night even with taking a sleeping pill...have no idea what my problem was...I sat up at 5.30am and started watching the Dr Phil shows Heinz put on DVD for me to watch on my laptop...till breakfast arrived.

On waking and taking my pills I ate a banana
Went to shower...put make up on my face as decided it was New Year and hate looking sick when I dont feel sick...but..clever me got base in my one eye so it was sore the whole day, it ran, it weeped, it felt so sore...
So although I looked better I didn't feel better as with sore eye my nose ran..

1 slice wholewheat bread
Tsp Honey
Coffee _ the above was hospital food
30 grams muesli
1 Tsp seeds
Fruit salad mixed in - food from home.

I refused the cheese spread as has 28g of fat
The mushroom spread as has 30g fat
Plain yogurt as has 3.5g fat
Now u see why Heinz needs to bring me food.

I went for a walk around the hospital...climbed from the ground floor to the 9th floor 2x....I need to move my body as I am just sitting all day...now I know why I'm getting a daily injection to keep my blood thin...

I ate the sandwich Heinz made me
2 slices rye bread
WW chicken slices

Hospital food arrived as I finished my sandwich
Horrible dry piece of chicken breast with NO flavor
Carrots and carrots and carrots, so ate half
Vanilla pudding with cream, scraped the cream off and ate the pudding.

3 hours later had the left over fruit salad from snack

Dinner around 5.3ppm
2 slices of wholewheat bread
butter thinly spread over bread...but so thin
One piece of cheese from the cheese platter ( has about 5 slices of cheese ) I cut in half and used on both slices
One tomato I cut up and put on bread

Pudding Heinz brought from home.

Later Heinz arrived with a clean pillow slip for me as have my home pillow here, my freshly washed gown and a slab of diet Lindt chocolate - and my breakfast for tomorrow in a cooler bag with more tv shows for me to watch...
I ate 3 blocks of chocolate...

So have ended my points on 35 out of 35 to maintain today
I so want to keep to 29 points while in hospital but finding with bread being around 3 points a slices and eating so much of it here I cant.

Went for another walk up and down the stairs with Heinz tonight...he has huffing and puffing while I was keeping ahead of him...so my fitness level is still up there...will make sure I add a bit more steps to my day tomorrow..did 3 124 today

My stomach is not as flat as it was but am a few days away from a period, thats if it comes as I havent had one in 3 months now.
But as long as I keep to my points daily, eat fruit and drink water and do as much as I can in this situation 'm happy.

In Hospital ~ 31 December 2009

Well where do I start...this is my food blog and not about my current situation, have done enough writing about my health in my other blog which most of you have read and commented on...thanks!!!

I brought my WW tracker book and pen with me to hospital and have been writing down everything I'm eating. I have to also add I'm missing vegetables like crazy....have asked Heinz to put a sweet potato in the oven and bring it for me as it's the one veg I can eat cold.

Everyday when Heinz visits he brings a cooler bag, inside is....my yogurt, 30grams of muesli, 1 Tsp of seeds, tupperware of mixed fruit salad which he has cut up for me and an apple. Oh and a pudding. Yesterday he bought diet lindt chocolate as well...

So I'm been taken good care of by Heinz food wise...and of course in other area's. I could not get through this time if I'd not had Heinz by my side the last few days, he has been a rock of strength to me...I feel totally blessed having him in my life as he shares this journey with me. He gives me such hope and makes me feel so positive that I will be okay, that we will be okay. He has said he will stand by me no matter what, he felt he needed to reassure me on this.

Breakfast in hospital so far has been bread and bread...then lunch I have had some vegetarian dish with potato's and dinner time bread and cheese again!!
The bread blows me up so have refused to eat it - tonight getting a Fish platter, lets see what that looks like.
I'm watching my portion sizes, if I have jam on my bread I use a little instead of the whole tub.

Remember this before you start thinking I'm crazy to be worrying about my diet in hospital but this to me is my NEW lifestyle, its not a diet anymore. I've learnt so much the last 11 months about my eating habits, my triggers etc....I'm more aware now.

I'm currently on a cortisone drip, will be for the next 3 days...so pray after 3 days there is improvement in my eyesight or else will have to be on drip for 5 days....

Am struggling to read posts, but am trying my best...my eye sight gets very tired and I cant focus....but know I'm here with you all....

Weigh in Day ~ 21 December 2009

My weight today was 59.6kgs
Am maintaining nicely so am very happy.
If you go to my page here you will see I wrote about my last week in my blog.

Woke up to a mug of coffee and banana

Went to gym first thing...got there at 8.30am and did a 5kl run on the treadmill - took me 31.34 minutes and gained me 5 Activity points.

18 December 2009

Woke up to a freezing Friday....was minus 7 when Heinz went off to work. I did have second thoughts on whether I should go to gym this morning and do the step class...didn't take me too long to decide to go...I know this weekend I won't get a chance to train and next week I have Sarah ( from group ) and her adorable 10 year old daughter coming to stay with me from Sunday to Wed, so not sure with all our plans to visit Xmas markets if I'll get time to get to the gym...I have asked the gym if I can bring Sarah around if she is up to training, they said YES...so now its totally up to how busy our days are going to be if we can squeeze in a training session. I hope so as I would love to train with Sarah.

I've been feeling a little off the last two days. Dizzy, like I have motion sickness...weird, just not myself...I asked the trainer at gym to check my blood pressure before the step as I didn't want to faint in the class. He checked and said it was all good, nothing wrong. During the class I felt on top of the world, no problems even ran for 5kl afterwards on the treadmill...I was feeling good and relieved that I was okay...the trainer had mentioned he wanted to check my heart after the class.

After the class I had the whole check and all was perfect...am VERY fit and in the green area for everything that it had there.
I asked the instructor if I could have my stats that were taken when I joined the gym last year November....so this is what I got and today....

November 2008 December 2009

Weight - 78.2 ( 172.4 lbs ) 59.8 ( 130.5 lbs )
BMI - 30.5 22
Body fat - 40% 23.9%
Fat Mass - 32.2 14.2

So huge improvements which I am very pleased about as I have worked so hard to achieve good long lasting results this last year.
Have been home ( Cape Town, South Africa ) for two holidays and both times I lost weight...I remained focused at all times and always planned ahead if I knew I would need to eat more at functions.
My journey started in Feb this year when I started Weight Watchers - so I see myself having gained these results in 10 months...am pleased I took care of myself and I can encourage everyone else to go for their goal as only you can make it happen for yourself, you have to love yourself more than you love food.

Dear Marcelle

For as long as I can remember I have never given much thought as to how I looked after you, what foods I put inside of you. I've taken it for granted that you will always be a healthy vessel no matter what abuse I gave you.
I want to thank you for being such a healthy body for me even during the times when I neglected you in all area's. I trained on and off - I yoyo dieted - I pumped diet pills into your system and with all of that you still have remained an overall healthy body, for this I'm so so grateful.

Just over a year ago I decided it was time to take better care of you. You were starting to show signs of obesity with aches and pains - at the age of 46 I knew it was now or never. I was either going to make the changes I know you needed or let it continue and pray for the best.

This is the second festive season since I dedicated my time to making you a better and healthier body, this year is harder for me as we together are now maintaining, last year I was still trying to find what plan to follow and was mentally getting myself ready for this journey I've taken you on.
I've been spending lots of thought time on how I can help you come out of this festive season on the positive side...so this is my plan for you.

1. I will train you as often over this period as I am able for one hour per session, I know I cant plan this in advanced as Heinz is on leave so I'm prepared for the unexpected as they do crop up over this time, I do have a stationary bike at home I can use at night when we watching tv if I can't get to the gym - You will have Xmas day off and the day after Xmas - but I know that training you is very important as you need that to, I have proved this to you over and over the last few months. You need to train!

2. I know all about the good foods with good point values, so will make sure I chose wisely for you - if you want something that I know is not a good food, I will allow you to eat it, but make sure you remember portion control. Eating 2 scoops of ice cream is better than a whole bowl full like you would eat in the past. You will be allowed these bad foods but I will control the amount I give you, so you will never feel deprived.

