Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday ~ Looking back

Its so important while on the weight loss journey to photography yourself...I know we hate seeing how big we are and try stand in ways that its less noticeable, put pillows and other people in front of us to semi hide from the me I had mastered how to stand, sit etc when having a photo taken....I will share a few of them with you...
The photo below I am standing with my arm across my stomach, that way I felt I could hide it away...
The next photo reminds me how big my breasts got when I gained weight...they became huge...I was buying size 38 H bra's not my normal 36 C which I was falling out of...Here my arms are tucked under my breasts so that the jersey I was wearing would hang closer to my body and not make my tummy look even bigger....
Its not very often I would stand in the middle of two people for a photo...I know from the jeans I am wearing on this photo I was having * a slimmer moment * I was able to fit into a these jeans which were a little smaller than the other jeans, so here I felt * thin * and confident to pose this way...I know today that I was far from slim!!!!
It was Autumn 2006 and my parents were visiting ~ was such a lovely time for me...
Here once again I was feeling slimmer ~ My weight was around 78 kg's ( 172 lbs ) so about 4kg's ( 8.8lbs ) lighter ~ I see how podge my stomach looks on this photo...
Two South African and myself....all of us lived in Germany...they have gone back to South Africa now...These girls knew me to lose a little and then gain it all eat nothing ~ then to eat everything..when I said I was going on a diet they would all think * oh again * and they were right I was on and off diets for all the time they lived here....I lost all my weight once I was the only South African left here....none of them have seen the new me....
The photo below is a typical photo of me hiding....they will tell you as well,whenever I had a photo with them I always made them sit or stand in front of me as I wanted to hide my boobs...well that was what I told them...I wanted to hide my big boobs and fat....
Today I went to the shops to buy new running shoes...could not find the color I liked so will stop at a sports shop on the way to the airport and see if I can find a pair there.....for Cape Town!!!

This afternoon my neighbor and I went for a 7.6 km run...( 4.7 miles )
WE walked the first hills on the first 5km and ran the flats and downhills
Then ran the last 2.6km home.
Did it in 56.23 mins
Burned 637 calories
30% fat
HR 127 - 164

Was freezing out...
Am still struggling with my breathing so not there yet...
Am hoping once in Cape Town and the sunshine I will start enjoying my runs again.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday ~ Day off

Vicki suggested I put a photo up of myself today to compare to the older photo's and also to add my weight when the photo's were taken.

Me today.....
2008 ~ 82kg's ( 180.8 lbs )
2009 ~ 62kg's ( 136.7 lbs )

I'm taking the day off today.
My intention was to run with my neighbor this morning ~ I woke up with such tight and sore calves, walking is difficult, forget running.
The last two days I have done workouts at home with my neighbors....our floors are tiles and hard...
So jumping for one hour on the hard tiles is why I am suffering today....
Lesson learned!

Today I made myself a pita...the first time every.
Filled it with fresh salad and grilled chicken.
Was delish!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday ~ The Face

I remember this was my 46th birthday...I woke up, washed my hair, put make up on, and wore pink...even on my eyes, something I never do....but that day I decided to try pink eye shadow...( never again since )....Looking at these photo's at the time I remember hating how fat my face weight showed itself here and the rest of my body....Having the baby on my lap helped me feel that I was hiding my body stomach.

I grew my hair while being over weight as I knew my short hairstyle would make my face even look fatter...The only time I had longish hair was during my fat my weight came off so my hair got shorter and shorter...I was beginning to feel myself again.
The photo below really shocked me when I saw it the first time...
I remember being at my hubby's work function and him telling me that I had to stop losing weight as I was looking TERRIBLE!! He was standing at a distance from me and he was not liking what he was seeing. Of course my first reaction was to be upset...* How can he say I looked terrible, I was feeling so good about myself having lost so much weight *
When I saw the photo's taken that evening I saw what he meant...and I see it now looking at it.
I looked TERRIBLE. I do know and always tell others that lose weight that our body needs a good year to grow back into itself again....That photo was taken in June 2009 and the photo of me on the side bar was taken in June 2010....I had grown back into my face....So many people pass comments and say...* You have to stop losing weight as your face is looking terrible or too thin...* I want you not to listen to those * jealous * comments from others...know that once you have reached your goal weight the body sorts itself out ~ even the face!

