Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday....Yes I got something done

~When I woke up this morning to the rain falling I knew unless it cleared later that running would be out for me as I am not found of running in the cold or rain...I have to keep reminding you all that I am a girl from Africa so love the heat ~ nothing nicer for me than running in the sunshine....with a little skimpy top in, this weather I have to dress in layers as I start off cold and within 15 mins I'm cooking and need to take the top layer off and have it around my hips while I continue running.

I did think about going to gym, but had some housework I needed to do, ironing and also I wanted to cook a batch of veggies in the oven for the weekend....( my house stinks of cooked veggies right now )
My neighbor came over to watch the final of Season 9's The Biggest Loser, where Danny won, Yes I know we are WAY behind, I'm just grateful we get to see this fantastic show as it really motivates one. When I saw how the final four ran a marathon ~ at what I considered as heavy weighted people still, then I think I can as well....this is what I mean by it motivates took the last two 7 hours to walk/run but they did it...what a wonderful personal victory..
Anyway...back to my story. While she sat and watched the program I told her I had to do my did my triceps, biceps, squats, lunges, sit upset etc for 45 mins...
Tomorrow is my off day as I have a photo shoot of a family and will have no time to train....
I've been adding photo's to this blog of the foods that are available in Germany....I want to explain that the word BIO means Organic ~ the make Alnatura ( all natural ) is the best available in Germany...I'm prepared to pay the little extra for certain of my foods.

Aspartame and Multiple Sclerosis - Neurosurgeon's Warning


Aspartame is a low calorie sweetener. Called a potent neurotoxin by several researchers, it is being sold as a sugar substitute for those on low calorie diets and for diabetics. If you like Coke or Pepsi "light", you certainly are at risk, but both industry and health officials deny that there is any truth to this story. Manufacturers have recently beensued in California.

Trade names for Aspartame are NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, Canderel, Benevia, Misura, but in Europe we often cannot recognize that Aspartame is part of what we're about to swallow unless we know that it also hides behind the seemingly innocuous "E 951" label. We might also watch out for warnings on food and drink labels that say: "contains a source of phenylalanine" or "phenylchetonurics should not consume this product".

In truth, no one should be consuming Aspartame and those responsible for putting it on the market - Donald Rumsfeld had a part in politically forcing its approval - should be held responsible for unleashing an agent of chemical warfare on an unsuspecting public.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, a recently retired neurosurgeon, has been warning for years and has even authored a book "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills". Blaylock says that Aspartame and Multiple Sclerosis are closely related. Unfortunately the Multiple Sclerosis society denies there is any connection between MS and Aspartame. The Society has chosen, according to Betty Martini, to hang on to industry funding rather than to warn its members. Blaylock explains the biological mechanism by which Aspartame circumvents the blood-brain-barrier and gets at the vital nervous tissues - the grey matter in our heads:


  1. Although I feel that the contestants are horribly ill-prepared for that marathon and I disagree with them doing it under those circumstances ... I will say that it really does motivate me to tackle a challenge like that myself. If these people can drive themselves to finish something like that with the shape they are in, then surely I can too.

  2. I'm with Heidi on running a marathon like that but you have to admire them for doing it! Honestly: don't think I could do a marathon.

    Great work on doing your exercises during the program.

  3. 132K - good job Marcelle!!! I am very impressed. I inspire you to run, and you inspire me to workout. We make a great team I think.

    Will be thinking of you in the hopsital. I know it's not what you want to be doing, but it has to be done and better to get it over with. You should be all recovered and ready to go when you leave for SA.

  4. I can't wait to live next to Angie to have a work out buddy. I know it would be great to live next to you. I agree with running in the cold.Heck I have enough trouble running in the summer. Soon I will have some tv channels. Hopefully I will get shows that motivate me to!

  5. You are finding amazing clean, healthy foods in Germany. And, you thought it would be hard!?!

  6. As always, your food looks delicious - makes me crave good, healthy food! You've searched out some awesome sources. Can't wait to see your photo shoot - be sure and share some.