Saturday, March 5, 2011

Body Fat??

I bought a Power Balance Band last year in October....I did find it made a difference to my training.
I felt stronger, and could run further and longer...
Mind over matter...who knows but for me it helped.

In November I noticed the hologram starting to fade...this continues to happen, I put away my band for a while and then about a month ago decided to give it another try and that day I ran for 8km and up the hills without running....(yip....mind over matter it might be )

I then wanted a new one, but at 39 Euro's hubby was not happy to buy another in case after two months this happened again, so I suggested we call the suppliers and speak to them.
Hubby did this...they requested it all in writing and for us to send the band back for them to evaluate....Today we posted it to the suppliers and I am hoping to get a brand new one in the post one of these day

P.S have read that Power Band are all scams as well....

I did the Dr Oz suggestion of taking the measurements of your belly area...
Mine is 74cm ( 29.1 inches )
A lot less than half my height...
Yet, I look at this photo and not happy with what my stomach area looks like.
I know it will never be a stomach of a young woman again, that's not what I'm looking for.
I'm soon to be 49, have had 3 children and have yo yo dieted for so many years....
I am doing an average of 300 sit ups ( Ab workout ) 4x a week to help improve this area
but am now wondering if my Greek yogurt of 10%fat per 100mg is something I must say good bye to and return to normal low fat plain yogurt as my body fat looks a lot higher these days.
I have tried so many shops and the lowest Greek yogurt I can find is 6% for 100g's and while shopping yesterday even that was no longer available...only the 10%
I requested they order the 2% or if possible the 0% that I know USA has this, but was told *sorry* they are only able to order the 10%.
So besides making my own Greek yogurt, which I honestly don't have the patience for....I may have to revert back to plain low fat yogurt with my muesli in the morning....

My jeans are also squeezing the top of my legs these days....
I have to get whatever is going on under control

I was asked how i heard about the 17 day diet book
* I follow Dr Oz, The Doctors, Dr Phil and Oprah on twitter*
So saw them all mention this book
Went on line and watched the shows with the author, then went to his website and investigated further.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hate the scale

I've visited a few sites to calculate how many calories I should be eating a day...
I get lots of different numbers from different sites but think my 1 600 ~ 1 800 is where i should be. Back in the old days when I ate diet products filled with Aspartame, Sugar and Salt and processed foods I was able to eat a diet of 1 400 a day and managed easily.
With clean eating for some reason I am finding this impossible, I have to go over.
Not only am I finding that the healthy foods are more expensive but also have added calories

There are days like today where i really struggled to stay within my calories...50g of Brazilian nuts, ( about 8 pieces ) when I worked it out was over 300 calories.
I love nuts and nuts are so good, but with the calories I am wondering if worth it.
Okay I did have a glass of wine tonight with my hubby, but honestly, you have to enjoy life, its not like I had a whole bottle....I had a glass!!!!

For March I am also weighing myself daily ( March only for group challenge )
And see how the number controls one's moods.
I lost 500g from last Thursday to yesterday...
Was thrilled as I have been running and training daily
Then this morning....after burning 930 calories yesterday after doing a 5km run and taught a class I am up 700g!!!
What the hell....
I loved the days I never worried about the scale.

I cant wait for my 17 day diet book to arrive as I do think this plan is going to shake things up for me....something after two years and one year of maintaining this weight I need...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So motivated

My motivation for March is where I want it to be...HIGH!

My March started on Monday...not Tuesday

My hubby is teasing and saying it's time I started eating more SUGAR and training less
I think he's concerned as the last time he saw me this motivated I ended up in hospital and was diagnosed with MS.
I am far more healthier now compared to 15 months ago when I got diagnosed
I'm not concerned as I think training an hour or so a day is not over doing it at all...
He goes to gym 5x a week!!!! :)

I plan to run with my neighbor in about 2 hours time, but see the wind has come up
GROAN I will do as have been waiting all day for this.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Ordered books

My order is in...with Amazon.UK

I'm a HUGE Tosca fan so collecting all her books.
Amazon tells me I have to wait till April to receive this book

I also ordered 17 Day Diet ( check the website )
Saw this book on The Doctors and am interested in what it says as also Clean Eating.

