Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday looking forward & * Tick*

I never want to weight 82kg's ( 180 lbs ) again...
I never want to look like this again
I never, I never, I never
That means I have to daily put in the work in so that this never happens, it can only stay *Never* if I make sure I eat healthy, watch my portion sizes and train at least 5x a week..
I remember when I was 15....yes 15....I loved my body at 15....I was the one girl in my class that had a decent size bust and shape ~ my mother hated it as I looked so much older but with the maturity of a 15 year was horrible for me...that part, also expected to act and think like an older person.... but I have always loved my body and never wished to have a body like any other girl....I wanted mine only!
Now at 48 I still love my body....its a body thats been good to me......
Of course I wish it was firm like my 15 year old body was...I know those days are gone.
Now I look at my body as a woman who's had three children, yo yo dieted for many years, gained 20 kg's ( 44 lbs ) and kept it on for 4 years with attempting every diet under the sun to lose it...
So my 48 year old body shows those wounds and scares...
But its a good gets me through those 5, 8, 10km runs...
This morning I did :-

200 sit ups
Push ups....not the girly one's ~
Triceps dips and bicep curls...

Went for a 5km ( 3.1miles ) run with two of my neighbors.
We did interval running up the first 2km hill then ran the rest home.
My legs were tired far this week I've run 24 km's ( 14.9 miles ) and done lots of lunges and squats ~
Burned 420 mins running
Time ~ 38 mins
HR 119 - 145


Friday, September 24, 2010

Still Treat Free

Its the 25th September and I have been Treat Free for all this time.
I am so proud of myself as I was having more than two treats daily before I started this challenge and feel I am now able to live without the block or two of chocolate daily.

I went shopping at The English Shop in Koln last weekend, now this is where I buy my Weight Watchers treats and Cadbury's chocolate which you cant buy in the normal German shops.Once I got there I said *NO TREATS* and bought All Bran, Oats and Marmite ~ no treats as I knew they would sit in the cupboard and call my name...I am an all or nothing person...I have given this challenge my all this month and am going to try make it a lifestyle change....treats have to be that...TREATS and not everyday foods.

Yesterday I went shopping and stood in front of the Dark Organic Chocolate.....stood there quiet some time reading labels and seeing the exciting new chocolates that have come out....but then thought about all the Clean foods I'm putting into my body....why would I want to sabotage it with walked away...and felt fine...I had decided.

I have not lose weight by giving up these treats or eating fact I have gained...but am not sweating it as I am doing lots of toning which develops muscle and know I am eating correctly and training daily...there are so many factors that could be causing the weight gain, muscle being one of them and then menopause....
I am not going to crash diet, or drop my calories to lose weight... I am feeling working on not obsessing on a number what if I am a little heavier than a few months ago.....I still measure the same and fit into my clothes....AND FEEL GREAT!

Friday *Tick ~ tick*

The only reason I looked was to see if this would fit into the Clean Eating...
Of course it does not, that I discovered.
I have only been using a Tablespoon of this once a week when I have my tuna...
So guess where this bottle is right now....THE DIRT BIN!

Now I need some help from other Clean Eaters...
What can I put on my tuna so that its not so dry...
Please leave me suggestions.

This morning I went out for a run at 8.30am...the weather man tells us we due for rain later today and this weekend, so thought while it was still good out to get my run in for the day.
I decided to do a more flat route as I did a heavy trail uphill 8km run on Wednesday and lots of squats this week...
I was so impressed with myself when I got home and saw my time for a 5km run ( 3.1miles )
32.21 ~ my personal record for this summer. When I run the same distance in the forest my time is about 35 mins, when I run it with the other girls my time is 40 odd minutes.
I burned 445 calories in 32 mins which is brilliant...and HR was 129 - 168

Got home and started toning...did 200 abs, push ups on the floor and not girly ones ( I have really gotten so strong this month ) biceps, triceps and shoulders, I ended with a Kettle bell workout using my hand weights...I want a kettle bell next.

