Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weeks Review

This morning I asked Hubby to take this photo of us girls who do the Sunday run together...
Two of the girls where not available to run has been ill for the last few days, the other got home last night from Turkey where they spent 10 days on vacation.
Today was really hot....we left home at 9am and it was already 22 degrees Celsius ~ we spoke about meeting early in the future as the heat takes one's energy....for them more than me, as I'm an African girl and can handle the heat having grown up with it.
Today two of us ran 13km and the tall girl did 12km's...the most she has ever done, so I am feeling very proud of her today.
I told my other friend that next week I want to do 14 or 15km....but it will have to be on Friday night as next Sunday I will be in Berlin with my daughter who arrives on Saturday the 11th from Cape Town, (South African )
I've noticed something about me as a runner....I struggle the first 4/5 km....and after that I get into a rhythm and feel I can keep going.
I have to start off slowly...and then at the 5km mark I can run faster...
We never walk during our runs anymore....we run the hills, flats, downhills...
Walking is not allowed...even in the heat...:)

My week review

Monday ~ Kettle bell for upper body in the morning, 10km run the evening.
Tuesday ~ Kettle bell full workout in the morning,
Taught aerobic and boxing class at night
Wednesday ~ Did upper body Kettlebell workout
Thursday ~ Ran 10 km in the morning and did Kettlebell upper body W/O
Friday ~ Day off
Saturday ~ Did Kettlebell upper body
Ran 7km with my neighbor all in the morning ( I was strong this run )
Sunday ~ Ran 13 km with the neighbors in the morning.

Total kilometers run this week = 40km
Taught one Aerobic/boxing class
Did 5 Kettlebell workouts, 2 Full body, 3 Upper body.

Today is day no 5 of the No chocolate challenge and I'm doing well....
There is a few blocks of chocolate in my cupboard...
Its good to have it lying there and to resist, makes me feel powerful!!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Great workout week! Good to hear you had good weather at your run. When we woke up it was raining cats and dogs with thunderstorms. By now the air has cleared and it's dry again.

  2. What a nice photo of you all. And so great that you have the motto not to walk but to run. Great for you all.
    I am proud that you are doing so well on the No Chocolate challenge. Well done.

  3. I think you asked me last week about the struggling with the beginning of a run, and I forgot to get back to you. I do find that too often. It seems to take a while for my body to get into it. Although I don't usually ever have that in a race. Must be adrenaline. Keep up the great work on your Chocolate Challenge. I too kind of like the feeling of having a 'forbidden' food nearby and the feeling of power for not letting myself go there. To me it's not really an issue of whether it's in my cupboard or not, because if I'm being weak I will go to the store and buy what it is I'm wanting.

  4. I could not hang with you and your friends that is for sure! I have to walk in my runs with this heat. Tonight was terrible, my blood sugar barely stayed about 72 and talk about no energy. Ugh! You go girl, your doing great!