Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday and Saturday

Today my weight is 64.5kg's ( 142.2lbs )
Thats .3 (0.7lbs) up from yesterday
Frustrates me as I even said NO to a glass of wine last night

I ate too much bread yesterday, this could be the reason if I look very carefully at what I ate.
Breakfast was 1 slice Rye bread with scrambled eggs
Lunch a ate 1 Rye bread roll with salad and Smoked Salmon slices
Dinner I ate a Pumpkinseed roll with roast chicken
Too much bread...
My calories ended at 1 661
Points were 30 ~ went one point over
No training ~ took the day off.

Did 130 sit ups when I got up this morning
My online groups has a 100 sit up challenge going for this weekend.

Breakfast I ate
30g muesli
15g All bran
100g Yogurt
63g Blue berries
Coffee with honey
Calories 433

My hubby and I went out today as I needed a new sports bra
While out we looked around at many other shops and bought a new bra for myself.
I was all ready to come home and make us a sandwich when Hubby turned into Subways.
So there I chose ~ Roast Chicken Roll
1/2 Wholewheat and Rye roll
Roast Chicken
Tomato slices
Cucumber slices
Green pepper rings
Onion rings.
Said NO to cheese and sauce.
Calories 300

It's 2.50pm and I've not trained as yet
The weather is miserable outdoors, raining and cold
All I want to do is curl up on the couch and watch tv..
But I know I cant as Monday is weight in day and I will be very upset if the scale has not gone down as this week and weekend I am putting in the work so would like the results.

I have no more chocolate or chips in my house...
Made sure they all finished before I go into the new week.
Next week hubby goes back to work so I can find my routine again.

Now I think is the time to say good bye, go get my sports gear on and head out to the gym...
Will I????
Will update tomorrow....

Friday, August 27, 2010


My class had a reunion last year while I was home in South Africa on holiday
Was amazing to see women who were now in their late 40's that I remember as young children.
None of my school mates who attended were into sport, training or the healthy lifestyle.
I danced all my life and was part of the netball and athletics teams as a few of them were as well during our school days.
But as life continued most went into careers which involved brain activity ~ as I lacked in that department ( I really did ) my career took me into the health and fitness business.
I opened my own Modern Dance/Aerobic Sport studio at 18 years old, at 27 I did the Aerobic Instructor's course and worked in that industry with my dance school till I left for Germany 6 years ago this December.
I gained so much weight when I stopped teaching...20 kg's (44 lbs ) and struggled for a full 5 years trying to drop the weight ~ I yo-yo dieted, losing a little here and there with crash diets only to put it all back on.
I was very happy that by the time I got to this school reunion I had managed to lose the weight, I felt good and more confident ~ I know I would have felt very different had I had those extra 20 kg's on my body.

Thursday and Friday

My weight this morning is 64.2kg's ( 141.5 lbs )
Thats a kilo ( 2.2 lbs ) down from Monday's weight heaviest in the last year.
I'm interested to see what my Monday weight will be next week as I have noticed a pattern with my weight.
Monday its up...Friday its down...and so I that called Maintaining??
I will be very careful this weekend and see if I can break that pattern.

Last night I drove to the next town which is a 30 minute drive away from where I live, to teach my ladies a class.
Not all the girls were back from holiday last night, but wanted a photo to put on this blog of them.
My running partner ( AT THE BACK ON THE RIGHT SIDE ) joined me last night, her first class with me...she really struggled as has not got natural co-ordination ~ she went one way when the class went the other. I was pleasantly surprised when she asked if she can go with me again next week, as the following week she and my other neighbor have joined a class on a Thursday evening in our town.
The class was 58 mins long ~ I burned 600 calories ~ heart rate was between 115 - 137
I'm really excited for September to start as I am motivated and ready to go ~
I am ready to lose the weight I have gained and also to add strength training back into my training program as I have neglected it badly the last three months, all I've done is run and done a few light weights when I personal train.
I know that the more muscle one has the more fat you a neglected area I am ready to work on.

