Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stiff, is a good feeling

I had two great workouts yesterday, my total calorie burn for the day was the most that its been since last year....
1310 calories in total

In the morning I ran a little over 9km ( 5.5 miles )
The evening I taught a Boxing Cardio class

My legs were sore as was my upper body from boxing class on Tuesday night.
I felt muscles in my arms I haven't felt in ages...Its a good feeling.

This morning my weight was the same as Monday's....which I am happy about as so far my weight has been going up and down a few 100 grams a day...staying the same is a PLUS!

I can feel and see changes happening to my upper body.
My arms feel a lot tighter as I suffer from flabby arms
My shoulders look more divined
Biceps are harder, but triceps are still shocking!!!
I have to say that seeing changes is motivating me to keep going with the Kettlebell.
So after I've done this entry for today, I'm off to do an hours KB workout in my bedroom...
Picture this...
Me, standing in front of my bedroom cupboard which has mirrors on them, working out!!

My Irish Grandfather, Patrick Hyland, was born on this day....


  1. They say that it is best to exercise in front of mirrors because then you can see if your form is correct or off. As if you didn't know that :)
    Happy to read that the kettlebell exercises are helping you a lot in toning. That is great!

  2. The kettlebell is really doing wonders for you body, that's great!

    Have fun at your training later.

    And great calorie burn yesterday!

  3. 1310 cals in one day - I admire you so much Marcelle ;-).
    Great work!

  4. Whoa, you are definitely rocking your kettlebell! And that was a good long run. I know what you mean about feeling pleasantly sore - sometimes this is a really good feeling, isn't it?

  5. Ugh, don't talk to me about stiff. I'm dying from my mini little whimpy workout the other day. Definitely need more of this! You totally rocked the workouts yesterday - YAHOOO!!

    It's one of my best friend's birthdays today too!

  6. Sounds like your doing great on your March plan! I too like Kettlebell's, but I mix it up with dumbbells and the barbell too.

  7. Those shape changes speak louder than scale losses. You are maintaining, which is so very, very impressive.