3. I will be cooking Xmas lunch and buying all the foods for the holiday period, therefore I will not buy foods that will be lying around and be a temptation for you. Yes having chocolate, puddings and Xmas cake etc are all foods that most homes will have this festive season, but its only Heinz and you, and he's not crazy about all those food, so make use of that, buy only what you both enjoy and cook healthy foods for Xmas day.....no roast potato's, nothing wrong with baked sweet potato instead. Make a huge pot of Fat Free WW soup and have that as a starter before your main meal....I will be making a huge bowl of salad and fruit salad for dessert - you will enjoy your meal.

I promise to make this an easy festive season for you....I will look after you - I will make sure you end this festive season happy with yourself that you managed to maintain your weight so that going into 2010 is an easier one where for the first time our new years resolution will not be * TO LOSE WEIGHT* BUT TO MAINTAIN MY WEIGHT. That alone is a wonderful gift I can give you Marcelle.

Mother Xmas herself.....x

Weigh in Day ~ 14 December 2009

Today I weight the lowest I've weight in more years I can remember....

59.2 kg's - 130.4 lbs

This new WW program must be working for me...as I didn't train that hard last week, and this last weekend took off and then I climb on the scale and this surprise is there for me.

Last week's wrap up Week 3 and period week

Monday ate 28/29 points - Gained 9 Activity points - 60.1kg
Tuesday ate 32/29 points - Gained 10 Activity points - 60.6 kg
Wednesday ate 29/29 points - Gained 7 Activity points
Thursday ate 33/29 points - Gained 7 Activity points
Friday ate 37/35 points - Gained 5 Activity points
Saturday ate 35/35 points - Took day off
Sunday 26/29 points - Took day off

Gained for the week 36 Activity points
Used 17,5 points of my 35 weekly points allowed for extra foods.

This week I plan to get to gym daily as this weekend I think I will be taking off again...Next week will not be able to train as often as Heinz is on leave....

Weigh in Day ~ 7 December 2009

I'm pleased after having had 3 days of fighting the need to eat and overeating * in my eyes that is * thankfully not according to the WW program - I am 60.5kg's and its my period week..so am very happy indeed, and now so motivated to make this a good week as I feel the * wanting to eat * stage is over!!!

Will be sticking to my plan of eating 29 points from Sunday to Thursday and on Friday and Saturday the 35 I'm allowed.
I will not run this week, but do at least 30 minutes of cardio daily.
Now with saying that I need to get out of here and get my body to the gym...its 0 degrees outside!!!

Today I have a nail appointment at 1pm and then this evening I'm teaching my dance aerobic class.

Have a good Monday and remember to get that photo taken for this weeks challenge.

December 6 2009

This morning we went to gym - I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then 30 minutes of weight - I didn't have much energy and have decided for the coming week ( period week ) to do cardio equipment and not run, going to take this coming week off from my daily running on treadmill.

I had a better day today with my eating, but did end up having 32 points. ( added the sugar ) 33 points.
I had which I should not have....
1. Biscuit at the Xmas market we went to this afternoon...one!
2. Father Xmas small chocolate which was lying on the towel when I went to the sunbed.
3. 1/4 glass of red wine...

Those three things added together cost me 4 ( now 5 ) points..had I said NO to them I would have come out with the 29 I allow myself from Sunday to Thursday.

Heinz and I went to a Xmas market down the road today, I didn't have gluhwein, instead I had a coffee - tasted like chocolate coffee, they put a big dollop of cream on the top which I scooped off and threw in the dirt bin close by...and I had to have sugar as no sweetner...oh that reminds me...sugar is another point which I didn't add - went back and added so now this entry is starting to make sense to you!!

I weighed myself this morning...60.6kg ( 133.6lbs ) - so happy as I am giving myself between 60 ( 132.3 ) - 62 ( 136.7 )for maintenance.

My week so far...I have 35 weekly points of which I have 10.5 left over
My activity points I earned this week totals 51 - those I didnt use so get saved...
It's all looking good...when looking at the points this way I have remained within my amount allowed...
I know I panic and react quickly, this new program is something I'm not that comfortable with as yet - I know the last few days have been harder due to my period ( if it comes ) is due and my body is all over the place...but I have trained and made sure no matter what I stay on the wagon...not falling off.

Living in Germany for 5 years ~ 5 December 2009

Today Heinz and I went off to the Eufurt Xmas market, a two hours drive...

I made muesli for breakfast with Tsp of seeds and yogurt
I packed a sandwich with WW chicken slices, 1 slice WW cheese - a few grapes, and cherry tomatoes.

Off we went...
Along the way I needed the loo so we stopped at the Burger King...after the loo I wanted a coffee as I was nodding off in the car and wanted to keep Heinz company while driving there. Heinz asked if I wanted a doughnut so said okay....broke it in half and put the other half in my lunch box - Full doughnut is 9 points so with half I ate 4.5 points.

Once at the market I stayed away from all the lovely caramelized nuts I always eat - the smell was so so tempting...Heinz bought me a gluhwein as I collect the mugs, they have the town's name on them and the year...my collection is growing as today its been 5 years that I moved to Germany. This is my 5th Christmas here and not with my family.
Anyway...Gluhwein is 6 points for 200ml's - I drank half and threw the rest away...that gave me 3 points

A little later we walked past the jelly sweets and I bought a handfull...those points if I worked them out correctly are about 10 points!!!

That's what I've eaten so far today...and used up all my points...with half a doughnut, half a mug of gluhwein and a handful of jelly sweets.

Thank goodness for those weekly extra points I have....as this week with my *over eating* I've gone into them and not used them up and gone into points I dont have thats available to me.
I can see from now till after the Xmas season its going to be tough going as we going to be doing lots of Christmas markets - I will make sure I do cardio 6x a week...that will balance it all out for me in the end...we going to gym tomorrow - today was my off day - I did do 4 hours of walking around the town and the market today, so didnt sit on my bum....

Struggling ~ 4 December 2009

The last two days I've really struggled to stick to my points allowed.
I know why this is, but still my mind tells me at this stage of the journey I should have better control. But I don't, I feel like I've not learnt anything about my eating habits on days like I've had this week.

I know its all to do with my hormones.
I'm going through changes but still experience the mood swings and waiting to eat at period time.
My period is due next week...so this week I've been so irritable - my poor husband has taken the brunt of my moods every evening this week...then my eating habits....I have been craving everything wrong...and most times given into them.

The last period I had was 3 months ago..while in CT on holiday and that one came 2 weeks early, since then I've had all the symptoms but no bleeding...( we're all girls here so I can say it as it is )

This stage of live is very new to me, I have no idea how to deal with it, every day, week, month is a learning curve for me.

Monday is my weight in day, I have no hope for it to be a good one - but that does not give me the right to throw in the towel and over eat this weekend. I'm working very hard mentally to stick to my plan, my points allowed...I gained 12 Activity points today and have those extra 35 if I really need them....but you know me, I hate going over my daily allowed and when I see I do I get very frustrated with myself.

Tomorrow Heinz is taking me away to a Xmas market that's 2 hours away from home, there I will be kept busy and not as tempted to eat the wrong stuff....
The last two days have been so tough....I look forward to tomorrow, to have a new start.

Hope you all having a great Friday and that you have an even better weekend.

Weigh in Day ~ 30 November 2009

Last week as you know I gained 1.4kg....
Monday started the new WW program
Today I finished my first week and going into my 2nd.

I am 60.0kg's this morning....

My plan for this week till xmas...

I've decided to stick to my 29 points allowed from Mon to Thurs
Fri and Sat use the 35 I'm actually allowed in maintenance
Will not use activity points nor the 49 weekly extra I'm allowed during this time.

Went to gym this morning
Did 30 mins on the elliptical and 32 mins on the treadmill, ran for 5kl.