One of the things I have decided ~ and this is HUGE for me.
I will not log on to the internet till I've been to gym and done my daily workout....
Normally when I come downstairs I log on, sit on the net, do my blog, read other blogs and before I know its midday and I have not moved....besides to the kitchen and back to stuff my face.
So this will be a huge change for me...but I know if I do this I will go to gym as I will want to get online!
I have challenged my online group with the following for this weekend.
100 sit ups....
Does not matter if they break it up into sections, but to do 100 on Saturday and Sunday.
That challenge goes for me as well...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday

Last night I ran with my neighbor for 7.12km run ~ as it was a flat road route we didn't walk any part of the route _ I checked our 5km mark and it was 32.50 mins whereas in the forest our time is over 40 mins, as we walk up the very steep hills.
When I got home last night I ate a piece of Salmon, sweet potato backed in the oven and a toss salad with slimmers feta and avocado ~ then I ended my night with 100g of Vanilla Quark.

I used 30 of my 29 points yesterday...why...cause I landed up having not one, not two but FOUR blocks of chocolate which added to 4 WW points.
From September when I join Syl's 30 day challenge I will not buy chocolate or chips as those two treats are my downfall.

I am busy putting my September schedule together at the moment...I
am going to lose this weight I gained before it adds up.

I checked my last years diary and see I weighed 62.2kg's ( 137.1 lbs ) this time last year.

This morning my weight was 64.4 kg's ( 142 lbs )
I went to train my neighbor, Christine this morning...
She is so happy she weighs 60.8kg's this morning ( 134 lbs ) that means she has in just under 3 months lost 9 kg's ( 19.8 lbs ) She is a new woman!!!
I'm so proud of her and know that as I leave her ( our 3 month challenge is nearly over) she will be able to continue this journey on her own.
I burned 520 calories in a 58 minute workout with her.

The photo above is of my lunch
2 slices of Rye bread
Tomato, lettuce and slices of Avo
Cappuccino with tsp honey

I'm going to teach an aerobic class later this evening where I will burn another 500 odd a good day for me today.

I'm feeling really motivated again to eat correctly again and lose the weight.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday

This morning my weight was 64.8kg's ( 142.9 lbs )
For breakfast today I had Jungle Oats from South Africa ~ the instant packets which someone mailed me as she knows I love oats and cant find the type I enjoy here in Germany. Sarah often sends me the American version of instant oats ~ maple and syrup being my favorite as i don't need to add anything to sweeten it and its 5 WW points.
Today I sweetened the oats with up on brown sugar as I have with sweeteners which was the only things I used till I was told about the danger of Aspartame.
As I love fruit and always have it in the morning with my muesli and yogurt I had it as a snack about 3 hours after my oats and really enjoyed it....
Am one of those people who cant live without my fruit...
Yesterday I came home from training my client to see hubby had washed my trail running shoes, my Asics Gel road running shoes and my Reebok flip flops with a pair of his own shoes...
It was great as my shoes were very dirty from running in the forest after the rain...
but, but,but,
I was going to run later and worried they would not be dry in time and also now I would hate to get them all dirty again as there is a certain patch in the forest that the sun cant get to and its just mud and that's where my shoes get really dirty each time....
So last night my faster neighbor and I went out for a 8 km run...
I noticed her pace starts off a lot faster than mine, I need about 20 mins before I start getting into a rhythm and feeling comfortable, whereas she is the run progresses I begin to feel stronger and can up my pace and she is tired and needs to slow down. Last night I just ran my pace and waited for her towards the end of the route by jogging on the spot.
She says she suffers from asthma and her HR went up to 182 the last part of the run while my HR was only 134...the most it goes up to is 142 and then I am going uphill and running slowly.
My resting HR is 58

Yesterday did two workout and burned 957 calories
Ended my day on 26/29 points.

This evening the same neighbor and I will do a 6km run along the road and not in the forest as we heading out at 7pm and not wanting to run that time in the forest as I usually wear glasses and cant see where I'm placing my feet if its getting dark...
I think thats how I hurt my foot...wrong placing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weigh In Day

I want to share this with you and get your opinions...
I find this so typical me and very interesting.

Got up and weighed in this morning as I am going to do every morning
65.2kg's ( 143.7lbs ) the heaviest weight for the last year.
I then had a cup of coffee and banana
Went to train my client and drank 4 glasses of water while training.
I burned 465 calories in our 47 mins workout.
Got home ~ blogged ( Private blog )
Went up to shower, weighed myself
64.8 kg's ( 142.9 lbs)
So what would you consider as my weight for today??

