Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Keeping Active

Today was such a beautiful morning in Germany, I got out of bed early to start my day....I find when its cold and grey sky, I lie in bed and feel miserable...but not today!!!

I started my morning with my breakfast of Greek Yogurt, muesli, blueberries and Green Tea
Then set out to tidy up a little while my food settled and then started my morning workout.

I did 25 mins of ABS only....using the fitness ball, Pilates, Plank variations and normal sit ups.

45 mins later my client arrived for a Kettlebell session...it was such a great morning we did the class out on the lawn in the shade as the sun only comes over later in the morning.

Tonight I teach my * Power Ladies * an aerobic and toning class.

Eating wise, I've been * okay * today.....I find when I don't follow a eating program I'm inclined to eat a little all over the place...
I do plan to repeat one Phase One of the 17 Day plan after the Half Marathon and before my sisters wedding on 20th September in Italy,

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. I love this photo of you. You look good.
    How long do you wait for your food to settle before attempting a exercise routine? Reason why I am asking is because I see over weekends, that even 2 hours after I ate, I still feel uncomfortable on my stomach when I run.
    I did not know about your intention to do the 17DD again.

  2. Great workout day! Hope the weather is still good for you because here it's either humid or no sunshine at all.

    You look great on the photo.