Friday, August 20, 2010

Much needed hair cut

Thursday's eating and training

So I started off with oats yesterday instead of my usual one of those people who eat the same breakfast for months on end, the same, never think about changing it up....I have a challenge going for next week on my Healthy Lifestyle group where we have to change up our breakfasts on Monday, Wed and Friday and take photo's of those will post those pics on this blog as well as on group.

I am having a block of dark chocolate and about 30 g of crisps daily...this week am not going to buy either as if not in my house I dont eat them....besides those two treats my food is very good....but yet I still am struggling to lose the 3kg's I gained when I stopped all products with Aspartame. I'm going to be 100% honest and tell you that I am actually thinking of going back to sweetener and leaving honey and sugar as I am desperate to drop those 3 kilo's before Cape Town, but am having a fight within myself as I know how bad sweetener is for one and of course for my MS.
It did shock me that I actually have thoughts of going back to be honest!!!

I ran in the forest with my client yesterday, I felt really good and wanted to GO, but she was tired and not feeling it, so kept to her pace while encouraging her to keep going...we did 7km in just under an hour, which is slow going...but I burned calories so was happy, am sure I was in my fatburning zone most of the run anyway.
Last night I went off to teach a class....spoke to the group and said that I will not be teaching Dance aerobics as most struggle with routines ( after 5 years ) so going to the more PT type class with lots of high impact...they were all happy with this idea....I taught the class that way and whereas I usually burn over 400 calories I burned over 600 in the same period of time, so PT type classes gives one a much better workout...

Last night I got home and made a tuna salad for dinner....

This morning ( Friday )
I taught my client a Circuit class with cardio and toning for one min at a time, then when we completed the circuit we went out and ran around the block, came back in and started the circuit again and so we went for three sessions, each time we went out for a run we ran an extra block around ~ I burned nearly 600 calories so am happy as it was a good way to start my day today.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I did so well yesterday with my eating..
Took the day off from training as I knew today ( Thursday ) I would have two sessions of training so it would not be a train smash. All I had to do was watch my calorie intake.

I went to the hairdresser yesterday, had a few hilights and a much needed cut...went at 4.30pm and got home at 7.10pm to hubby and another South African visiting Germany waiting for us to go out for dinner.

I ordered a glass of red wine...
A salad
Grilled chicken ( thin slices )
Broccoli and Green beans

Sounds good ~ well I would have thought so as well..

The salad had too much oil on it and the balsamic was so bitter, I hated it
The grilled chicken was lying in a layer of lemon oil
And the veggies had oil all over them
I never cook with oil or salt or any of the flavoring ( boring )
So enjoyed it very much, but knew that although I had made the best choice from the menu, it was fulled with calories I could not see.

So I have no idea where I ended with my calories yesterday and would guess about 30 points.....guess and I have no idea when not cooking my own foods.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm back!!!

Will update blog tonight with my menu...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday and Tuesday

Yesterday and today my eating is still not under control
Told hubby today that I think one of the reason's I'm feeling down is the fact that I have lost control over my eating the way I used to have.
Two weeks I have started tracking my foods but never completed a that is not me, I am not taking my vitamin's, which I need to take not only for health reason's but also my MS...I am NOT drinking water instead I am drinking 3 cups of coffee a day with sugar, and tsp with each cup.
Running is the only thing keeping my weight down at the moment, and when the weather is as miserable as it is this month I dont feel like going out to run...I have been, but with great difficulty..and then when done I am grateful I did.

Last night I ran 9 km in the rain with my neighbor...
Today I did a cardio workout with my client and burned over 500 calories in 53 mins, I pushed myself hard.

I need to sort myself out....I told myself this about two weeks ago and still haven't.......

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reflecting on Sunday

I'm going to begin the new week by taking photo's of my meals and counting my points and tracking here on my blog..
I need to do more as I feel I am getting comfortable in my skin and know that when this happens one gains weight..
I do not want to gain the weight I've lost back.
So today I am thinking what my goals are and how I am going to reach them.
I eat well as I have MS and there are many foods I cant eat, or don't eat as they make me feel worse.
I train at least 6/7 times a week....
I need to change?????????
There are things I can change...