So if my weight is 65.2 kg's and I want to be 60 kg's again
that means I have 5.2kg's to lose in two months
( 11.5lbs )
The time period I have is from Yesterday till 26 October when I fly out to Cape Town

Another thought that has come to me is that I have not taken enough care of myself over the summer ~ I have put my focus onto others.
I have slowed my pace when I run to keep the other ladies motivated and wanting to come back for more, I stopped going to gym where I did weights at least 3x a week to train my client who had baby weight she wanted to lose.
She has lost 8.5 kg's ( 18.7 lbs ) while I have gained
This has to stop.
My 3 month challenge with her comes to an end the 7th September
I have to work on what I need to do for myself during September and October.
I know that I have to get back to the gym and do weights and I have to do elliptical or bike once a week instead of running 6x a week as it is doing nothing for my body anymore.
While losing the weight I used to mix up my training...never did the same thing two days in a row...I have to go back to that again....
I have to take better care of me
I have to drink water again
I've stopped that habit.

I ate a block or two of chocolate and 30 g of chips now and again when I lost my weight, and always work that into my points allowed for the day when I did have those cheat foods.
But for Sept and Oct I will lay off them totally
This I will add to my challenge

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday...a new start ....I AM GOING TO LOSE 3 KILO'S (6.6lbs)
I've been *living a bit* the last three months ~ advice I'm often given by people when I talk about my struggle with eating too much, or gaining a little weight.
LIVE A BIT ~ you work so hard you deserve to have a break
Where has living a bit gotten me? ..~ Weight gain
Trust me I'm not piggying out like I used to, have cut many foods out of my diet and am VERY aware of what I eat and drink..
I track my foods...but lately ( 3 weeks ) I start tracking but by midday I stop!
So today am going to track and count my points.
I also need to get back into the habit of drinking water...thats something I struggle with in the colder weather,and the weather is a lot colder lately adding to my struggles.
I'm going to sit and think up a plan for myself for September and October as I want this weight off before I go home ( Cape Town ) the end of October as there I need a few extra pounds to play around with.
I know my weight gain is not HUGE, but if I don't stop it today it will become HUGE
so I might sound like an obsessive person with regards to my weight, but I know how many times I've lost weight to gain it all back in the past, cannot fall into that trap again....
As from tomorrow I am going to get back into the habit of weighing daily and recording my weight here.
I need to know I am accountable for a few things again..that helped me lose the weight.

So far today have had 18 points to eat
Am allowed 29 ( WW Europe plan )
that leaves me with 11 points for the rest of the day...only dinner left!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday night I drank nearly a whole bottle of Rose' while BBQing with hubby and another South African friend who was here visiting from the UK ~ then I also found these maize chips on Friday that tasted like the Nik Naks we get back in SA, so bought a packet and could not keep my hands out of the bowl which was on the table in front of me before we ate dinner...After dinner which was a healthy grilled chicken and salad I had two scoops of vanilla ice over did it on feeling I need to do something drastic and am losing it...
Saturday we went to a South African BBQ in Frankfurt...the morning before I left I did a 7.5km walk/run with my girlfriends...had Oats for breakfast and was ready to go...but before I left about 3 hours later I had one Roll with peanut butter and we went...a few hours later hubby brought me a salad for meat, just salad with light dressing...then the drinking Savannah ( SA Apple cider drink ) water ~ had two bottles of water, a glass of red wine and a shooter, a springbok ( SA traditional shooter ).
Springbok shooter in pic above
Savannah Apple cider drink in pic below.
I ate salad again...with my meal...Turkey kebabs, a small piece of Ostrich ( South African tradition again ) 2 small mielies ( cob on corn ) mielie pup and sauce ( a huge tradition in SA, which I never ate there but now living away I do, well I did yesterday never cook it myself ) and I had a vegetable kebab.
Now that would have been okay...then the pudding arrived.
I had a piece of milk tart, some weird cake with custard poured over it, and then went for 2nds!!
The rest of the evening I drank water...water...and more water.
Today we had breakfast at the hotel...I kept it to small did well there
Came home and hubby bought Mac Donalds...No thanks, not for me...had a small bunch of grapes and an apple...later made 2 slices of toast with Avocado on..not heavy but a smear as Avo is a good fat.

I have my hubby on leave this week so hoping I will be able to get on plan as I am planning to do....I am desperate to lose the weight I have gained....4 kgs ~ I can see it on my latest photo's and I am not happy with that one arms look so fat again.....4kg's to my body makes a big difference...I have seen that now...I am going to drop that weight gram for gram...