Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday

Last night I ran with my neighbor for 7.12km run ~ as it was a flat road route we didn't walk any part of the route _ I checked our 5km mark and it was 32.50 mins whereas in the forest our time is over 40 mins, as we walk up the very steep hills.
When I got home last night I ate a piece of Salmon, sweet potato backed in the oven and a toss salad with slimmers feta and avocado ~ then I ended my night with 100g of Vanilla Quark.

I used 30 of my 29 points yesterday...why...cause I landed up having not one, not two but FOUR blocks of chocolate which added to 4 WW points.
From September when I join Syl's 30 day challenge I will not buy chocolate or chips as those two treats are my downfall.

I am busy putting my September schedule together at the moment...I
am going to lose this weight I gained before it adds up.

I checked my last years diary and see I weighed 62.2kg's ( 137.1 lbs ) this time last year.

This morning my weight was 64.4 kg's ( 142 lbs )
I went to train my neighbor, Christine this morning...
She is so happy she weighs 60.8kg's this morning ( 134 lbs ) that means she has in just under 3 months lost 9 kg's ( 19.8 lbs ) She is a new woman!!!
I'm so proud of her and know that as I leave her ( our 3 month challenge is nearly over) she will be able to continue this journey on her own.
I burned 520 calories in a 58 minute workout with her.

The photo above is of my lunch
2 slices of Rye bread
Tomato, lettuce and slices of Avo
Cappuccino with tsp honey

I'm going to teach an aerobic class later this evening where I will burn another 500 odd a good day for me today.

I'm feeling really motivated again to eat correctly again and lose the weight.


  1. Wow! Great result for Mommy. Time to let go of her hand and let it do on her own and use the time for yourself.

    Do you make a schedule for your workouts?
    I always plan 4 weeks ahead in my agenda and if I have an appointment in those 4 weeks I try to plan it around my workouts.

    But I also have an overall plan to finish my half marathon schedule which is filled with workouts / runs till April 2011. Every workout I did I cross of the list which feels good to see all those stripes :)

    You're doing great and you're going to do great in September. Remember: blackberry sister is watching you :)

  2. hehehe, Yes I know blackberry sista is only a button away from me!!!!

    I am going to plan a training program for myself...
    I find if I plan in the past I never stick to it so take it day for day..
    but for September I am going to do 20 mins with Syl's challenge and then go to gym and run...
    But then I need to know no matter what the weather I am running....I also need to chat to my neighbor and find out her available times.

    Mommy asked me to carry on training her till I leave for CT...but am going to say I need a little break and then we can talk again...#
    I want to get to gym and then do weights again...more muscle more fat gets burned and at the moment I only run so have not got good fat burning muscle left.

  3. You are dropping weight like crazy this week. Impressive!

    And your Mommy friend is doing so well. Can I fly you to Canada to kick my butt????!!!

  4. I can't believe how well your mommy friend is doing, although with you by her side i am not surprised at all. Marcelle I can only imagine how greatful she is to you for giving her self confidence and the tools to continue on her journey. You are such an inspiration!
    And what a great workout you got in!
    Oh and if you fly into Canada like Heidi asked, then you could swing by my house too - I could use a butt kick ;-).
    Gonna try to get out for a run today, it's a sweltering hot 31 degrees here today so it's gonna be a hot one! We'll see how far I can make it.

  5. I think it's a smart decision to tell Mommy that you want a break. Now it's Marcelle-time. She can always ask for advice if she needs it right? It's a challenge for her to try and do it on her own now and if necessary you can always train her for a bit when you get back from SA right?

    Or maybe instead of flying to Canada you come to Holland to be my PT, it's closer :lol: