Sunday, May 1, 2011

Preview of my week

Photo was taken today 1 May by my Hubby during the 4 km walk up to a festival in the next town....we ate cake and had a few Radlars, then we took the 4 km walk back home ~ half an hour later we met up with all our neighbors who also did this walk, for a BBQ!
Its a tradition in the towns around us to walk up to the ruins of a Castle in this one town, on this eat and drink... socialize!
I'm so pleased we were invited as it was a beautiful day and we did something totally different.

My Weeks Review
I did 46 km ( 28.5 miles )
Burned 4741 Calories
Did 9 Workouts
1 Day off
4 Runs = 38 km ( 23.6 miles )
Walked 8 km ( 4.9 miles )
4 Kettlebell workouts.

I'm thrilled, had a really great week with my training.

Tomorrow my Hubby and I start the 17 DD
I have done this before and lost weight, he saw the results on me, so wants to do it 100% to the book, as last time he still had a glass of wine or two, dark chocolate and ice cream and still lost.
So I'm going to be doing it with him to motivate him...
I will add oats to my breakfast on Friday morning as Saturday I do my first official run and am scared that without carbs ( although I was able to run in the past without carbs ) I might struggle...
Its a fear in my head, although I know from experience I had loads of energy on this plan.

I have all our meals ready and prepared for Day 1 tomorrow...;)

So this evening we both had a mini magnum ice cream!!!


  1. Wow, your weather looks gorgeous! I am so jealous of you in your capri pants! What a great way to support hubby and I think you're wise to add the carbs before your run. Good luck! I hope you fall in love with organized runs...I didn't.

  2. You look marvelous! So does that place you live in! Breathtaking!

    Good luck to you and hubby. I am sure you will have to encourage him a lot to keep him going. haha.

  3. You look great!
    Good luck on starting the 17DD with hubby today. You two are going to succeed at this, I just know it.

  4. Great photo of you. That walk sounds very fun, I suppose it's in "honor" of Labour Day that is celebrated in Germany?

    Great training week too!

    Great that hubby is going to try it too and you can do it together. "Unfortunately" I have a hub that's in good shape and doesn't have to watch his weight which doesn't always makes it easier for me although I have to say he's not someone who snacks a lot. He is getting a little tummy however now, tease him a lot with that :)

  5. Stellar as always, Marcy!

    I restarted Cycle 1 today as well! Nice to know I'm in great company

  6. Love the picture.

    Glad you enjoyed the Braai.

    Good luck for you and hubz for this week's plan and goals

  7. I am jealous of the better weather you are having!! You have such a supportive husband. One lucky woman you are. Glad you got out and had a good weekend.

  8. You will be fine without the carbs. I am on a high protein low carb/no carb eating plan. Carbs make me put on weight so I just avoid all together. My carb a day is maybe 3 Provita's or crackerbread.

  9. You look awesome!....where do you get all your great shirts....I love them can never find here....