Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday * Tick *

Dawne has a NO TREATS challenge happening this month on her blog
Please pop over to her blog and sign up ~
You must add this badge to your blog if you are participating.
I'm doing this challenge as my treats had become a daily normality in my life
No longer treats...
I want to get treats to just that...TREATS!

I did not weight myself this morning.....WHY?????
Went to a birthday party and started off well...
NO alcohol ~ only water...
Turkey and salad....
BREAD...I had 3 slices!!!!
Then I had 2 scoops of ice cream
2 small slices of cake
Then ended up drinking besides the 2 liters of water
Ramazzoti ~ 2 tots!!

Got to bed at 1.30am ~ so woke up today feeling very very old!!

Yesterday is behind me and today was a new start....

I started off my day with a cup of coffee in bed...boy, did I need that coffee...
Got up and did 100 sit up's, 4 sets of 10 push ups....

Kept my breakfast small and low in calories...

Lunch was a smoked Salmon Sandwich, Apple and Coffee

At 2pm two of my neighbors and I went out for a run...all of us were pretty exhausted from the party the night before, so we decided to walk the hills and run the flats and downhills.
Did 5.6km ( 3.4 MILES )in 45.49 mins
Burned over 500 calories
HR 114 - 147

We had a BBQ for dinner...
I eat Turkey and Salad
Vanilla Quark for pudding
Drinking lots of water today...

Total calories ~ 1318
SA points ~ 18/18
Europe points ~ 23/29

I logged on after my training another day I can add a *tick* to!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday *Tick*

Day 3 on my challenges.....

I started this program on Monday so its 5 days for me and guess what...
My weight is up!!
64.2kg's ( 141.5lbs )

I jumped on the scale ready to see 63. something...
I have worked out so hard this week and also not gone over my points or calories...
I did not expect to see a gain.
I was not a happy Marcy...not at all.

Then the trained professional part of my snapped into gear
I have not done weights for the last 4 months
and 10 days ago I added weights into my workouts
Its a good thing as you need muscle to burn fat!!

So am still motivated and excited about September...

This morning I headed off to gym early as I had lots to do today and wanted to get my workout in for the day. So easy to find excuses as to why I am not able to happy that I have this challenge as it makes me find ways to train no matter what lies in my day.

I did 30 mins on the elliptical ~ Burned 394 calories ~ HR 127-133
Then did free weights 30 mins ~ Burned 278 calories ~ HR 103-124
Workout for one hour and burned 672 calories.
The photo's with this entry show my breakfast and lunch today.
This evening am going to a Birthday dinner ~ will have to be very careful and make good choices.
I want to climb on that scale tomorrow and see a drop or the same number, I dont want to see another gain....
I did my online group's challenge today...
4 sets of 30 sit ups
4 sets of 8 push ups

Didn't log on till after my workout ( actually logged on very late as had a busy day )

Have not had any treats....
I have been treats free for 4 days now...thats huge for me!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday *Tick*

So its Day 2 of my all my challenges...
Am still feeling it...and keeping a positive attitude as I know as the weeks go on its going to get tougher and tougher and my body is going to be calling out for a rest day...but I cant give it a rest day....

I received a gift from my client I train 2x a week...dark chocolate & nuts, my favorite!
I was going to keep the packet closed for the whole of September as its NO TREATS month
But hubby asked if he could have two sweets so opened the packet...
I then closed the packet and put it away in a place I don't visit often
That way it wont call my name!!
I'm going to get through this month successfully

My weight this morning is still the same..
I am desperate to see the 63's again, been a month since I saw myself there...
but know its only ONE gram away.

I asked my client to take my measurements this morning, so here they are
Arms 29 cm ~ 11.42
Chest 90 cm ~ 35.43
Under breasts 79 cm ~ 31.1
Waist 73.5 cm ~ 28.94
Hips 91 cm ~ 35.83
Left Leg 57 cm ~ 22.44
Right Leg 57.5 cm ~ 22.64

I did a 53.33 mins workout
Burned 491 calories
113 - 141 HR

Did my 4 sets of 20 sit ups
4 sets of 8 push ups

Logged on before my workout this morning
Will do so on a Tuesday and Thursday as have to be at client at 9am
So this challenge will go for Monday, Wednesday and Friday before my gym workout.