I'm struggling with my daily points with my bread that used to be 1 point a slice, now with the new system is 3 points per slice...have found a new bread that's 2 points per slice...called toast where the current one is called sandwich - different lies in the size of the slice now.

Tonight I'm going to be teaching my group of ladies as the hall is closed this Thursday....

I need to do my blog entry with my favorite things..will do tomorrow.

25 November 2009

How's your Wednesday so far??
Mine is okay, boring, nothing exciting happening this side of the planet. Well in my house anyway!!

Today is the day we're taking photo's of our meals...I've taken of breakfast and lunch - only dinner left - going to start cooking soon as this evening am going to the WW meeting in town to swap my books...won't stay for the meeting as I don't understand anyway.
I'm on day 3 of the new program and it's going well..

I weighed 61.4kg's ( 135.4lbs ) on Monday and today am 59.9kg's ( 132.1lbs ) the lowest weight I've been in YEARS!!

I'm keen to see what my weight is next Monday a week after being on the program...I will start on the maintenance program next week...I was also thinking what I could do from next week is keep to 29 points a day ( to lose )and then over the weekends have 35 ( maintenance ) - anyway am thinking about it. I know I should not lose anymore as my bones are sticking out on my butt area and hurting when I sit down...its really weird, never experience this before..
I think I'm slim enough, I'm happy with myself at this weight....I need to focus on maintaining now....keep training, keep myself motivated.....keep focused.

24 November 2009

Yesterday that 1.4kg ( 3.1lb ) gain really knocked me - when I looked in the mirror I saw fat...I saw my waist being thicker, was awful. I know it was all in my mind, but that's what happened, I have to be honest here and tell it as I saw it.

I kept to my 29 ( to lose ) points allowed on the new WW program. I found it okay...enjoyed having the banana and a few grapes that are now free...of course I will not over eat on fruit, but the fact that I can have some grapes now and again is lovely as I had cut them out of my diet while losing the excess weight.

I weighed in this morning and was 61.2kg's ( 134.9lbs ) was happy as that meant I'd dropped .2kg's (.4lbs)

I had my breakfast which added up to 6 points - then went off to the gym

I did 75 mins of cardio...
Walked 5 mins then ran for 5 mins for first 30 minutes
Then walked 5 mins and ran for 10 mins for the next 30 minutes, this got me to 8kl
I wanted to do 10 kl so ran the last 2kl.
After the cardio I did some upper body workout for 20 mins..
Came home to shower.

Jumped on the scale and was 60.4kg's - that means a whole kilo (2.2 lbs )down from yesterday.
I have to be honest i think I retained water as I got up 3x last night to go to the loo, I had to get off the treadmill at the 30 min mark to get to the loo....something I never have to do...

I feel motivated again, I got my mojo back...
Hope your mojo is still going????

Weigh in Day ~ 23 November 2009

I gained this week....a whopping 1.4kg's _ I've never lost that amount of weight in a week yet am able to gain that amount...how unfair is that.

I trained 8 x this week....I didn't even take my Saturday off like I usually do...and still I gained!!
And...not period time...nope, cant use that one - I went over my points.
Let me show you where and then I never want to ever hear anyone say to me * Live your life, eat, enjoy, etc etc* as my body does not work if I give it a break, it gains!!!!

I did a step class and burned 395 calories which gained me 4 bonus activity points.
I had 24 points available and 12 extra from the weeks training.
I went out for dinner and still make good choices..
I had a Starter, small portion main course of grilled chicken and mixed veg with small salad. Dessert I ordered Greek yogurt with honey and a few broken up nuts. I had a glass of wine and coffee.

I ran for for 50 mins and burned 383 calories
5 Bonus activity points
That day I went over my points by 2 - so should have 3 points left over on this day

I ran on treadmill for one hour 8kl and burned 529 calories and and got 6 Bonus points
I had 2 points left over from my 24 so saved 8 points.

YET TODAY, MY WEIGHT IN DAY I HAVE GAINED..the first time ever in my journey since February.
Makes NO sense to me that I relax a little - just a little and I gain - had I not trained I can say OK, but I worked my butt off.

I've started the new WW program today...Now can do the one with 29 points allowed as I now need to lose that kilo and a bit I've gained..

I've been cleaning the house all morning, doing washing etc, nearly done, then going to cycle while watching Dr Phil.
I wore my HR monitor while cleaning it tells me I burned 284calories...not much and I walked up and down 4 flights of steps all morning...

Weigh in Day ~ 16 November 2009

I cut my points by 2 on Saturday and Sunday as that equals 100 and today I went to gym and spend more time on the treadmill to burn an extra 100 calories to my usual per day.
I've introduced this challenge to the group as a much easier one that's currently being put out by trainer Bob Harper, as I was really hoping many of you would participate if it looked do able.
I managed so am pleased...think I will try Bob's challenge, drop 200 calories a day and up your calories burnt by extra 200 a day...think will do that on Wednesday and Thursday...anyone going to join me.


I am 60.0kg ( 132 lbs ) today...
I've reached my personal goal...
Am so happy...climbed on the scale a few times to make sure what I was seeing was no fluke!!
So in 5 weeks since my return from my holiday in Cape Town I've lost 2kgs...

Thanks Angela for asking about my weigh in today...I went to gym, came home and got caught up in the group and emails, then went to shower and wash my hair etc, now am back to do the entry and log my weight in on the WW site - now am starving...going to make my sandwich and coffee.

It's raining here - see its going to be raining lots this week.....
Have a great Monday...x

My workout today

I walked at pace of 6.8 on incline of 6 for 30 mins and walked 3.3kl
Ran for 32 minutes, did 6kl on incline of 2 at pace of 9 - 9.8
Walked the last Kilometer at incline of 5 at pace of 7.
Did 15 mins upper body weights.

Me, Myself and the Mirror

The *Before* Marcelle

I hated mirrors, I would drop my head as I walked towards my cupboard which has mirrors plastered all over the doors, open the door, then lift my head.
I would stand far away to check if what I was wearing looked okay and not wear my glasses while doing this as then I would get a blurrish look at what the me looked like.

I did stand naked in front of the mirror once to do this experiment after reading a book by Bob Harper who suggested I do this...the most important part of this experiment was to thank your body afterwards, he believes you cant change what you don't acknowledge..

I saw a oros lady in the mirror...not the gym instructor that I was in the past. I saw how my body had grown in all the areas...nothing even looked like the body I had anymore.

My face - was so much fatter and swollen looking, my eyes looked smaller - my cheeks bigger.

My breasts - were huge....I went from a 36C to a 38H - they were so swollen and heavy.

My arms - so big - side view would give me a fright, they were two big long watermelons, no muscle definition to be seen. Only blubber

My stomach - Round, menopausal looking belly, big hips, lots of fat on them.

My back - had two huge rolls - dents on either side of my back...my butt is round and big

My legs - fat, they rub together, when I stand there is no gap anywhere, they have dimples on them, my calves are big, my knees have two rolls of fat on either side, I can grab them with my hands...my ankles look chunky

Over all I don't like what I see, I get pulputations when looking at the naked me, I feel myself breaking out into a sweat - I hear my thoughts in my head saying * HOW AND WHY DID YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO GET TO THIS STATE* I walk away feeling so depressed and head off to find the next diet I can try to get rid of what I see looking at me.

The *After* Marcelle

I love the mirror, I walk with my head up and look at the reflection and hear myself saying...* wow, you did it*
I stood in front of the mirror today to do this experiment again -

I love what I see. My body fat is low, my body looks toned, my body is all in proportion now. I don't see any fat anywhere. Am I really 47?, I wonder as I have a better body at 47 than I had at 40....
The area's I see I don't like are so small now - the good out weighs the bad...
I have lose skin on my stomach from 3 babies, my last one being 5kg's at birth, I was huge, the skin on my arms are not as tight as they used to be as the skin stretched when my arms got bigger - but I am doing weights and working on making them look at good as possible with all the self harm I've done to them.
I love my boobs the most, they are so small now compared to what they looked like...they are now a 34C...the perfect size...my perfect size.
My stomach is hard ( under the loose skin ) I haven't felt hard abs on my body in years...with fat covering the muscle you dont get to feel hard abs...now they rock hard..wow...and they have some shape to them...when I read my menopause books they tell me my body should be changing and then they show me a picture of what I can expect...I'm going to fight that shape for as long as possible as I first want to enjoy having a normal shape again.