~So this Friday definitely gets a *Tick*~
A little more about the Power.Balance Band...

This is the description on the box. ~
Power Balance Performance Technology for sports and everyday life.
The new hologram technology from the US is used by top athletes worldwide.

I have had two great runs this week,......since I've been wearing my new band...;)
The mind is a powerful tool.....if you believe it will make you stronger, it does!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday gets a *Tick* with a smile

Last weekend an athlete suggest I buy this Power Balance band...
He did a simple test on me to show how it work.
Remember I had no idea about this band or what it does or could do.
He told me to stand with my arms out and twist as far as I could.
So I twisted ( I promise ) as far as I could...they marked the spot
He then took his band off and slipped it on my arm and said...twist again
So I twisted again, not knowing what to expect
This really got me excited so I asked him all the questions and he gave me all the answers as a professional sports person.
I wanted one...
So on Sunday Hubby ordered me one from Amazon
It arrived yesterday and yesterday was the first day I ran without walking for 8km and up those dreaded hills.
Now say what you want...If it does not work there is something about the power in believing that it does work that makes you better when you train...
I got a see through white band so that I can wear it all the time with any outfit...loved the pink, at first I wanted the pink, but after some thought I imagined a pink band with a red top!!!

I had such a bad nights sleep ~ I have found the first night my hubby is away on a business trip is always my worst nights sleep....when I roll over I feel something is missing so wake up....he will be home this evening so will get a good nights we all know sleep is very important for the much as training ~ body needs its sleep.

I got up this morning and did my online group challenge and added a few more things...
I did 200 sit ups....all different ways...
4 sets of 12 triceps dips
4 sets of 10 push ups
4 sets of 30 bicep curls...( using 2kg weights so light )

Went next door to train my neighbor...
Did 45 mins of cardio
10 mins of lunges and squats
5 mins abs and 5 mins stretch

I burned 642 calories in one hour ( was very happy with this )
HR 115 - 164

I'm finding with eating small meals every 3 hours I am eating a lot more points than I would normally.....I'm trying not to stress about this as I believe in Tosco way as its everywhere I read at the moment,...Bob Harper's book, magazines Sarah sent me, they all call it something different but when u look its all basically the same...6 small meals ~ each with protein....portion control, drink lots of water, no processed foods, no sugar....This is how I have been eating but what is new for me is the 6 small meals ( loving it as I am never hungry ) and the protein with every meal...things like flaxseeds I have added to what I was already doing. I'm happy ~ I feel ready for the small changes in my eating plan.

Later am off to teach my Thursday evening class....wondering if the girls are wanting a hard workout or if they want to dance around....will find out before the class...I've had a good enough workout already today so if they want want to dance that suits me as well...

So with all I have already done and what is coming up

Thursday gets a *tick*

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday ~ Happy and a Tick

Today I am 3 weeks on the 30 day challenge and NO treats September
All is going well...I am still motivated ~ but some days are a struggle which is normal I know.

My measurements on the 2 September and today the 22 September

Arms 29 cm ~ 11.42 ~ 31cm
Chest 90 cm ~ 35.43 ~ 94cm
Under breasts 79 cm ~ 31.1 ~ 80.5cm
Waist 73.5 cm ~ 28.94 ~ 74.5cm
Hips 91 cm ~ 35.83 ~ 91cm
Left Leg 57 cm ~ 22.44 ~ 57cm
Right Leg 57.5 cm ~ 22.64 ~ 57.5

I have gained in all area's besides my legs and hips...
My friend who measured me said she thinks the arms could be from all the push ups I am doing daily
but my chest??? how did that get 4cm bigger??
I have been so good with my eating...and training.