Today I personal trained my neighbor for the last time before my trip home...
We both felt very sad as we love the two session a week...both have gotten so much out of it.
My neighbor started this journey with me weighing in at 69.9kgs ( 154 lbs ) and today she weighs 56.6kg's ( 124.8 lbs ) She has lost 13.3 kg's ( 29.3 lbs )
She is tiny,...did her measurements today as well...amazing results!

I did an hours workout with her
35 mins of cardio
Squats, lunges and lunges with more cardio
Abs and stretch

I burned 640 calories

We are planning a short run tomorrow morning....
I feel satisfied with my workout and results today.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday ~ Two mini workouts

Cant post pictures with this entry today as Blogger tells me they're busy updating the blogs...

As I am the creative type, I love adding photo's with my entry, this entry to me feels so not like me...cold!!
You understand?? or not??



I got up this morning and did my 250 sit ups, push ups, tricep dips and triceps....burned 250 calories then started my day.

Today did the usual housework in the morning, this afternoon went through to a hotel in Fulda to take a few staff photo's for their Xmas card...It was pouring with rain all the way there, but not as cold temp wise as its been lately...but still cold!!

Earlier today when I got dressed, I put my boots on, now for those who are new reading my blog...I have big calves and during my fatter days I was not able to wear boots as the zip would not close up...when I lost the weight I was able to buy boots and last winter was the first time I was able to wear them....was such a novelty to me as you can imagine.
Today I put my boots on and had to really pull them close....* panic * ~ I had thin cotton pants on and I was struggling ~ last year I was wearing them with my jeans tucked in...will I be able to do that this winter.
I know since I stopped all diet products I gained weight...I suppose 3/5kg's can make a big difference as to whether I can wear my boots this season or not.

My neighbor and I decided if it was not raining at 5pm we would go for a 5km run ( 3 miles ) this 5pm she came over and it was raining so I suggested we meet at 6pm for a home workout....once hubby left for the gym she came over and we did a good hard cardio with lots of PT lunges, squats, triceps, biceps, push ups....I got a good sweat going and burned a whopping 577 calories in the 50 mins we worked out.

I'm satisfied with my eating and training for today....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday ~ Hair cut

This was me on Sunday, in desperate need of a hair cut and color.
Amazing how hair can effect how one feels about yourself.
When my hair is untidy and not in good shape ~ it looks okay the day I wash it, but after that its looks terrible, which makes me feel bad about myself...
Today I went to the hairdresser!!

I had my hair styled, shorter and blonder than what I've had it the last year or so...
I'm happy with it...I always feel the hairdresser gives me all her attention and never rushers me, I feel free make suggestions as she goes along...and she always does as I ask...
Not sure what my hubby will say
My man met me with long hair...the only time in my adult life I had long hair and slowly over the last 6 years I have cut it shorter and shorter to the way I used to wear it, the what I feel is me....
Oh well, he gets a new wife today!!! :)
As I am not weighing myself I am always checking my clothing, my ring, my watch etc to see if I have gained weight...Gaining weight again is not on my agenda of things to do in my lifetime!! So when I saw these photo's that I took of myself a little earlier the first thing that went through my mind was * Okay....face still looks okay, cant see any weight gained there * I didn't look for the lines and wrinkles like before, I only wanted to see if I had gained weight...
I'm not training today.....
I woke up this morning sneezing and feeling a little off, so taking it slow...
I am not sick...Sarah is sick, gosh you should hear her coughing and splatting over the phone when I called her today. I will see how I feel tomorrow and decide then if to train at low intensity ~ the afternoon I have a photography job at a hotel down the road..
My last job before I go.

Dinner tonight ( busy cooking ) is
Turkey mince
Whole wheat pasta
Roast oven veg
And a small salad as my hubby loves his salad at dinner time whereas I love my veggies.

Monday, October 18, 2010 week to Cape Town

Yesterday after the 10 km run ( 6 miles ) Hubby suggest we go off to the ski resort for coffee and cake....I agreed as in my mind I thought...I can take photographs!!!
While walking around Hubby told me he wanted his own slice of cake and not share with me as I usually ask him to do...I said that was I ordered a coffee, asked if I could have honey to sweeten my coffee instead of sugar, and ordered a slice of Cheese cake. When the cake arrived it was a big piece...a big square piece of I immediately cut it in half and only ate half with my coffee and asked for a *doggie bag * to take the rest home. German's of course have no idea what a * doggie bag * was, hubby came to my rescue and explained...
So yesterday I ate half the cheese cake and today I ate the other half!!

( not clean eating, but every now and again and portion controlled it should be okay )

Today I had so much ironing to do...that kept me busy for most of the day...once I was finished I did 250 sit ups, 40 tricep dips and 20 push ups before going upstairs to set up my stationary bike for a workout. I set out wanting to do 30 mins at a low intensity ~ put on the Biggest Loser *Couple* that I record every morning and watched while I cycled...did 45 mins in total.

I burned 525 calories
50% fat
HR 105 - 115
Besides the half a slice of cheese cake I have eaten well today,...
Tonight for dinner ( will be preparing after this entry gets posted ) we will be having Salmon, peas and toss salad.....

Today in one week I board the plane that will take me to Cape Town for 56 days with my children, grandchildren, family and friends...
I leave my hubby behind and that makes me very sad...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday ~ Weeks results

After two days of rest I joined the group of ladies who run on a Sunday morning
It was 5 degrees out, very cold, so had my headband, gloves and jacket on to keep me warm
The only problem I find is that within the first 10 mins or so I start getting hot and have to start peeling off the layers...then the nose...oh heavens ~ the nose I have to keep blowing!!
Today I took my iPod along as I find the music gives me motivation to push when I feel like giving up....I usually only switch the iPod on after about 15 mins as the first few mins everyone is catching up with each others news...and even though most of it is in German, I have a few things I too want to say to them...and in English!! :)

Yesterdays blog entry I showed a photo of Quark that I put on my bread or my foods ~ the photo above is my pudding Quark...I will divide this 200g tub for two have 100g after dinner time as my dessert, but not every night like I used to... and I used to eat a whole tub in one sitting...making all my portions smaller and eating 6x a day. What I also do is put some flaxseeds crushed into my Quark.

After doing Weight Watchers for the last two years I have finally freed myself from counting points ~ I actually cant believe that I have done this...if you had asked me a few months ago if I would ever stop counting Points, I would have said NO!!
Counting Points is what got me to lose my weight...I believe in Weight Watchers.
So what changed this for me...
As so many of Weight Watchers products have that poison in them...
And their recommendation to drink diet soda's cause it Points free
and a few other things like their foods which are all processed.
When I found Tosco's Clean Eating plan I knew with the knowledge I had gained from the two years on Weight Watchers and her plan I could be successful...
So now no more counting the Points ( or calories, I did try that as well )
Instead I eat Clean...6 small meals a day ~ Protein with each meal
I have introduced Flaxseed to my diet, nuts, fruit and more veggies
I try remember to drink one cup of Green tea a day
I try remember to drink my 8/9 glasses of water a day.
I train 6 x a week ( unless ill )
I am still far from perfect
But right now with the desire to keep my weight down and healing my body from MS through good nutrition and vitamin's ~ I have made huge changes to my lifestyle.

Today I ran 10km...the first 4.5 km we walked the steep hills then ran the flats and smaller hills, after that we ran all the way to the end...HOME
Did it in 1:08 mins, I was happy with that time considering the walking we did at first
Burned 1013 calories ~ always a bonus the calories burned
25% fat ( as my HR was too high due to not feeling well )
HR 135 - 153

My weeks workout
Ran 28 km
Burned 3495 calories
Did 5 workouts
2 Rest days
Taught 1 aerobic class

Considering I was not feeling too good this week I am happy with my weekly results.