Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stiff, is a good feeling

I had two great workouts yesterday, my total calorie burn for the day was the most that its been since last year....
1310 calories in total

In the morning I ran a little over 9km ( 5.5 miles )
The evening I taught a Boxing Cardio class

My legs were sore as was my upper body from boxing class on Tuesday night.
I felt muscles in my arms I haven't felt in ages...Its a good feeling.

This morning my weight was the same as Monday's....which I am happy about as so far my weight has been going up and down a few 100 grams a day...staying the same is a PLUS!

I can feel and see changes happening to my upper body.
My arms feel a lot tighter as I suffer from flabby arms
My shoulders look more divined
Biceps are harder, but triceps are still shocking!!!
I have to say that seeing changes is motivating me to keep going with the Kettlebell.
So after I've done this entry for today, I'm off to do an hours KB workout in my bedroom...
Picture this...
Me, standing in front of my bedroom cupboard which has mirrors on them, working out!!

My Irish Grandfather, Patrick Hyland, was born on this day....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Middle of the Week

I was thrilled to find a brand new Power.Balance band in my letter box on Tuesday!!
I had returned my Power.Balance band as the hologram was no longer there....
I had returned the Power.Balance band with a letter saying that there was a fault and would they please replace it...AND THEY DID.
The new one is back on my arm!

I've had good training sessions so far this week...Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I trained for two hours a day, one hour in the morning and one at night...Calorie burn so far is good, so hoping to get past the 3 500 calories one needs to burn to lose a few 100 grams a week.
I ran 5 km on Monday night and 9 km this morning....Monday and Tuesday mornings I did a Kettlebell workout, Tuesday evening and Tonight I taught/teach a class.

Thursday and Friday I plan to only do one workout or run per day, Saturday will be my rest day and Sunday to run with the group of ladies....

Eating wise things are going to plan...
I try stay within 1 600 calories per day...
Yesterday went over...that happens!!!

Last night I taught an interval Boxing class and loved watching how the young girls in their early 20's suffered ~ I kept on looking at them thinking
As an instructor I do put lots of pressure on myself to be fitter than every single member who attends my class...
I feel I have to be an example to them...
If I fade and collapse what does that tell them..
That fitness does not work!!
Cant have that, so its my responsibility to stay fit and be example that fitness works!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Finally a LOSS!

Last week I shook my training program around from running only to adding 3 x Kettlebell workouts with running 30km...
I cut out carbs at night and also cut out bread
I am thrilled to see that these changes have worked...
After gaining and losing the same few grams for months now I have finally had a loss.
1.2kgs in total ( 2.6lbs )

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Training

I was going to take Saturday as my OFF day.
That was till I got to the shops and bumped into my neighbor who told me that she was not able to run with the group of ladies on Sunday morning and would like to run around 3pm.
I told her to call me an half hour before her run to see if I was back home as I would rather go with her for a run than with the other ladies on Sunday.
Last week the three ladies who could run on Sunday, ran together and my other neighbor who could not make it on Sunday and I ran together...
So with that in mind and the other ladies who have a problem speaking English to me, I decided to do my Sunday run on Saturday and take Sunday as my off day.

Ran 10.2 km ( 6.3 miles )
1 hr 14 mins
Average 8.o
Max 13.8
Ascent 412
Decent 410
Burned 907 calories
14% fat
127 - 153 HR

The Trail run route has so many hills to conquer each time we run it....
I kept motivating my neighbor to slow down her pace to get to the hill....not to look up, but to look down and focus on what she was doing and her breathing....
We did every hill together....

As hubby got ready for gym I told him I was going to go with him as I wanted to lie on the sunbed for 15 mins.....( my dosage of Vit D )
So I got dressed with the intention of doing some weight machines after the sunbed.
Once I finished on the sunbed I headed straight to the treadmill...
My comfort zone in the gym.

Decided to take a slow and easy run on a flat route ( something I cant get here )
My aim was to do 30 mins at a comfortable pace.
Started off at 8.0 and every km added .2
The last minute I turned the pace up to 10.0 and sprinted
Then walked for 5 mins drinking water while cooling down.

Ran 4.10 in 30 mins
Walked for 5 mins....4.55km
Burned 418 calories
19% fat
123 - 144 HR

My Weekly Results

Ran total of 30km ( 4km more than last week )
Burned Total of 5000 calories ( the most ever in one week )
Did 3 KettleBell and cardio home workouts
Taught one class
Total 8 workouts

It was a VERY good week for me...
But a week where I didn't have a rest day....
Today my weight is the lowest in the last year......
Tomorrow is my Official weigh in we wait and see...