This evening am teaching an aerobic class

30g All bran and yogurt with blueberries, kiwi and strawberries

Sandwich of Rye bread with Turkey mince from last nights left overs

Will be Tuna Salad after my class.


Now off to skip for 25 mins...
Those extra added minutes needed
Burned 247 calories
HR 113 - 141

Now the class left on my to do list for today..
Did 57 mins class of boxing and High Impact Aerobics, Abs and stretch
Burned 534 calories
HR 103 - 142

Total calories burned today 1271

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday * tick *

The 1st of September has arrived...
I'm ready to start all the challenge I've signed up for.
I've been mentally preparing and planning for the challenges since Monday.

I have 4 challenges running in my life at the moment


My online group
Do 4 sets of 12 sit ups
Do 4 sets of 8 push ups
Daily for this week

The NO TREATS MONTH with Dawne
As I love treats and find they are no longer treats but daily treats I am going to have NO treats for the month of September
Anyone wanting to join Dawn and my challenge please pop over to her blog
So she can add your name into the box for a lucky prize at the end of September

Then I'm also doing the 30 day challenge with Syl and all the other ladies.

I had to sit hubby down and explain to him what is going on in my life and that I need him to support me and to understand when I don't want to eat or drink certain foods.

( photo of my lunch today )
So today, my first day I have achieved the following :-

4 sets of 20 sit ups and 4 sets of 8 push ups soon after I got out of bed...still in my pj's

Went to gym
Ran for 5km on treadmill...34.59 mins burned 472 calories ~ HR 130 - 152
Weights circle for 47.34 mins burned 496 calories ~ HR 112 - 140
Total calories burned 968
Over 85 mins work-outed today
25 mins obtained

Logged on after workout, shower and photo's for challenge

First day gets a *tick*

Ready for the challenge

Today is the start of the 30 day challenge
My weight is 64 kg's ~ 142lbs
When I lost the fat nearly two years ago,
I got my weight down to 60kg's ~ 132 lbs
That is where I am aiming to get my weight with this challenge.
I'm giving myself all of September till the 24th October to reach goal weight.
I will be following a eating plan of 1 400 calories
18 South African WW points
29 European WW points
My plan is to do 20 extra mins of training to my hour I usually train daily
On my off days I will do 25 mins only.
I will train for 30 days.


I ended Tuesday with the following
1344 calories
17/18 SA points
27/29 European points.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday and Tuesday

YESTERDAY I bought some Autumn running gear...
I tried on the leggings and the jacket and both fit comfortably.
~So now have no excuse not to get out in the colder weather ~

I ended yesterday on ~
1 396 calories
18/18 SA points
25/29 Europe points.
This morning my weight was the same as yesterday 64.1 kg's ( 141.3 lbs )
I'm keen to see my weight tomorrow morning as I go into a two month challenge with Syl and 66 other ladies where for 30 days we have to do at least 20 mins training off days.
Today I went across to train my client, our 3 month challenge is over.
I was really surprised when I got there, as she had a gift for me, which I didn't expect.
We've decided to continue training together till I leave for my holiday end Oct
I burn over 500 calories in our 50 mins session together so worth keeping going.

My plan is ~
Go to gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings
Train with client on Tuesday and Thursdays mornings
Teach my Aerobic class on a Thursday evening
Run or go to gym on a Saturday with hubby
Run with group on a Sunday morning
And maybe one evening here and there run alone or with my neighbor.
I plan to be very active September and October.
When I got home after training my client I went for a walk in the forest with my camera...
Walked for 1h19 a little frustrated as I wanted to run part of the way but with the big camera in my hand it was not possible...
I did get to burn 255 calories, so my total calorie burn for today was 789!!
I'm happy with that.

Tonight I will get my hubby to take 3 pics of me
Front, Back and Side
I will take my measurements
Tomorrow the challenge begins
I am ready

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday and Monday

My weight this morning was 64.1 kg's ( 141.3 lbs )
That means this week I have lost 1.1 kilo ( 2.4lbs)
A reminder that my goal weight is 60/62 kg's ( 132/136lbs )

Yesterday I ended my day on:-
1 275 calories
17/18 South African points
29/29 European points
And did a 10 km walk/run
This morning I got up and did the groups challenge for this week.
4 sets of 12 sit ups
4 sets of 8 push ups.
Came down for breakfast.
Made a shake this morning....
200ml Strawberry buttermilk
1 small tub Blueberry soya yogurt
Blueberries and strawberries
One Tsp Protein powder.