I'm very thankfully that I have a body that is injury free, that can do what it does no matter it's age...I am thankful my body gives me life and a very healthy one.

Weigh in Day ~ 9 November 2009

Last week I weighted in at 61.1kg's
Today I weigh in at 60.8kg's

Happy as this is lowest weight I've been in years and am getting closer to my 60kggoal before Xmas.

Cardio is really the answer to my weight loss with controlling my portion sizes while keeping to my 20 points a day.
Once at 60kg's I can maintain at 24 points a day.

I had oats for breakfast this morning and a banana...

Later this morning am going to have my nails done...am tired of the red tips so looking forward to getting them changed today....I prefer pink on my tips or plain white...

I'm hoping to see everyone's blog entries for this week....

Weigh in Day ~ 2 November 2009

My weight this morning was 61.1kg's

So still maintaining under 62kg's but still wanting to reach 60kg's - but am not putting in too much effort as I don't feel the burning need like I used to when I was very overweight...it can come off if its there to come off..as long as I stay under 62kg's I'm thrilled.

Today cycled at home for an hour watching X-factor finales and Dr Phil...
Went to visit the gynie for a new prescription of my hormone pills - 3 months supply then popped over to Heidi for lunch.

She made us a divine chicken salad...with a 2 slices of bread...very tasty indeed, thanks Heidi..

I lated up sitting at Heidi from 12 to 4pm, have no idea where the time went - we of course chatted about our grandkids, children, live in Germany and Weight Watchers.

Came home and had a webcam chat to my daughter and Xavier, they have been without a computer for a week so haven't seen him till today...how they grow at this age, such an active little boy...always got some new habit to show off to his Nana.

Am now preparing dinner...Heinz is at gym so will be eating before he gets home as he still has to shower, then make his sandwiches for work tomorrow before he settles down to eat...too late for me.

Hope you all have had a great week.
Angelique - my drinking water has not improved at all...I did drink some yesterday, but it seems all my water is in my coffee and tea...its so cold here..

Hope you all have a good week....come on...Xmas is around the corner...

Weigh in Day ~ 26 October 2009

As you all know last week I planned all week for the weekend that lay ahead for me.

1. Dinner at a Mexican resturant - were I had no control over what the dinner was.
2. 5th Wedding anniversary breakfast/brunch in hotel.

I actually lost weight during last week with cutting my points from 20 a day to 18...

I did enjoy my dinner on Saturday evening. I had 2 glasses of wine which added to 3 points...starters ( dont ask the names but all were crumbed ) then had one of the two pastry things on my plate ( have no idea the names of mexican dishers as my first time eating mexican ) I said NO to the cake, I said NO to shooters but did have a coffee with Baileys to end my evening and a cocktail to start my evening.

Sunday I had 2 bowels of cereals, yogurt, fruit and nuts...one boiled egg and roll, coffee, tea and ended off with a sweet pastry thingie...hehe, cant think of its name today!!!

Sunday Heinz got McDonalds for late lunch...I said NO thanks still full...

Saturday while in Frankfurt city center we went to this resturant for a bite to eat...I wanted a brown, rye or wholewheat roll...they didnt have, only white..so I said ..Its okay, just a coffee for me please...Heinz was stunned, he said * I wish I had a normal wife and not someone who is so fussing about what they eat*...I was stunned...I find white bread and pasta blows me up, makes me feel full of gas, so that's the reason I say no thanks...later while walking around I found a wholewheat roll with tomoto, cheese, cucumber and lettuce - then had my lunch.

So back to weigh in day...I lost .2 this week...
Had I not planned I surely would have gained...
So this shows me and everyone on this

Recap of my journey ~ 22 October 2009

Those of you who know me will know my weight has always been an issue for me. I've been 58kgs to 74kgs during my years of teaching - I must also mention I found I could be teaching 4/5 classes a day, not eat correctly and still gain...there was no ways I was one of those people who could train and not worry about the food I ate...It has taken me many years to understand this about myself, so won't be making those mistakes again.

When I stopped teaching the month before I was due to leave for my new life in Germany with Heinz I gained 10 kgs...my body exploded...it was so uncomfortable I could not get used to the feeling, felt my skin was too tight, I could not lift my arms above my head nor could I bend my knees without feeling the skin was going to tear it was so tight.

Once I got to Germany my weight continued to rise, no gyming and eating healthy but too big portions, of course trying all the German food as so much was new to me...I didnt worry about eating chips at braai's, ice creams when we went to cities, fast food, etc, I was happy to be starting my new life.

I would get a glimpse of myself in the mirror and be totally shocked at what I saw, then get all emotional and find a diet I could follow, I'd throw myself into the diet and after 2/4 week throw in the towel...this pattern went on for over 4 years..
I did the Dr Atkins diet so many times, the Cabbage diet, Protein and low carbs, milkshake diets, Herbalife, you name it I tried it...even a funny tea that was meant to make you lose weight and tasted awful.
Each time Heinz would say to me...* Why you put yourself throught this - you never lose, you always look the same *

One day in Feb this year, Heinz said those words to me again while I was doing the Dr Atkins diet once again...something clicked in my head that day...it was not an emotional thing like the past...I told myself...I'LL SHOW YOU...and that was the start for me.

I'll do the next chapter to this journey tomorrow...

I want to leave you with this thought...DONT WASTE TIME, DONT YOYO DIET, DO IT ONCE AND DO IT WELL...you will never look back with regret.
I have a friend who did Weight Watchers over 6 years ago...I saw her go from a chubby woman into this very slim woman in months - She had always been bigger than me and now she was slim and I was the chubby one. When I asked her about the plan 6 years ago, the thought of counting points seemed like counting calories and it was not something I had the energy for, so pushed the idea of that plan out of the window and carried on with my yoyo dieting.

In Feb when I found myself ready to tackle this for the last time, I remembered my friend and felt that I needed to do this plan as she has managed to maintain her weigh for the past 6 years...there had to be something in this eating plan, she also had two babies and regained her slim figure back within a few months doing the WW plan each time.

I called her up in the UK - asked her all the questions I had about this plan....As she was a member she told me I could use her Online WW site as she didnt use it - at this stage she knew exactly how many points were in different foods. She gave me her password, name so I could log in...My jouney began that day...

Without working out how many points I was allowed she told me to start with 22 points a day...When I joined Cape Town WW while on holiday in March this year they dropped it to 20 points a day.

In the beginning it felt like such a little food to eat - some days by midday my points were coming to an end and I still had dinner to go...
Slowly over the next few weeks I saw that if I made better food choices I could spread the points further, if I dropped things like butter from my bread, used fat free milk instead of full cream etc...

The weight started to come off...as each kilo came off so did my dedication to the eating plan. I never broke my plan once...NOT ONCE, I was so focused... I knew that food was always going to be around - so if I didnt eat it now I could when I was in a better place with my weight...

