Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I didn't get to train on Monday as my daughter gave birth to my 5th grandchild
A little Princess
Tuesday I was riding around to see to things and the weather was terrible, lots of rain and I don't like running in the rain...
So today ( WED ) was the first change I had to run since Sunday
And the weather was perfect...HOT, with lots of sunshine...

I'm so excited I could burst...
Today I did a 10km run without walking at any point
I felt myself from the moment I headed out till the very end...
It felt like the old me again, not the beginner who was struggling
This all started about 2 weeks before I left Germany and continued till my last run on Sunday where I felt good but still walked...
Not today
Today I ran up those horrible steep hills...and trust me they are steep so I run at a very slow pace, but its still running and not walking.
I am so thrilled to feel like me the runner again
My 5km time has also I reached 5km in 32 mins.

Today I also went on line to check the calories of my breakfast...I was shocked.
50g Organic Instant Oats
1 Tsp of Flaxseed and Omega 3 sprinkle mixture
1 Tsp Organic Peanut butter
2 tsp honey
Coffee with two tsp honey and banana
Half my calories are gone just with my breakfast and I am meant to be eating 6 small meals a day...which I have been doing....
I am going to start counting the calories for a while with my clean eating as I am concerned after reading Jillian Michaels book * Winning by Losing * where she insists that counting calories is so does Bob Harper...
I have gained weight with not counting points or calories....and want to sort this out before its too late...trying to lose 10 kg's is not easy....
Otherwise I'm happy with my running ~ now need to find time to do my abs, squats and push ups again....

Ran 10 km
1 hour and 9 mins
Burned 1 188 calories
20% fat
HR - 139 ~ 173

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday & Sunday update

Saturday I found myself tired and without energy ~ this really upset me as Friday I felt like my old self again and was hoping that this was the start to good times for me again ~ so I took the day off....Rested...Listened to my body.

The photo below was taken from my bedroom window last night...

Today after a good nights sleep I felt good when I woke dressed in my running gear and headed out...I told myself it was OK to walk when I needed to...and I never needed to...I felt the best during my run since arriving here two weeks ago...I even did interval runs up the steep hills...I felt so good...tired as I worked out hard during my run...but good.

Ran 7km
In 48.27 mins
Burned 786 calories
134~154 HR

Today I ate a few cheese scones my daughter baked...small ones, my first break away for a while and it didnt make me feel good...
I wasn't tempted to put my fingers into the chips bowl which was a huge step for me......

Tomorrow ( Monday ) is another rest day as my daughter goes into hospital to have her baby and I will be with her for the whole day, then in the late afternoon to evening will be looking after my 20 month old grandson.