I started this challenge at 64kg's ( 141.1)
One week later I was 63.9 kg's ( 140.9 )
Week two I was 64.9 kg's ( 143.1 )
Week three I am 64.4kg's ( 142 )

Not nice for a girl who had her weight down to 60kg's ( 132 lbs ) in Jan, Feb, March, April and May this year.

No idea what I am doing differently

Am ready for week Four.

Today I am so proud of myself
I ran for 8.2 km ( 5 miles ) without walking
I ran from my front door back to my front door
Up those dreaded hills, the first one is 3km long ( 1.8 miles )
I felt strong, the last time I ran was on Sunday...maybe the rest was good for me
I did the distance in 55 mins
I burned 660 calories
HR 141 - 168 ( high compared to my other runs with walking in between )


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday *Tick*

I'm glad I had to go next door to train my neighbor this morning, as that got me up and moving and not thinking about how miserable I * could * be feeling...
This morning thankfully, I'm feeling my happy, motivated self again....
I headed out the door knowing I was going to do a tough interval cardio and legs workout as that burns calories and today I wanted to sweat and burn calories....

After I got dressed in my gym gear this morning I made myself comfortable on the floor to do my online group challenge.
Did 200 situps
4 sets of 10 push ups
2 sets of 10 triceps dips..
Knew I would be doing loads of lunges while I trained the neighbor later I left that out this morning.

Photo's with this entry are of Flaxseed...
I drink one Tablespoon of the oil every morning and then put the seeds on my oats, or muesli depending which I have for breakfast.
I add it to my yogurt and fruit
Also so my salad, and Quark
Today I did a Cardio interval session with lots of legs....
( big muscle group that uses more calories when u work it out )
Trained for 57 mins
Burned 566 calories
40% fat
HR 112 - 144

Tomorrow is three weeks on the challenge
Will take my measurements tomorrow...

Today gets a *Tick*

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday ~ okay a small tick!

I just don't feel it mojo has been crushed and I'm struggling to find it again.
I will....but being the sensitive person I am ~ things effect me on a deep level...
I know training will help...but cant get myself motivated to sweat...
So as I am tired after the long weekend with late nights and my 7 km run yesterday
I took it easy today.....not out of choice but by listening to my body
I still did something, but as the something is a lot less than what I normally do it feels as if I've done nothing...

Today I did 200 sit ups
4 sets of 10 push ups ( bare with me as writing it down makes me feel I did do something )
4 sets of 10 triceps dips

I went out for an hours walk with my camera this afternoon....wore my HR monitor
Burned 142 calories at 60% fat ( a positive )
HR was a low of 78 - 96

The weather was PERRRRRRFECT....sunshine and warm....
I loved being out in the fresh air..
I hope tomorrow I'll have more energy as I train mommy in the morning.
Today gets a little *tick*

Thank you to Liz from ~ LIZ IS LOSING WEIGHT for my blog award.
I love the colors....Pink and pretty!!

The Rules for Eligibility are:

1. Answer the question, "If you had one chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

2. Pass on to six people and inform them of the award.

If I could go back in time I would change a situation that is far too private for me to discuss here...Its a decision I made that I regret every single day of my life. Those who are very close to me...( my mom ) will know what I am talking about here...
There is nothing I would change in my life as I believe we are meant to live the lives we do....

I would like to pass this blog award to the following bloggers.

1 Fran ~ Dutch Girl Gets Healthy
2 Dawne ~ Its My Time
3 Syl ~ Live Smile Run
4 Sarah ~ Project Five-Oh
5 Bekki ~ Where every you go, go with your heart.
6 Heidi - One Step At A Time

Thanks for always reading BOTH my blogs....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday * Tick, Tick *

Friday before we left for the our weekend away the post lady delivered my Tosco Reno book on Clean Eating....I was thrilled as I want to read all about her plan and start changing area's in my own life ~ so I started reading the book while taking the 4 hour drive to Düsseldorf...
Even had my hubby commentating from the drivers seat as he would see the photo's in the book and he would read the bigger print and ask me more about the topic he had just read.
I shared a lot with him while driving....and he did say later that evening at the party that he understands why I am wanting to make these eating changes to OUR life.

