Tuesday, August 3, 2010

September 30 2009

Today in one weeks time I head off to my friend Roxy in Pretoria for a few days before heading off to Germany, Roxy has promised that all my meals will be with my WW program in mind. She was so sweet she emailed me and asked me for my daily menu so she could buy the things i eat and help keep me on the program. When Roxy left Germany she gave me money and said she wanted me to use it to pay for my WW 12 week program while in holiday in Cape Town...so she is behind me all the way - knowing how I struggled with my weight the two years she lived in Germany with me.

Today I weighted 62.1kgs so back on target.....

Went for an early morning run with my sister in law this morning at 7.30am - the sun was out but the wind was hectic. This part of CT is known for its wind, so while I am being blown away I know my friends who live the other side of the mountain are having a wonderful summers day today.

I over dressed for my run - thinking it would be chilly as early and the wind can be so cold...but 15 mins into my run I started to overheat and didnt have a short sleeve top under the long thermal one I was wearing...so it was such an uncomfortable run for me, fighting the wind was one thing but overheating added to it making it a hard and long run for me although it was only a 8.2kl run in total.

I'm really happy with maintaining my weight while on holiday...left Germany weighing 62.2kgs
I've managed to eat whatever I wanted while on holiday, I just made sure I made whatever I ate the better choices and smaller portions...although at dinner time I am having 2nd helpings of food as so so tasty...

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