Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hospital ~ Day 3 on cortisone

Had a bad nights sleep again, had to have 2 sleeping pills, so hoping tonight will be better for me...

Okay now to update on my eating and training...lol if I can call it that.

Went to shower and shave my legs, under arms and fanny area...( lol ) you never know who has to look down there....

1 thin slice wholewheat bread
smeared banana on bread and ate the rest, banana came from home
Muesli of 30g and 1Tsp seeds

I watched tv programs Heinz recorded for me onto dvd

10am the last of the cortisone drips arrived....so sat online for two hours while drip did its think making to heal the inflammation on my brain..

Lunch arrived
Small dry chicken breast with no flavor
Boiled potato
And ate a pudding from home.

After lunch I did a walk around the hospital, up to the 9th floor from ground floor 2x, walked a few passages and came back to bed...walked 1 900 odd steps that trip.

I ate the last sandwich Heinz made at home, told him to stop as am eating far to much bread and can see how bloated my stomach is looking compared to normally
Sandwich has cheese, chicken slices and avo on...

During the afternoon I munched on grapes, apple and 3 blocks of diet Lindt Christmas chocolate

1 slice of wholewheat bread
1/2 slice cheese
One sweet potato Heinz made at home and brought which was nice and warm.
Yogurt mixed with fruit salad Heinz made at home.

Had a hot chocolate with Heinz after walking the steps again...

Did a total of 3849 steps today, more than yesterday...tomorrow I will aim to do this trip 3 times as I start cortisone via pills tomorrow.
3 days have been on 1000 mg's via drip
Tomorrow it will be 80mg's..
I will be in hospital one day longer now, till Tuesday.

Am gaining weight....but am trying to do as much as I can in the situation.

I ate 35 of my 35 points to maintain...as I say with each entry, would love to only eat 29 while here but all the bread adds up to 10 points or 12 in day...so no more home sandwich for me and have asked for only one slice and not two for the meal times.
Also eating my low cal puddings and yogurt and not the hospitals.
have told them I don't want dinner tomorrow night and asked Heinz to bring me a Tuna salad from home rather.

Keep those prayers coming...am seeing an improvement...and thats such a positive sign for me.

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