I drove Heinz nuts...he had to weight 100ml of wine for me, it had to be weighted as that was 1 point...He often would say, like so many others did to me * Live...enjoy your life * - NOPE....I'm a ALL or NOTHING kind of person....I wanted to reach my goal weight far more than I wanted to put food into my mouth - There were times I felt demotivated when I never lost...I either stayed the same for a week or two or lost a few 100 grams only...Not once did I want to throw in the towel, I kept thinking of the day I climbed on the scale and saw a big loss. ( also Angela from group would send me such encouraging messages to keep me motivated daily )

With WW eating plan I could have chocolate, chips, ice cream...and I did...If I had points available or saw I could work the treats into my day I would. I would have 3 blocks of chocolate ( 1 point ) if it was offered to me, 30g of chips ( 1 point ) if at a braai and one scoop of ice cream instead of 2 ( 1 point ) I never ever felt deprived on this plan. No food on the WW plan is off limited. I have made my own choices...for example I dont eat Pizza as I cant see it being worth the amount of points it takes out of my day...no one has said * You may not eat Pizza * as then I will crave it, but making that choice for myself I have no desire or craving. I still eat take aways but my choice will
be from Subway....I can have half a foot long roll, with grilled Chicken or Turkey, filled with salad and little dressing for 5 points. As Heinz knows this he always makes sure our take aways are from there and not mac donalds or Burger King like we did in the past.

I joined the gym and went at least 3/5 times a week for an hour...slowly I taught myself to run on the treadmill, something I hated doing being a dancer...I could not run to save my life I was so bad at it. I started with walking for 4 mins and running for 1...at 30sec I was struggling!! Then I did 3.30 mins walking and 1.30 mins running...and slowly week after week I added more running time and less walking time. I promise if you just start off with running you going to stop within the first two weeks...allowing your body to get used to the running and your fitness level improving is the way to go. I remember running for my first 10 mins and feeling so excited...I had actually run for 10 full minutes WOW....ME!! Now after 8 months of slowly increasing my running time I can run for 80 mins...( my current record )

Running has changed the shape of my body, its made it a lot leaner than it used to be when I taught 4/5 aerobic and dance classes a day. I've finally found something that is working for me, I so wish I had discovered running when I was younger...I now pray I dont get any injuries or bad knees etc that would force me to stop. I had bad knees from teaching Step classes and bad hips from Boxing classes...but all those injuries went when I stopped that form of training...So far..*touch wood* ( marcelle bangs the wooden table next to me ) running is agreeing with me and I'm loving it which is more important. I do believe you have to find a form of trainng that you enjoy for it to become long term, if you hate a form of training you going to find excuses as to why you cant go...
Will do next update on Monday....

This weekend Heinz and I are going to Frankfurt...we have a South African guys 30th birthday dinner we attending, sleeping in a hotel in Frankfurt and Sunday its our 5th wedding anniversary - going to have brunch at hotel before coming home... I'm going to enjoy myself but still make good food choices as this is a life plan now.
I've planned this whole week for this weekend away as I know I'm going to be eating and drinking a little more than I would usually...
I've been eating 18 points a day instead of my 20 - this means I will have 12 extra points to play with this weekend...not much but it does help.

How much I weight is now in my hands....its up to me to keep the weight off....no more blaming everything around me...I loved blaming my hormones!!!

I dont have time to check this entry before posting it...have to get to gym now!!!

October 19 2009

It's that time of the week again where I have to weigh in....sometimes I love it - most times not!!

I had a good week last week with being home and being able to control my food intake and cook my own dinners etc. Makes it so much easier when watching your weight.

Weight this morning
That's a .6 loss this week.

My goal of 60kgs is getting closer now. As I said before, no stress to reach it as I am way below my goal weight that WW set out for me of 64kgs.

Have set out my training plan for the week...my goals.

Need to train Mon - Friday with lots of cardio everyday as Saturday we going to Frankfurt for a 30th birthday, sleeping over at a hotel there and Sunday is Heinz and my 5th wedding anniversary - we going to have brunch at the hotel before heading home. So this week I'm going to save 2 points per day so that I have 12 extra to play with over the weekend.

Keeping my weight off is all about planning my meals, making sure I train daily for at least 70 mins a day.

Hope everyone has a good week and that all weigh in's this week brings good results.

Oct 13 2009 ~ Back in Germany

I'm ready to get going with my healthy lifestyle now that I'm back home.

Was thrilled to see my weight yesterday was the same as when I left for my holiday over 5 and a half weeks ago...that showed me I'm learning how to maintain...which is the most important part of my journey right now.
I know making sure I ran as often as I could made the huge difference as my portions sizes were much bigger than I ate while losing the weight and also I drank a glass or two of wine about 3x a week. also something I dont do at home.

I went back to gym last night...really wasn't in the mood as my neck and shoulder blade were so stiff from sleeping on the plane and the cold air that seemed to blow down on my head.
Our little gym has all new equipment...its quite space age looking..never seen treadmills like the one's they have there...
I ran 5kl in 34 mins.
Went and did 20 mins machines for toning upper body
Then joined Heinz on the new Ellipital machine and did another 28 mins of fatburning cardio....
Came home feeling good.

It's freezing cold here now...I'm struggling to adjust. Left Pretoria with temps of over 30 degrees and now its 8 degrees here. Yesterday bought thermal running gear as I would like to run outdoors a little longer before it gets into heavy winter. Know my challenge is going to be getting to gym in this cold weather and days when it snows is going to be even harder. Last winter I was motivate to lose the weight so that drove me to the gym no matter what the weather...so because of this I want to lose the last two kilo's and get my weight to 60 by Xmas...I need a goal...I asked WW how much I can weight for my age and height and was told ...FROM 68 - 78 KILO'S - so losing another two will still keep me within my range.
I need something to work towards...even if I dont lose the two kg's...its a mental thing for me, otherwise I might say...I dont need to go to gym today as I dont need to lose weight...its cold..and then before I know it I've not gone to gym in a month and gained the weight back.

October 12 2009

This morning to my surprise I weighed 62.3kgs
Am thrilled that I was away and out of my routine for 6 weeks and stayed at goal weight.

Am off to have my nails done now
Earlier I went to the shop with hubby to buy *themo* outdoor running gear for myself.
Later we going to Fulda to stock up on my day and night cream etc...have run out.
Done my grocery shopping this morning...stocked up on all my weight watchers products - so as from yesterday have been back to my usual eating routine...

Wanting to buy an electric wok....

Have a great Monday. Will be around later...now time to drive on the left hands side of the road again ...LOL...hope it comes as naturally to me as it does to drive on the Right....

Last Day In Cape Town 2009

Last day for me in CT - went for an early morning and last run with my sister in law before she heads off to work today.
The wind was howling, which made it a hard run...but enjoyable, I would have run in a storm today as I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to run again.

~When I arrived here my weight was 62.2kg - this morning 62.4kgs...so am thrilled as have maintained my weight very nicely while on holiday.

Will be off to PTA this afternoon....my daughter is going to take me to the airport, Kirsty is joining us later at the airport to say our final goodbye's

Time for me to shower and get my suitcase packed....

Will be in touch from PTA...

September 30 2009

Today in one weeks time I head off to my friend Roxy in Pretoria for a few days before heading off to Germany, Roxy has promised that all my meals will be with my WW program in mind. She was so sweet she emailed me and asked me for my daily menu so she could buy the things i eat and help keep me on the program. When Roxy left Germany she gave me money and said she wanted me to use it to pay for my WW 12 week program while in holiday in Cape Town...so she is behind me all the way - knowing how I struggled with my weight the two years she lived in Germany with me.

Today I weighted 62.1kgs so back on target.....

Went for an early morning run with my sister in law this morning at 7.30am - the sun was out but the wind was hectic. This part of CT is known for its wind, so while I am being blown away I know my friends who live the other side of the mountain are having a wonderful summers day today.

I over dressed for my run - thinking it would be chilly as early and the wind can be so cold...but 15 mins into my run I started to overheat and didnt have a short sleeve top under the long thermal one I was wearing...so it was such an uncomfortable run for me, fighting the wind was one thing but overheating added to it making it a hard and long run for me although it was only a 8.2kl run in total.

I'm really happy with maintaining my weight while on holiday...left Germany weighing 62.2kgs
I've managed to eat whatever I wanted while on holiday, I just made sure I made whatever I ate the better choices and smaller portions...although at dinner time I am having 2nd helpings of food as so so tasty...

September 28 2009

I hate mondays after a weekend where I know I've over eaten and going to weigh in heavier....so was prepared this morning...

Weight 62.8kg - 800 grams over goal weight.

