Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feeling good....feeling motivated

More photo's from our 1 May walk added to this entry...

I had a good training day yesterday.....I'm full of energy ~ one of the reason's I love this 17DD plan as I never feel sluggish, nor do I feel the need for an afternoon snooze!!!
In the morning I did an hours Kettlebell's workout, my favorite workout at the moment as am seeing so many changes to my my muscle tone, especially my abs which really have suffered after gaining and losing weight.
Early evening, hubby and I went out for a 7.55km run....
( time not important, going to stop mentioning the time in which I complete a run on my I think the fact that I go out and run, with MS is an amazing achievement, I don't need time I run a certain distance to get approval that I'm a runner from anyone...
I am a runner! )
I'm starting to get excited about the run on Saturday afternoon...hoping for warmer weather, cause at the moment it's so cold, going out to run is not a pleasure for me when I'm cold...although it takes me 10 mins then I'm all warmed up....
I dislike the feeling of my hands when they so cold.
To think just a week ago we were having the most beautiful warm will return I know...but running out of patience....LOL


  1. We're having 27C on Saturday predicted. Keep fingers crossed that you have that too!

    Of course you're a runner, no doubt about that!
    Personally I love to keep track of distance and time because I'm a turtle runner and I'm working on getting faster. But I keep track just for me, I don't compare myself to other runners. We're all different and we're all winners and runners, no matter the distance or time we run.

    Wauw! I really love the area where you took your walk last Sunday. I do miss the woods so much especially since I picked up running. I grew up surrounded by woods but now I'm surrounded by open spaces.

  2. GREAT UPDATE. What is kettlebells workout

  3. Your first picture looks like Oregon. I wish I was as motivated to exercise!!! Having babies, and I gained and lost weight so many times has done a real number on my body. I'm at my goal but I'm really really flabby. You are very inspirational!

  4. The sun was out today & it was a little warmer but not by much. Of course you are a runner. I have seen this first hand. I have no clue why anyone would think otherwise. I got a lot done today so I hope to start the kettlebell workout this weekend. I don't want to do it before Sat. since I was so sore last time & I am looking forward to 4 hrs. of Zumba!

  5. You are definitely a runner. Time used to be SO important to me, but right now, it's meaningless, other than perhaps how long I was able to run. I guess it's speed that is meaningless right now for me. I actually kind of learned that from you. It's more important to be active regularly than to be the fastest or to run the longest.

    Weather will warm up soon. It's been a LONG winter, and cold. Have you ever tried gloves? You can take them off as soon as you warm up and just tuck them away easily. That's what I do when it's really cold.

  6. That's what I love about running.. I only need to compete against myself.. sometimes I'll get comments from others about how SLOW my running is... but I don't care. I'm pretty amazed at myself because I know what I went through to get to where I am so It doesn't even bother me anymore.

    You have come such a long way... transformed yourself and became a runner. That's amazing! and I also loved your last blog... it takes work to get the things we want! a fab bod takes work! It's great that you found the formula that works for you.. and most importantly, its good that you are living it too!

  7. Couldn't agree with you more Marcelle! We are runners and we have a chronic illness that we are keeping under control cause we eat good! Cheers to us!

    Can't wait to hear about your race!

  8. Great pictures! And of course you should be bursting with pride at all you have continued to do since your MS diagnosis - who cares about time? What matters for anyone who runs is that they put their shoes on and get out the door and put one foot in front of the other - not how fast or how long... Personally I like to keep track of my distance and time for myself, and the blog just happens to be a good place to put it down. But it is purely for myself and not to compare with other people or make someone else feel "less than", not at all!
    Enjoy the nice weather this weekend - I am hoping to get out for a run this afternoon after my floor guy is done... we shall see if that works out...