Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eating needs some attention

OKAY ~ truth be told....I have not been able to get back on plan the way I like to be since last Saturday when my daughter arrived, and then going off to Berlin.
I have enjoyed ice cream and chocolate again....and am feeling the side effects of the sugar on my body....I know I have to make changes NOW, so my intentions are to get back 100% on plan from tomorrow...I will fall a little on Thursday as its my birthday, and then the weekend as my brother will be here from South Africa and we going to have a * PaRtY BBQ * ~ but I do think the days in between I have no excuse. I'm going back to having eggs for breakfast as well as I found it kept me fuller for longer.....I also need to time my meals and snacks otherwise I find I can eat all day....
Training wise I did well...
I think cause I overate ~ I trained more!!
Its a mental thing for me...
Eating and not training...MEANS GAINING!


Monday and Tuesday ~ Did lots of walking around Berlin...LOTS OF HOURS
Wednesday ~ Taught a Kettlebell class
Thursday ~ Did 30 mins indoor cycling and 35 mins Kettlebell
Friday ~ Abdomal workout for 30 mins, Cycled for 30 mins, Ran for 5.5 km
Saturday ~ Kettlebell workout for 30 mins, Ran for 6.53km
Sunday ~ Ran for 11km

All in All.....I had a good week...
Now to improve my eating habits *again*

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.