Did a 12 kl run this morning with my brother, sister in law and Stella who was in the special running pram...we ran down to the beach in Fish Hoek, had something to drink and ran all the way back...

Had a shower and am now dressed and ready to start my day, its 13.42 and I've only had my oats for breakfast...will go and see to something for lunch now. Dinner will be with my parents.

Am so excited...My daughter and grandson are coming to spend a few days here with me...I cant wait for them to arrive...this is my last week in CT...next Wed I'm heading off to PTA to spend time with Roxy my ex neighbour...and her little boys.

I'm back on track today....am always on track to be honest....but sometimes I just over eat...I still make the better choices even when over eating as that has now become habit to me...for example, I would not touch the chocolate cake that was on the snack table, but the french loaf and cottage cheese I ate and too much as I kept picking over 5 hours.

Hope you all had a great weekend...

September 23 2009

Have lost a kilo...
This morning weight 61.4kg's - last time I weighted in I was 62.4kgs.

This morning started my day with coffee
All bran with 3Tsp muesli, yogurt and apple

Then went for a 30 min weights workout
After that went for a 1 hour 20 mins run to Fish Hoek beach...ran 4kl along the water on firm sand and then ran back...this totalled up to 14kl...the furtherst I've ever run so far,
Burned 1027 calories
Fat 15%
Steps 12 180
WW bonus points 15

Carol today while running along the beach I thought of you and where you living...what a great time you going to have being so close to the beach this coming summer. I felt so homesick today, felt I wanted to stay here as it was such a picture perfect day on Fish Hoek beach...the beach was full of retired ladies and gentlemen walking with their dogs...I felt so safe running there so close to the sea. Caz, I told u that whenever I visit CT I never go to the beach...I see now why that was/is....I used to go to Clifton 4th beach which the body beach and so out of the way...being overweight I stayed far away as I didnt want anyone I knew to see me there...Fish Hoek beach is so different...if I lived here I would visit often...
So Caz...enjoy your summer and know I'm going to be so jealous everytime you mention the beach and the wonderful summer weather...xx

Will pop back tonight to update my day and eating...but seeing my weight this morning has motivated me to try even harder to stay at goal weight....

Am so excited - went to WW meeting with my mom this evening and was given the 10% key the goal weight star and the key to life membership...just what I need to get myself into the classes in Germany for free as I want to weigh in once a week with them during winter months to keep me at goal and not gaining.
I also got the 6 weeks maintenance plan books...so going to read through them later.
The leader was so impressed that I managed to lose the weight doing it on my own online...made me feel very proud of myself hearing her say this as I forget that doing it alone is hard...although this group I created back in November last year and had Elmarie and Angela on my back all the way for support. Girls I know I have told u this a million times, but without your support I dont think I would have gotten to where I am today...once again ...a big thank you.

Going to dinner at my sister in laws mom this evening...have 7.5 points left and then my 15 bonus points I can dig into should I need to.

September 21 2009

I didnt weight myself this morning...is this a bad sign?? I thought about it but didnt want to see what the scale said after having had such a bad Sunday...One bad day and I want to run away from the dreaded scale that is yet to become my friend.
So promise I will weigh in tomorrow..whatever happens I have to weigh in...the last time I checked my weight was on Saturday and was 62.4kgs and was happy with that...why do I think in one day I can pick up 10kgs??? I am always scared I see 70kgs, 80kgs staring back at me.

So today I did my usual...good breakfast, had free soup for lunch with a few snacks...and have now got 10 points left over for dinner...so am actually doing okay.

Went for a very hard 6kl up hill in hectic wind run with my sister in law...
Burned 505 kcal
10 WW bonus points.
That was my hardest run ever...I struggled uphill with the wind coming at me...but did it so am chuffed its all over.
Not going to train tomorrow..got a Granny morning at Amber's school I'm attending and will see how i feel tomorrow night as I had no rest day yesterday and am feeling pretty tired.

Weigh in Day ~ 14 September 2009

Left Germany weighing 62.2kg;s today weight in at 62.3kg's
So am very happy as I've been on holiday for over 2 weeks now and have managed to maintain my weight.

Went for a 8kl run this morning
Burned 607Kcal
Steps 8967
WW bonus points 10

September 13 2009

I'm now counting the days to my return to Germany...how weird, I remember counting the days down to this trip, although I never really felt that excited as I had been here only 4 months earlier and didnt feel the need to come back, my life was in such a good routine and I was making new friendships and building on my life there without Carol and Roxy for support.
The reason I did come down was for Lauryn who at that time was without a job and Heinz suggested I return and help her - give her direction etc...but since then Lauryn has found the most amazing Aupair job for a family who live 6 months in CT and 6 months in US...Lauryn has taken on a PA position with her new boss as well as aupair, as she has seen that Lauryn is very intelligent and on the ball when it comes to things...my poor child is working her butt off but knows that this job is a job of a life time so never moans or complains.
Lauryn is leaving for the US on Wednesday and will return again on the 6th Oct - the day before I leave, so will go say goodbye at the airport incase I dont get to see her again. BTW she is flying business class, unlike her very jealous mother who fly's cattle class....

Took today off from training...it was cold and raining - didnt feel like the indoor workout which I will do tomorrow if the weather is still the same - this week I got to train 5/7 days so am happy with this.

Eating today went as follows

Jungle Oats
Rooibos tea with sweet honey

1/2 chicken mayo sandwich I shared with Lauryn and coffee

Free Veggie soup my mom made
Woolworths peanut snack stuff

Chicken dish and rice
glass of red wine ( hate red wine and wont attempt that again )

Today had about 22 points ....
Have no bonus points

Went with Lauryn to see her puppy Lucky today...boy was an emotional experience...Lucky jumped all over Lauryn and I, she was so happy to see Lauryn, it brought tears to my eyes, I had a huge lump in my throat as I watched
them together after being 2 weeks apart.
The new owner of Lucky is a wonderful young girl who adores the puppy as Lauryn did, Lucky is so spoilt and is so loved...like a child...its wonderful to see and my heart was so happy that Lucky was placed in such a fantastic home - the good bye was the worst, Lauryn started kissing Lucky, telling her how much she miss her, then said * I love u so much * and then broke out in sobs ( I'm wanting to cry writing this down as it was so emotional and sad to watch ) the poor girl who now owns Lucky also started crying...man - that was such a sad time.

September 9 2009

Weather improved today...which was great, still a horrible chill in the air as temps reached about 15 degrees only.

This morning I was woken up to come have a bowl of Jungle oats...wanted that instead of all bran so asked Kirsty to wake me as I wanted to join them all for breakfast...was divine.

Then went up to train...
Did weights for biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest
Then went to box the bag for about 15 mins.
Then went down and did a step and weights workout for a further 25 mins
Then ended with a 20 minute run and abs workout...
Burned 630kcal
9 457 Steps
Gained 7 WW points.

Snack I had strawberries and little yogurt.

Went to Woolworths to buy new jeans as my jeans are looking terrible on me...hanging...my new pairs I bought in Germany about 4 months ago.
I am now a size 9 - 33...this is the smallest I've got into in about 15 years...no jokes...I am usually when slim a size 10 - 34.
Bought 2 pairs of jeans...and one was even the slim fit...
Ended up getting the one pair that ticket said R 130 for R25....the girl at the till was shocked to see the price and said it was my lucky day!!!

While at woolworths I bought their 150g packed of wine gums...thinking this was safe to snack on as I was not going to have my lunch until later...so for about 3 hours I nibbled on wine gums...when I got back to the house and worked out the points it was a total of 8 for that packet...I was shocked...8!!!!!!!!!! gone on junk!!

My mom had made me free soup so I had that for late lunch....

Then later I had left over tuna and pasta for dinner with a glass of wine...
Am sitting on 19 points with 7 to spare...

oh...I've gained 1.2kgs since being here...How its possible I have no idea as am training and doing my cardio, watching what I eat...and get so cross when I'm told to *relax and enjoy my holiday* how can I when I'm picking up weight doing the things I am...am hoping to get this weight off...am frustrated by this gain to be honest...as I have not gone over board on anything...still aware!!

