Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday ~ Running Day

Today I've had a busy day in the fitness department and loved every minute of it.
I got up this morning and before having Oats for breakfast I did my toning
200 sit ups...adding different elements daily
Push ups...not as many as I am now doing proper push ups...I have loved watching how I started doing them on my knees to using my bed and now to proper push ups...gosh I could never do them while a fitness instructor and now at the old age of 48 I am doing them. Do you know how empowering this makes me feel...who says one gets worse with age, I'm getting better and better.
I then did shoulders, biceps and triceps with my 2kg weights...the only ones I have so do lots of reps to tire the muscle.
My shoulders are so strong now...I even challenged my hubby and he could not keep up with me...oh how love that...he of course has 101 excuses as to why he couldn't keep up ~ LOL

At 9.30 am I met my neighbor for a you have to understand this is my neighbor who has run the Berlin marathon and runs, she never walks the hills unless with us as a group....I got to her and asked * How far we running today? * ~ she replied *a 10km and was I happy with that???....Yes I am happy with that I replied, and prayed *Please let me get through this run*...we set off running from the start and we never stopped running till we got home...up those hills we ran, and the route she took us on had so many hills...heavens, why cant the forest be flat!!! She spoke to me all the way which meant I had to talk back....This was hard going, I wanted to say...* Can we run in silence please * as I found running the hills and talking a huge cardio challenge, but being the polite person I am I let her chat and I answered back with a smile....LOL...
We ran 9.8km ( 6.0 miles )
I burned 844 calories
Time ~ 1.05 ( Great for me )
HR ~ 131 - 150 ( this was a lot higher than my usual HR when I run )
At 11.30am just before logging off to go for my nails I got an email from my other neighbor asking if I would run with her at 5pm....My first thought was NO I CANT, have already run a 10 today, but decided that she needed me so I would be there for her...
Replied that I would but as I had already run it would have to be a short one....
So at 5pm I was dressed and ready for my *short* run....we ran from the start as walking but at a much slower pace than this morning, for me and my partner is not as fit as marathon runner...the first 4km ( 2.4 miles ) is all up hill as we had to pace ourselves...this long hill is a hill that my neighbor usually walks up, so it was victory for her today to be running it....
We ended up doing 7.5km ( 4.6 miles ) NO A SHORT RUN
Burned 707 calories
Time - 56 mins
HR - 127 - 172 ( have no idea where my HR reached 172 )

My Eating
I have a feeling I could be eating too much....
With not weighing my foods I think I could be a little on the heavy hand.
~would having two slices of Flaxseed Rye bread with something on it be considered as too much....should I only be eating one slice??? Would a rye roll for lunch be considered as too much bread?? Am a little confused with the food as point wise I am way way over and want to keep a check on this before i gain too much weight and then have to start the journey to get it off again.

I read this...

Can I lose weight eating only clean foods?
That depends on the following factor: How many calories are you eating? You can eat only clean foods but when you eat too many calories you will gain weight. Nevertheless, eating clean foods will provide nutrients that are beneficial on a cellular level. And if your cells aren’t starved for nutrients, you body will stop asking for more food.



  1. Awesome job on the run! I'm sure you felt like queen of the world when you finished all that!

  2. Wow. Great job on the runs!!! You kick butt. As for the bread I have no clue. Considering I am still learning the last thing I am going to do is give advice.

  3. 10.6 miles - WOOOHOOOOOO, that's awesome! I have no advice on the bread. Due to circumstances alot of my diet has been oats, bread & pasta lately. I can't wait to restock my veggies this week.

  4. Wow, 2 runs in one day and neither were short, you are rock star!!!

    I'm interested to hear what you decide on the calorie counting.

  5. Wow- lots of running- you are so motivated!

  6. Marcelle my friend, I have kept you in the challenge, I want you to do the best you can and if you have to miss a week IT"S OK, I don't want you to feel left out, this is not a competition, do the best you can!

  7. I vote to give NOT counting a good try, before giving up. Remember, only eat to 80% full.

  8. I had read that (briefly) on your blog. I didn't know a ton about MS, but had a friend in high school with it. It is amazing that you are able to do the things you can physically when so many people with the disease are debilitated by it.

    I am so happy that you are strong and can be a strong spirit for others!

  9. My running machine friend! What a terrific running day you've had yesterday, you make me proud.

    I have no idea if you are eating too much. In my opinion it's not too much bread but I coudl be mistaken. I do think one can eat too much wheather it's clean or not. Maybe counting calories for a week gives you an insight on how you are doing.

  10. Maybe this is a stupid question, but how do you know how far you have run? I would love to know how far I walk.

  11. WOW! Awesome job on the running. You are such an inspiration. One day I would also be able to run this far like you.

  12. oh my goodness! that is seriously impressive. I do feel just a tad green with envy as I am SO MISSING my runs (and my training!). With only 2wks post op my doc warned me not to start until 4wks minimum and then only VERY moderately. :-(

    I am still so inspired by you but must say I havent been near a scale in 2wks - am too nervous!!! LOL

  13. awesome exercise as usual.

    Clean eating is so very good for your body. It does still boil down to calories in vs calories out. Clean calories might be better for our bods, but they're still calories. I don't think it would hurt to be mindful of the amount you're putting in. You've very mindful of the amount your putting out for sure!