Friday, May 6, 2011

Fall and straight up again.

Yesterday, the only training I did was teaching a Kettlebell class
I always workout hard when I do a Kettlebell workout, as I love the feeling I get when I do muscle work...

I have noticed something.....and wonder if others feel the same as me.
I find training in the morning, running in the afternoon, a lot easier than training and running after 5pm ~ I feel sluggish when I run at night....takes me a lot longer to get comfortable.
When I train in the morning it usually takes me a good 10 minutes to warm up and feel good, after that I find my comfy zone....
I've noticed when I run on a Sunday morning with the running group, I feel amazing, but when I run with the same group at night, it takes a lot longer and lots of mental positive talking to myself to get myself to finish what I started. I want to train my body to run and feel good at different times of the day and night ~ so at the moment have planned 3x runs for night time ~ I want to be flexible with when I can run...I do think its also a mental situation for me...I found one or two runs harder at night, now have told myself, I'm not a night time runner....the mind is a very powerful tool...and I'm wanting to change my brains way of telling myself I feel good when I run at night...So this is one of my projects right now.
Today ( Friday ) is my rest day for this week....I have a run planned for tomorrow and with it being Mother's Day on Sunday I'm hoping to get out for a run as well....if not with the running group, or hubby, who I think will cycle as the weather is going to be good, I'll get out and run on my own...
My eating plan went well I had oats for breakfast instead of the eggs as according to the 17 DD plan as I need to have the carbs for my run tomorrow and after all am doing it to support my hubby not to lose weight...already my clothes are hanging on me and this is my * thin * clothing, I think due to losing centimeters ( inches ) from Kettlebell, not from losing weight...
Today I woke up feeling very heavy ~ not weight my heart....and while out doing my grocery shopping I ate a few blocks of nut chocolate...not dark chocolate like I normally do when I eat chocolate, but the normal sugar filled stuff...I recognized the signs...EMOTIONAL EATING.
When I got home I put the rest of the slab in the cupboard and ate lunch according to the plan...I decided right there and then, I could continue and keep eating rubbish all day, or get back on plan...I chose to get back on plan!!!
Have a great weekend...Time for my Fruit Fusion Green Tea :)


  1. I've only trained once in the evening and I too had to motivate myself so much to finish my running than when I do it in the mornings. Wonder if it have to do with the fact that in the mornings one feel fresh and crisp but after a day of working, one feel more sluggish.
    You chose right - know that it is sometimes difficult to chose the right thing but you chose right. Well done to you. Emotional eating is a bugger.

  2. You know I suck at running at night :) so I totally stopped doing it. Most races here are in the afternoon and even though I'm not a big fan of that either I don't really have a problem doing it except when it's hot but you know that too :)

    Am interested to hear if you will like evening runs more after running more at night.

    I don't do emotional eating anymore but I do eat mindlessly which is bad too. Good for you you put the chocolate away and picked up the plan immediately.

    Good luck tomorrow, no doubt you will you do great.

  3. My life doesn't direct itself to allow me to have a "typical" running time. Most often it is in the evening, but on weekends I usually run in the morning. I do NOT like EARLY mornings. I don't function well before 6am, and would have to be up well before that to get in a decent run. Sometimes in the summer I'll go early, but not when it's dark. With my life I have to be flexible and able to run at all times of the day.

  4. Yea for you for getting right back on track!

  5. Good for you getting back on plan!!
    I do MUCH Better in the morning- I work all day and struggle at night to do more than a mild jog or walk!! I like to get up early and do during my quiet time in the AM!!

  6. I do agree that it might be a mental thing but I know when I do Zumba at 5pm I do not get the calories I would like nor do I feel the energy like the 10am class. Glad to hear you got back on the plan right away It is 10 and I have been playing a mental game for an hour not to make Chris's butter popcorn. I am hungry & I know I would eat it all. I just ate a piece of wheat bread with some peanut butter & I know out of the two choices that was the better!

  7. Love your pictures, especially the one of the old house and the stream in front of it!
    I agree that working out or running in the evening is a lot harder - I never run at night, either. I love to get it done in the morning, I have a lot more energy and then I can enjoy my day.

  8. Thank you for sharing your pictures! I love seeing them.

    I have to run at night, thankfully most days I am home from work by 4pm so I can run before 5pm.

    I love weekend runs best because I have no stress and I can do it whenever I want.

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