Weigh in Day ~ 8 September 2009

I knew with all the eating I've been doing and not training the way I do back home that I gained...and sure as *bob* got on the scale this morning and am up 900g!!!

That's just under a kg in 10 days....can you imagine if I dropped my guard and told myself that I'm on holiday and therefore should * enjoy * myself a little....I'll go home a good 5kgs heavier.

So as from today I'm cutting my points down to 18 a day...and going to keep my training going as this week I dont have any parties to attend.

I want to have lost those 900g by Friday...
This is my challenge for this week.

The weather is miserable here, raining and see its going to be like this all week....dont have transport as yet, so sitting around while everyone has gone off to work...last night while chatting to Heinz I mentioned that I was thinking of going home earlier, cant see the point of me being stuck here instead of at home with all my own comforts...Heinz needs an answer by tomorrow the latest!!

As the weather has been so miserable I was not able to go out for a run, so instead of doing nothing I made another plan.
Did 30 mins of boxing a bag
WEights for 15mins
And stepping for cardio for 10
Tummy for 5mins
Burned just under 500 calories

My Son Turns 30

So last night I came across to Noordhoek and ate my mommy's cooking...all weight watchers - so didnt go over my 20 points - first time in a while so was happy.

This morning I woke up at 7am, took a look out and saw it was a lovely morning, got up, made my bed, got gym gear on and by 7.15am I was out the door for a run...ran for 40 mins up and down the complex, lots of sand dune steps and hills...got a good workout...got back and then went to do biceps, triceps, shoulders and squads in the weights area in my brother's house - while they all got ready for work.
Burned over 515kcal and did about 6 000 steps...so started my day off feeling good ..

I showered, went to my mom's scale to weigh myself, will be keeping a track of my weight on this scale for a while now...weighed 62.2kgs this morning...so am still on track.

My breakfast was all bran, yogurt and apple
Lunch I went with my daughter in law ( who is a member here now - BiancaFobian ) had a toasted chicken and mayo sandwich which was toasted so could see lots of butter on the top...
Not sure what's for dinner yet...

BTW, went to Woolworths to try on jeans...size 10 is too big for me now...think I am the inbetween size of 9 as I cant possibly be a 8...i need new jeans as my ones are hanging on me terribly.

Have a great weekend...will pop around from time to time...

September 4 2009

So last night I came across to Noordhoek and ate my mommy's cooking...all weight watchers - so didnt go over my 20 points - first time in a while so was happy.

This morning I woke up at 7am, took a look out and saw it was a lovely morning, got up, made my bed, got gym gear on and by 7.15am I was out the door for a run...ran for 40 mins up and down the complex, lots of sand dune steps and hills...got a good workout...got back and then went to do biceps, triceps, shoulders and squads in the weights area in my brother's house - while they all got ready for work.
Burned over 515kcal and did about 6 000 steps...so started my day off feeling good ..

I showered, went to my mom's scale to weigh myself, will be keeping a track of my weight on this scale for a while now...weighed 62.2kgs this morning...so am still on track.

My breakfast was all bran, yogurt and apple
Lunch I went with my daughter in law ( who is a member here now - BiancaFobian ) had a toasted chicken and mayo sandwich which was toasted so could see lots of butter on the top...
Not sure what's for dinner yet...

BTW, went to Woolworths to try on jeans...size 10 is too big for me now...think I am the inbetween size of 9 as I cant possibly be a 8...i need new jeans as my ones are hanging on me terribly.

Have a great weekend...will pop around from time to time...

Weigh in Day ~ 1 September 2009

Weight - 62kgs ( on my old scale that my daughter has )

Points allowed 20
Activity Points gained 7
Total 27 Points allowed

Ran in the morning for one hour...up and down the hills in the area, felt very tired and on some of the hills actually walked as my heart rate went way over what it should be.

Ate 24 Points for Monday

Went to the Barnyard with my grandson and had a tuna sandwich which had butter all over the bread which they toasted - the bread was thick and of course not sure what kind of mayo they used - now this is not something I would usually eat if back at home...so there went many of my points.

I like to have my dinner before 7pm otherwise very hungry and start picking, thats what happened last night...I had 2 rye crackers with cottage cheese and a ww wafer bar before dinner, that also took 4 points which I normally would not have had before dinner.

As I have no control over the time I eat while living with others on holiday I'm going to have to become very strict with myself.

Its horrible Cape Town weather today, so wont be running. I plan to do something indoors...will mention tomorrow if I do get around to it as it's my intention to do something later.

Weigh in Day ~ 21 August 2009

My weight this morning was 62.0 kgs
Down from last week, but back to where I was 3 weeks ago.
Gosh have been working out so hard, I wonder how long I will be able to keep this sort of training up just to maintain my weight as I'm not losing..
Am happy with my current weight, havent been this weight in over 8 years!!

45g cereal
2x kiwi

Went to gym....1 hr 30 mins
Did one hour on the ellipitcal machine and then weights.
Burned 709 calories
22% fat
10 WW bonus points
Over 11 000 steps.

This evening am teaching my last class till I return from holiday the middle October...

2 slices bread ( new rye bread .5 more per slice than my usual bread )
ww Turkey slices
Points - 4,5

Now going to lie in the sun before starting dinner...got a friend coming around for coffee and to say good bye, so need my supper done before she arrives. tomorrow will be nails, gym and ironing with packing, but not today!!

Snack while tanning
Fruit and water
Went to teach an aerobic/boxing/toning class
Burned 252 Calories


Butternut, mushrooms, yellow pepper, cauliflower, broccoli
Tomato sauce
Olive oil
Sweet Chilli sauce
Points - 8

Milk for coffee today
1.5 Points

Used 17 points today
Saved 13

August 21 2009

Woke up to the sound of the rain outside...what a relief as its been so hot ( and I've loved every moment ) but at night its been hard sleeping as our bedroom that gets all of the afternoon sun is so hot...even with us pulling the blinds down and shutting the curtains during the day.

35g Cereal
1 yogurt
Kiwi and a few strawberries
1 slice of bread and tsp jam
Points - 5

Then headed off to the gym for a workout.
Did 50 mins on the eclliptical - 8kl
Did 30 mins heavy weights
Did 15 mins all uphill on treadmill 2kl
Burned 748 Kcals
27% fat
9315 Steps
11 WW bonus points


2 slices bread
Tuna with slim mayo and sweet chilli sauce mixed
Points - 4,5
Fruit salad of 2 nectarines, melon and 1 kiwi

WE have so many fruit flies around with this heat and have to keep all fruit even banana's in the fridge...the fruit also is not lasting very long with the heat.

Tonight Hubby and I go do our grocery shopping...will be buying 4 yogurts, 4 puddings, 4 quarks, not as much fruit etc as I will not be here as from Thursday and hubby doesnt eat the foods I eat during the day...

Handful of chips, about 30g
Points 3

Salad with avo and feta
ww Quark
Points - 7

August 20 ~ HOTTEST day

Today is going to be the hottest day of the year for Germany>...boy, am I excited, I need to get out to run before it gets too hot then come home and lie in the sun as tomorrow it's going to rain ( which we will need after all the hot days )and I need to get housework done.... see on Sat and Sun it's a lot cooler...

35g cereal
2 kiwi's
Points - 3,5

Today in one weeks time I will be flying into JHB airport - meeting Ryan, Roxy's hubby and a dear friends daughter for coffee.
I'm excited about going home again, but also sad that I'm leaving Heinz behind without any South Africans living here. In the past when I went home he would meet up with the South Africans over the weekend for company, this time its him alone. Because of this situation I've decided only to go home for a month this time....will have to make the most of this holiday as I wont be going home again till Sept 2010.

