Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday and Monday

My weight this morning was 64.1 kg's ( 141.3 lbs )
That means this week I have lost 1.1 kilo ( 2.4lbs)
A reminder that my goal weight is 60/62 kg's ( 132/136lbs )

Yesterday I ended my day on:-
1 275 calories
17/18 South African points
29/29 European points
And did a 10 km walk/run
This morning I got up and did the groups challenge for this week.
4 sets of 12 sit ups
4 sets of 8 push ups.
Came down for breakfast.
Made a shake this morning....
200ml Strawberry buttermilk
1 small tub Blueberry soya yogurt
Blueberries and strawberries
One Tsp Protein powder.

Went to gym and did 31 mins on the treadmill.
Walked 500 m at pace of 7
Ran 500 m for pace of 8
Walked 500 m at pace of 7.2
Ran 500 m at pace of 8.5
Walked 500 m at pace of 7.4
Ran 500 m at pace of 9
Walked 500 m at pace of 7.6
Ran 500 m at pace of 9.5

Went to the weights area and worked on Triceps ( 3 sets )
Did squats in between sets which kept my HR up
Then did shoulders ( 3 sets ) and did squats in between to keep HR up
Trained upper body and legs for 30 mins.
In total today I burned 673 calories

Today I remembered why I didn't go to gym during the summer months...
oh boy ~ one man was so bad I did a double turn if he was in my workout area.
Another negative for me was the weights circle area was so full
Filled with the older generation taking their time to move from machine to machine.
I'm going to have to either get there earlier or not do the circle during the week.
Went for my nail appointment today...and while driving home I stopped at Aldi
Yesterday I saw them advertise running gear at a very good price for the Autumn weather.
I bought myself two long running black pants, a long sleeve white ( only color left ) top and a turquoise blue jacket.
My neighbor tells me she went very early this morning to Aldi and the one in out town had already sold out of all the smaller sizes, she went to the other Alid in the next town to buy running gear for herself.
When I got to the shop around 1.30pm there were a lot of women standing around the section where the running gear was being displayed...everyone was digging in looking for their size...I joined them.....dig, dig, dig, till I found!

I only logged on today after I did my workout and had my shower...
Day One for me, *tick*


  1. Aldi and Lidl always have great offers on running clothes but you have to be there fast I know. Lidl here has running clothes this week too but I can't go earlier than Thursday, hope they still have some left.

    You've had a great week girl, congrats on the loss and great workout week.

    Don't the oldies at your gym sleep in :)
    I hate it too if I have to wait on machines in the gym.

  2. Awesome Marcelle!

    Garry & I went for a run yesterday and afterwards went to our favourite coffee shop. There was a group of cyclists that came in just before us. One of them was standing in front of me in line and he smelled SOOOO bad! I even gagged a little. We made sure not to sit near him.

  3. This reminds me last year we were at my oldest sons Christmas concert, my little one (he was just shy of 3) was sitting on my husbands lap. Then some people came and sat down in front of us just as Justin lets out a "those one's STINK"...I was so embarrassed but it was true ;-(.

    I never understood how people can do that and not care. I haven't been to a gym in years kinda makes me thankful for my home gym ;-)

    Great work Marcelle!