Tuesday, August 3, 2010

25 November 2009

How's your Wednesday so far??
Mine is okay, boring, nothing exciting happening this side of the planet. Well in my house anyway!!

Today is the day we're taking photo's of our meals...I've taken of breakfast and lunch - only dinner left - going to start cooking soon as this evening am going to the WW meeting in town to swap my books...won't stay for the meeting as I don't understand anyway.
I'm on day 3 of the new program and it's going well..

I weighed 61.4kg's ( 135.4lbs ) on Monday and today am 59.9kg's ( 132.1lbs ) the lowest weight I've been in YEARS!!

I'm keen to see what my weight is next Monday a week after being on the program...I will start on the maintenance program next week...I was also thinking what I could do from next week is keep to 29 points a day ( to lose )and then over the weekends have 35 ( maintenance ) - anyway am thinking about it. I know I should not lose anymore as my bones are sticking out on my butt area and hurting when I sit down...its really weird, never experience this before..
I think I'm slim enough, I'm happy with myself at this weight....I need to focus on maintaining now....keep training, keep myself motivated.....keep focused.

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