Tuesday, August 3, 2010

9 July 2009

I went to gym this morning....I didnt go yesterday due to me not feeling in a very happy mood when I woke up...but that's the past now.

Weighed in this morning - 63.4kgs - the least I have weight since I started this journey..

Last night while creaming my body after my shower I saw how horrible and wrinkled the skin on my stomach looks - if I lifted my boobs up the skin smoothed out and it looked good, but now looks not that nice, but I told myself * who sees this when u wear clothing anyway* There are people with much worse...young girls I've seen at the pool with terrible stretch marks on their stomach...and I'm 47!!! ( it helped me feel better )

I trained for 2 hours today.
Did 50 mins walk on treadmill going uphill
25 mins of toning on machines
30 mins of the eclipse machine

Burned 789 calories
Steps 11 787

Tonight I am teaching my class...

I went to WW meeting last night to buy a few snack bars...they Toffee & Banana and only 1 point each, they are lovely and sweet which helps when I have a craving for something sweet.
While there I enquired about becoming a Life member and going to the meetings once a week to be weighed. They have never had an online member like myself want to come to meetings who has lost 18kgs so the girls needs to ask and then will get back to me.

I was told to maintain I need to eat 24 points a day instead of the 20 I am eating now.
That I need to maintain my goal weight for 6 weeks before I can become a Life member
and if I go 2kgs over my goal weight I will lose my Life membership.

The reason I thought of joining was...my 3 month online contract comes to an end in a months times....I do think me going to meetings and being weighed will keep me motivated to maintain instead of gaining all the weight I lost back. I want to make sure I have put all the support around myself so that I dont gain this weight back again as my hubby is not going to be any help he is always trying to get me to eat more stuff...

Burned another 299 calories teaching my class this evening....so thats over a 1000 for today...
Did 19 278 steps and still have a few more to to before I go to bed...this is brilliant for me, shows me that being active gets those added steps to my day...

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