Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday was good

Since doing the 17 DD I try drink 3 Green Tea's a day...I don't always manage 3..but I do try.
I don't like the taste of the plain Green tea, so have bought many versions of taste ~ last Saturday I found this one while out shopping and must say, for me, its the nicest tasting...the Orange is so refreshing.
I am going to stock up on this tea as I only bought one box.

Today I got my training done..
One hour of toning biceps, triceps, shoulders and Abs, then did forward lunges and Step ups for legs. I did most with the 7.5 and 10kg Kettlebell

After a snack of activia yogurt and 1Tsp protein powder I decided it was time for my cardio

Jogged the first while, then walked up the hills and ran the flats for about 3km, then ran the rest of the way, but slowly, keeping my pace no faster than 10km and ended up with an average pace of 8km...perfect for what I set out to do training wise today.

Eating wise I was on track.
I downloaded a program to my ipad and it tells me I should eat about 1 350 calories a day...gosh I would starve as I love eating.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weeks feedback

I had a good training week, considering I've been so busy with photo shoots and photo editing...not forgetting other normal chores I have during the week.
The weather has been amazing, its called * Indian Summer * so wanted to outdoors for at least an hour each day as by Wednesday the dreaded cold weather is back.

I challenged myself this week ( first week back from Italy ) to train for 7 hours this week, but each workout had to be one hour and no less... I managed that..did 7 hrs with 7 sessions.
I reached my goal
This coming week I'm going to train one cardio session of 1 hr and later toning session of 30 its one hour and 30 mins a day...
I need to get my metabolism working a little faster, feel its got a little sluggish with one week where I only trained for 55 mins...
My eating will be as clean as possible this coming week as well, I'm going to be focusing on how much sugar I have in my daily plan...will be keeping a note on sugar and not calories this week.
This coming week I teach a Personal Training Kettlebell class...My first step class to my ladies on a Tuesday for them and its been over 7 years since I taught step...but one never loses the ability to teach so basic step will be fine for the level my class is at...then on Thurday I teach my group thats 3 hours already planned for my coming week.
I do plan to run tomorrow....hopefully the weather is okay for me to run on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday....the rest will be filled in with toning...
I have set an October Challenge on my online group for the ladies so its great motivation for me to keep to good eating and training...cant expect them to and I don't :)

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.