I'm going to head out to the forest now for my run/walk...my calves are sore today from all the uphill work I've been doing to get my heart rate up. Have noticed I have to work so much harder now to get my heart rate up. I'm also wondering where and when I can train while on holiday as I am feeling so fit and strong at the moment I would have to lose it and have to start all over again when I get back...want to try maintain and improve my fitness level...

Went for an hour and 10 min run today....ran all the time, never stopped once!!!!
Burned 656 kcal
14% fat
11 120 Steps
8 Bonus WW points

'm going to cool down as very sweaty due to the heat outdoors while running, then going to do some toning while I watch my catch up of Big Brother...then shower and suntan.
This evening I have my aerobic class to teach so will burn more calories.


Suntanning inbetween checking the internet as sooooooo hot outdoors, but loving it, walking around in my bikini all day

2 slices bread
WW chicken salad
WW sorbert
Points - 5,5

Fruit salad...kiwi, peach, melon, strawberries

Drinking lot of water and coke Zero and hot hot hot outside...

I always feel hungry this time of the day...5.30pm - cause I'm teaching at 7pm I only eat a light dinner after 8pm...so had a ww bar to carry me through.

WW Summer Fruit Cereal bar (first time I'm trying them, not as nice as toffee and banana )
Points - 1.5

This leaves me with 5 points for dinner...which will be

Dinner ( later )
One boiled egg
Small tin tuna
yellow pepper
Low fat mayo
Pudding....must have to end my day
Points - 3,5

oh yes...
1 point for the milk I had in my two coffee's today...

Today will have used 19,5 points
Have my 9 bonus points from my run
Now off to gain more bonus points with my toning class, too hot for aerobics - which should be about 2 .

Weigh in Day ~ 17 August 2009

Good Monday to you all...

Well with my period this week I am up...by .4 - not too concerned about that as I know its water retention etc, last month I didnt get a period ( going through pre- menopause ) so with getting one this month I imagine there's lots happening inside my body that I have no control over.
I know my eating and training habits are still very good, have not fallen off the wagon so to say, besides eating lots of jelly sweets the last two days...but wanted something sweet, now that packets finished I can move on so to say.

35g cereal
1 kiwi
1 slice toast with tsp jam
Points 3.5

1 rice cake
2 Tsp WW chicken salad
1 peach
Points - 1

Nibbled on jelly sweets all morning....
About 5points for the amount I worked out I ate, now packet is finished...

Felt so bad after eating the jelly sweets I decided I had to hit the forest for an hours run...
Ran for one hour
Burned 620 kcal

Wore my heart rate monitor while doing 4 hours worth of housework today..burned 368 calories
With the running and WW I gained 17 bonus points today...hoping that will outweigh the jelly sweets!!
Now off to shower as I want to get the ironing done today....

Did ironing and ate a apple...

Later made dinner
Butternut, mushrooms, yellow pepper, cauliflower, broccoli, tomato
Points - 6

Total points used today 18,5
Bonus points 17
left over 1.5

Weigh in Day ~ 10 August

I stayed the same this week....am a little surprised.
Never went over my points once this week and weekend
Trained 5x this week...
Some how I feel dissapointed in this result.

35g Cereal
Points - 3,5

Going to get myself ready for gym now.....

Did 45 mins on the ecllipse then got too hot went for a run in forest
Trained for 1hour and 45 min.;


2 slices bread
1 WW slice cheese
WW turkey slices
Points - 3,5

Fruit salad

Busy cooking dinner but want to log off early
Will be eating:

Roast veggies - butternut, sweet potato, green pepper, red pepper, brocolli, c/flower and mushrooms.
1 Pudding
Points 6

Used 14,5 points
Bonus points from training 11.5

August 3 2009

This morning it was my weigh in day again...as you know I am currently weighing myself daily and seeing a pattern emerging.
Monday I weight in the highest - by Friday I weigh in the least - Monday's weight is always higher than my Friday's weight, but take my weeks loss from one Monday to the next.

ONE kg loss this week.
Weight - 62.0

40g cereal
Points 4

Went to gym and trained for 2 hours

Did 45 mins weight
Then the rest cardio on eclipse and treadmill...

~Burned - 888 calories - 22% fat - 10 987 steps - 13,5 WW bonus points

2 bread
1 ww cheese
2 slices turkey slices
Points - 3,5

Snack on fruit
1 WW chocolate
Points 2

Chicken dish
With Butternut, onion, yellow peppers, mushrooms, mixed veg
Points - 7

31 July 2009

Woke up to another beautiful day...today I have to clean the house and then do my basket of ironing before I do anything else...I would like to like in the sun later this afternoon and walk in the forest..need to get some calories burned. If not today I will train tomorrow - Saturday is usually my off day.

Weight - 62.2kgs

Weigh in Day ~ 27 July 2009

Good sunshine morning everyone, woke up to another beautiful day, going to be over 30 degrees today...so must hit the gym early and then enjoy the sunshine...that means tanning!! LOL

Weighed in today...
Lost .3 in a week.
Am really losing very slowly lately...my aim is to get to 62.0 by the time I leave for Cape Town in less than a months time..checking the date today I'll be arriving in JHB then making my way to CT in exactly a months time today!

Went to gym

2 hour workout
45 mins running on treadmill - 5,5kl
Did 40 mins weight
35 mins on Eclipse

Burned 939 calories ( thats a stack )
20% fat
13,5 WW bonus points
Steps 13 171 ( 12.00 )

Now time to shower and get my bikini on to lie in the sun...NO housework getting done today!!

2 slices bread
4 Turkey slices
Points - 2,5

Been snacking on fruit and water while sitting in the sun
Sweet melon and 2 peaches which have no points value on Germany's WW.

Onion, yellow pepper, mushroom
Points -7

Pudding - 1 Point

Total points used today 18,5
Banked 13.5 points.

Weigh In Day ~ July 20 2009

After the weekend I had where I ate a total of 5 bread rolls I really thought I would have gained..oh dont forget the few handful of peanuts covered in honey and salt...the ice cream - 4 scoops, I didnt have the energy to train yesterday and am in my period week I STAYED THE SAME so am thrilled...I didnt gain with all that - this week I am back on my program 100% - it was good to have a bit of a break as I have been on my program since Feb and not going over my points by the amount I did this weekend. I would love to lose two more kgs before I go off to CT on the 26th August..so going to try my hardest to achieve this next goal.

40g Cereal
Points 3.5

I've fallen flat today...I know why, period time, so not to worried but at the back of my mind I keep telling myself that I have to snap out of this as if I allow myself to allow this mood to take over I will be back to where I was last year this time within weeks...I am not going to gym this morning...not in the mood...but have spoken to Heinz and told him to make sure I go with him to gym this evening, even if he has to drag me along by my now very short hair...LOL...he is going away this week again from tomorrow to Thursday night, so will have to get myself to gym as I cant rely on him for the rest of this week...thankfully have a Powerpump date at gym tomorrow with a new friend of mine, so know tomorrow I'll be going, Thursday is my class I teach, really Wednesday I have to motivate myself..am sure by then I'll be fine...
Its 10.20am and I'm still sitting in bed with my laptop watching morning tv...no need to rush anywhere today so allowing me to have this miserable hormonal moment.
Off to make another cup of coffee....
2 ww treats
Points - 3

11.26am, still in bed.

12.45 - decided its time to raise...the sun was out, so opened all the windows and doors...

2 slices of bread
WW chicken curry
Sweet melon
Points - 3

Been lying on the bean bag downstairs in the sun thats coming in via the lounge window, its like a winters day - thats something I do in autumn time find I'm doing it during summer...

3 rice cakes
3 WW Turkey slices
Points 1,5

An hour to wait for Heinz to get home, I cant wait to get to gym now, need to do something...

Gym snack
WW toffee and banana bar
Point - 1

Went to gym...
Did 30 mins uphill walking on treadmill
Did 30 mins fast cardio on eclipse
Burned 540 calories
7 Bonus WW points

Salad with feta and avo
Points - 6.5

Used 19 of my 24 points allowed today.