Saturday, August 27, 2011

Newer PR today :)

I broke my PR for my time running a 6km ( 3.7 miles ) today......5km ( 3.10 miles ) was my best time today, I did it in 27 mins.

Let me tell you, I had to run at a pace of 11.5km - 12.8km ( 7.1 - 7.9 miles ) to reach this time.

I was pushing like you cant believe. Hubby kept on asking for our pace and telling me to slow down, I would shout back at him that the first 3km ( 1.86 miles ) was on a slight decline and the last 3km ( 1.86 miles ) was all incline, so we had to make up time on the down as we would be slower going up!

I got to the 3km ( 1.86 mile ) mark in 15 mins and wondered if I had the energy to go another 3km ( 1.86 miles )....but slowly I picked up my rhythm again and would not allow myself to fall under a pace of 10km ( 6.21 miles per hour ) as I knew to get a good time I had to keep my pace up.

The final hill ( and only hill ) I dropped my pace to 8.5km ( 5.28 miles per hour ) as I did not want to do what I did last week....I went flat out and just before i reached the top I had to stop to walk and then run once at the top....I wanted to have a run without any walking today...and that's what I did...Hubby walked up the last section of the hill as he went up too fast in the beginning.

What I love about training with the Garmin which is a GPS is that you get the correct distance you have run without estimating or trying to work out on Google map the distance. Then you get the pace your average pace you run at, the Average speed and the max speed.

Today I did the fastest AVERAGE SPEED since owning my Garmin..I usually run between 8.5 when with our running group...on my own my pace is 9,8 average, so today with the average being 10.8.....


I'm so excited and happy...

When I see where I started and in two years where I am now....


The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Great job at the running! I so wish that I could. I started a while back just jogging but now, since I stopped, I can't seem to run anymore. We usually walk 1-1/2 hours each evening and I try jogging but I just can't seem to do it.

    Any advise? Tips?

  2. Wow Marcy, you're improving fast these days. Fantastic run girl!

    I love my Garmin too, love to see my stats after my run.

  3. That's awesome Marcelle! So proud of you. You are such a great runner and you just keep improving.