This morning my alarm went off at 9am...I felt and looked like a bus had ridden over feet were so swollen, my eyes looked like they belonged to an 80 year old...I was feet were swollen from standing all of Friday night....10 hours in my boots with some dancing....and then yesterday walking in Koln...
I made my oats with honey and Flaxseed for breakfast, drank a cup of coffee hubby made me and slowly got ready for my run with the girls. We decided last night to do a shorter route as everyone was feeling on the tired side.
We met outside at 9.40am and decided on a 7km run.
We headed out in temps of 5 degrees - the start of our run is a very steep 1.8km road which we walked at a fast pace so once at the top we were all warmed up...the sun was out and the sky was blue...still chilly but beautiful and fresh.
We then started our run...slow and steady...I loved it, I felt stronger and stronger as the time went...slowly I felt younger and younger as I left that 80 year old behind....

When I got home I did my 200 sit ups, the push ups, triceps dips and lunges...forward, back and side....
Then went off to shower.

Later going to enjoy the sushi I bought in Koln for lunch!
Haven't had sushi since Landi's visit in June.

I've started Tosco's plan with eating every 3 hours today....small meals with each meal including protein.
I have also been taking 2 Tablespoons of Flaxseed oil...

I'm also going to add more weight workout to my plan each week, an area I know is very important but just lose the motivation to see it through...I always head out for accardio workout as that burns lots of calories...I need to stop those thoughts going on in my head, and remember how good weights are for a woman and JUST DO IT!!

Sunday gets a * TICK *

NO tick for Saturday

Day 22 came and I GOT a break from the challenge...not that I planned to take this break, life happened and there was no time for me to do it..although throughout the whole day I was planning to do something...even 20 mins of toning.. something.
This is how my day started.

Saturday got to bed at 3.30am after a night at a birthday party where we slept over....I had 3 glasses of wine and a slice of cake that was on my NO go list...but other than that I kept to fish and salad...
Saturday morning we crawled out of bed at 9am, had a shower and went to the main house to help clear up ~ then at 11.15am we sat down and had breakfast....10 of us from the night before!
12pm we said our good bye's and headed off to Koln in the traffic....hubby was not in a happy mood as his favorite rugby team was playing and the game was showing on tv ~ he was going to miss it.
Anyway...for me...and it was me that wanted to go to Koln, he went.
Once in Koln we walked into a few shops...I want the Body Balance Band that everyone ( athletes as well ) was talking about at the party ~ have noticed them in the shops but always thought them too pricey...we went into every sport shop we could find and nothing!!
I did stop at the British shop and resisted all the treats as I am doing Treats Free September...Dawne you would have been so proud of me as there are treats for sale that I cant buy in the normal German shops...
After Koln we headed back to the car for the 3 hours drive home.
The navigation took us round and round in Koln and my hubby was once again getting frustrated...
Once on the autobarn hubby said he would stop at a huge sports shop in Wetzlar called Kappa to see if they had the band, its 5pm...and we still hours from home. We went into the sports shop, asked and was told they don't sell back into the car.....
We arrived home at 6.15pm, quickly unpacked the car as we had to be at our neighbors house at 6.30pm for her birthday bash.....
I freshened up....unpacked a few things and at 6.40pm we walked across...
Was so tired...I only drank water ~ and ate the chicken, Turkey and pudding and no cake.
At 9.45pm we came home to bath, unpack our bags and bed....

So....that was my day...not a moment for me to do even my group challenge...
Does this mean I failed???

Hubby wanted a MacDonalds while driving home so we stopped...I had a fruit salad...he had a burger, chips and you know the calories for his ONE meal was 1 200....I could not believe how many calories in a Burger and chips....are people who eat there regularly aware of this or do they just not care???