The 17 Day Diet was designed to help people avoid the holiday weight gain, however, the principles can be applied throughout the year to help you shed a few pounds.

Every 17 days, through four cycles, you’ll change what you’re doing, a method Dr. Moreno says “We call it metabolic, or body, confusion.” The four cycles are as follows:

  • Cycle 1: Accelerate. Encourages rapid weight loss, cleansing and fat burning. Discourages fat storage.
  • Cycle 2: Activate. Resets the metabolism.
  • Cycle 3: Achieve. Develop good eating habits, re-teach yourself how to eat carbs.
  • Cycle 4: Arrive. A combination of the first three Cycles. On weekends, enjoy your favorite foods.

During these four cycles you’ll alter the amount of carbs, fats and proteins you’re eating, keeping your metabolism on its toes and never settling in to one particular style of eating. It’s important to note that The 17 Day Diet relies on clean eating, which means no sugar, processed foods or fried foods.

For exercise, you’re advised to follow a brief 17-minute workout video each day.

Ready for March

The last day of FEBRUARY....

Wow, what a month this has been for me.
Firstly, I'm not a lover of training outdoors in cold temps, I felt a little on the down side as my sky was always dark and grey, I disliked going to the gym as there was no fresh air inside...
So March training wise was a huge struggle for me.
I would have to give myself a talking to every day to get anything done.

The positive of FEB was:
I started drinking a GREEN shake of Spinach and Orange ( good combination ) daily
I counted calories and kept within my daily allowance
1 600 for the week and 1 800 for weekends.
Did 300 abs 4x a week
Got to enjoy an outdoor run at -3 degrees
I over came the fear of the scale
Since weighing in last week Wednesday I have lost 300g's

My results for FEB are:
94 km ( 58.40 miles )
Burned 10 376 calories, not counting the ab workouts

MARCH PLAN ~ March started today.
Weigh in daily
Keep new food journal updated
Train 6x a week
Teach two classes
Do 2x weights workout a week
Lose a few cm's on legs and arms

Measurements at the start of March
Chest ~ 92cm ( 36.2 inch's )
Waist ~ 74 ( 29.1 )
Hips ~ 90 ( 35.4 )
Neck ~ 32 ( 12.6 )
Upper Arms, L&R ~ 31.5 ( 12.4 )
Thighs, L&R ~ 58 ( 22.8 )
Calves L&R ~ 39.5 ( 15.6 )

Goal weight is 62kg's ~ ( 136.7 lbs )


Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm mojo!!

Today was an active day for me....I love weekends as the weeks I'm not as active and often get bored and over eat. ( on the good stuff )
Today I went with hubby to the gym, lay on the sun bed for 15 mins, something I do once a week to lift my Vit D levels ~ summer time I don't lie on sun bed, rather enjoy the natural sunshine.
Then did a 30 mins upper body workout in the weight machine area with hubby....only burned 102 calories there ( and I worked out hard!! )
Got home, made hubby a sandwich for lunch and myself a GREEN shake and one slice of Pumpkin seed loaf with peanut butter....then got ready to join my neighbor for a run....We decided on a road run as the ground in the forest was very muddy from the rain last night....we did a few intervals running 6 lamp posts and walking one....for about a km...On the way home I suggested we keep going ~ into the forest, into the mud but just run and enjoy it for a little we did, finished at 7.11km in 54 mins...felt has been a good week for me running kilometers were up again this last week...

( This is the tower my running route goes past )
My Weekly Results :

Monday ~ Ran 6km
Tuesday ~ Taught Class
Wednesday ~ Taught Class
Thursday ~ Ran 10km
Friday ~ Walked up ~ Ran down 4km
Saturday ~ Day off
Sunday ~ Gym workout and 7km run outdoors

Total km's Run this week ~ 27
Total calories Burned ~ 3464
Total workouts ~ 7
Did 300 abs workout 4x this week

My calories have stayed between 1 600 to 1 800 this week...

I'm ready for MARCH....