Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flu and Guilty Feelings

Thursday and Friday I really felt grotty so didn't train
But guilt got the better of me each evening before I climbed into bed.
I would find myself on my bedroom floor in front of the tv doing sit ups, Pilate's and lying legs workout.
Doing that mini 30 mins workout made me cope with the guilt feelings, as I am doing a challenge with my online group were we have to train for at least 30 mins 6x a week and I had already taken Monday as my off day...
So far for January I am on track...and not prepared to fail right at the end.

Today when I woke up to a beautiful blue sky ( but frosty cold ) I decided that today was the day I took my camera and headed out to the forest for a walk...I also needed fresh air as have been indoors since Wednesday.
I put on my HR monitor, got my Ipod ready, camera slung around my neck and out I headed in my warmer running gear up into the forest.
I managed in the beginning but on route the road made a folk and I decided on the spot to take the shorter route as my legs were freezing, my hands wanted to fall off...I was cold. Had I been running it would have been okay, but walking I just never got to warm up. Certain sections of the route I ran slowly as had my camera in my hand....and did feel good...but my HR shot right up so knew that I was not ready to run as yet...
It did feel good to get out a little today, if only for 36 mins...
Let's see what tomorrow ( Sunday ) holds in store for me training wise.
Monday evening I know I am back to teaching my neighbors a class as most cant make it on Wednesday evening this one neighbor is going away on a skiing holiday for a week tomorrow morning early...( Rather her than me, I don't enjoy the cold )

Friday, January 28, 2011

Slower days

I'm trying very hard not to feel guilty about not training yesterday and today
I'm listening to my body and taking time off...
But the guilt keeps creeping in ~x
I woke up yesterday with a sore throat, then started coughing and sneezing.
Today I feel the same, I was hoping to feel better...
If the feeling was in my head I know from research it would be okay for me to train
But the feeling is in my therefore going to listen!
And REST....

Last night before going to bed the guilt was SO bad that I did 350 sit ups and then legs where I could lie down...for about 30 is that not crazy.....:)
I keep telling myself that at least I was not doing anything strenuous.
This morning I have been cleaning windows...and doing odds and ends so that I at least don't spend the whole day sitting on my bum in from of the tv or off I go to clean my bathroom...yes something I do daily, ( toilet, bath and basin ) but today a * Spring Clean * is going to happen...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thoughts for Feb...

I often walk around my kitchen with my camera...looking for things to photograph...for this blog, for my private blog...just to the pics with this entry have no meaning but could be posted on a fitness blog...LOL

I took Monday off and then trained 2x on Tuesday, once in the morning and again last night. Yesterday morning I ran for 35 mins without walking and then to reach one hour I walked for 5 mins and ran for 5 mins......each time upping the incline and speed when I ran...The morning I did 250 abs and when I taught my class the evening I did another 350 abs were done yesterday....
Tonight I'm going to train the ladies in my area for an wanting to burn 500 calories and if I dont reach that in the class ( as they are all having to start off slowly ) I will come home and do an indoor cycle till I reach 500 and if I am motivated enough try for 800 calories!!!!

Besides the February challenge I have running with the ladies from my online group I have my own fitness program I am looking into.

I plan I am thinking of is to run on a Tue, Thur, Sat and Sunday

Monday will be a non training day
Tuesday I will run in the morning and teach a class at night
Wednesday morning I will do weight and night time I will train the ladies in my street
Thursday I will run
Friday I will do weight
Sat and Sunday will do longer runs than during the week...

Then its doing 200 abs or more 3x a week

I also need to spend more time after a workout stretching as currently I finish my workout, grab my bag and head out the door...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

End of week three

I got a new rug sack for gym and teaching on Saturday.
My other rug sack was all torn and looking very tired....
On Monday night my mobile phone fell out of my rug sack after my lesson and for about an hour hubby and I searched all over trying to retrace my steps trying to find my phone as it was on voicemail so we were not able to call my number to hear from which direction the ringing was coming from...finally found it hidden under my seat, and after we'd both had a look there for it..
So on Saturday Hubby decided no more Mobile scares it was time for me to get a new bag...
And that's what I got...
So this month have gotten a new pair of running shoes and a rug sack
Both with a touch of PINK in them.
I have kept to the Online groups challenge this week of training 6 out of the 7 days.
My eating has been OK...have gone over my daily points allowed every day by about 4, am way into my extra weekly points allowed today.
I do find with clean eating my points are much higher than the low calorie foods I used to eat when I lost my weight nearly two years ago....but Clean Eating is how I chose to eat.
The summery of this week is as follows:

Monday ~ cycled at home for 14.7km ~ 53mins
Tuesday ~ Taught an hours aerobic and toning class
Wednesday ~ Was on off day
Thursday ~ Taught an hours aerobic and toning class
Friday ~ Cycled at home for an hour and did burpies every 10mins for interval training
Saturday ~ Treadmill run ~ 5 mins walk ~ 30 mins run ~ 10 mins walk
Sunday ~ Treadmill run ~ 45 mins run ~ 15 mins walk

Total of 64km
5.51 Hours
3412 Calories
6 Workouts
February's challenge is out for the ladies who are belong to my online group...besides adding a few more tweaks to our training for February we are all going to concentrate not on what we eat, but how we eat... It's going to be a tough one for us all, as everyone I know and myself included eat while on the go...this we are going to meal at a time, one month at a time.
I personally know this is going to be much harder than adding a few more minutes to my workout, or doing 200 sit ups a day etc etc...and quite nervous as I am going to be tested I know...

But a challenge can only be a challenge if it get's you out of your comfort zone...and next months challenge is sure going to do that for myself and all the other ladies.