Went to gym and did 31 mins on the treadmill.
Walked 500 m at pace of 7
Ran 500 m for pace of 8
Walked 500 m at pace of 7.2
Ran 500 m at pace of 8.5
Walked 500 m at pace of 7.4
Ran 500 m at pace of 9
Walked 500 m at pace of 7.6
Ran 500 m at pace of 9.5

Went to the weights area and worked on Triceps ( 3 sets )
Did squats in between sets which kept my HR up
Then did shoulders ( 3 sets ) and did squats in between to keep HR up
Trained upper body and legs for 30 mins.
In total today I burned 673 calories

Today I remembered why I didn't go to gym during the summer months...
oh boy ~ one man was so bad I did a double turn if he was in my workout area.
Another negative for me was the weights circle area was so full
Filled with the older generation taking their time to move from machine to machine.
I'm going to have to either get there earlier or not do the circle during the week.
Went for my nail appointment today...and while driving home I stopped at Aldi
Yesterday I saw them advertise running gear at a very good price for the Autumn weather.
I bought myself two long running black pants, a long sleeve white ( only color left ) top and a turquoise blue jacket.
My neighbor tells me she went very early this morning to Aldi and the one in out town had already sold out of all the smaller sizes, she went to the other Alid in the next town to buy running gear for herself.
When I got to the shop around 1.30pm there were a lot of women standing around the section where the running gear was being displayed...everyone was digging in looking for their size...I joined them.....dig, dig, dig, till I found!

I only logged on today after I did my workout and had my shower...
Day One for me, *tick*

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

YES....I went to gym yesterday and LOVED it.
I've missed my gym workouts and am now ready to do them again as we go into colder weather.

I did 30 mins on the Elliptical and burned 341 calories in 30 mins...HR 117-130
I then did the Circle ( as everyone calls it here )
3 toning machines ~ one cardio...3 toning ~ one cardio
Takes about 16 mins and you do the circle 2x.
Then did Triceps and Bisceps 3 sets of 20 each
Burned 406 calories ~ HR 113-141
Total calories burned 747

I am double checking my points at the moment ~ lots of work but have found since Europe changed their WW points system I have struggled to keep my weight down. So now have taken out my South African WW book and doing my foods with that points system and with the European system ~ and checking my calories.
As my weight is low I now can only have 18 South African WW points per day
Europe system I can have 29 points per day.

Saturday I ate
1 400 calories
18 SA points
29 Europe points
Yesterday was a good day for me.

Sunday morning my weight was 64.4kg's ( 142lbs )
Yesterday I bought myself a new sports bra....I like these types of sports bra's better than the kinds that look like a bra. I wore this bra yesterday and found it very comfortable so want to buy myself another you can see on the box this is a level 3 for control...I love that..hate feeling my boobs moving around when I run.
Hubby said something that really got me thinking...
Where in South Africa would I pay R 600.00 for a sports bra!!!
This morning I did my 100 per groups challenge
Had my 30 g muesli
100g Soya yogurt
53g Blueberries
And an hour later headed out to run with my running group.
Only 3 of us today as the other two are away on holiday.

The first 5 km I could sense the girls were going very slow...tried to encourage them to move faster when it came to the walking part of the route, but they slowed back and told me I was going too fast today...faster than usual.
We stopped at every park bench to do triceps dips and push ups and then carried on running again.
The last 5km home I decided I was going to run for myself as the two were running/walking together at a slow pace, I then went ahead for the last 4km at my pace.
I did 10 km in one hour and 17 mins....( Slow slow slow pace )
But Sundays I know is a slow run as one has to consider the other girls fitness levels always.
Burned 627 calories ~ HR 124-167
Average pace ~ 7.7
Max pace ~ 13.1

I did some research last night about how many calories I should eat to lose 1 kilo ( 2.2lbs) in two weeks and it shows me 1 396 calories.
This is a lot lower than my usual 1 600 a day...
But am going to give this a try for the next month with Syl's challenge.