Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eat Sweets????

I've been spending a lot of time reading up about different eating plans online and going through my eating plan books, to see what the common denominator is amongst them....

I found a book called THE X DIET which I bough about 10 years ago, this book was written by a registered dietitian in South Africa, so to me this had to be a good eating plan.
When you look at this book you can see I've read if from cover to cover as it has lots of stains on the pages as well...
What this plan was all about was....FAT...keeping that as low as possible in your plan
I read this from the book

Now trust me while I did this plan, this gave me a free passage to eat sweets and I did.
I filled a Tupperware container with sweets and my hands would often be dipping into the bowl as this was fat free!!
Lets remember that fat free is ASPARTAME FILLED...

I was very excited when I went to teach the group of ladies I teach on a Tuesday evening that they have decided to have another 10 sessions with me once this 10 are finished, and then again another 10 from September before I leave to Cape Town on my Christmas holiday with my family.
Last night I taught 4 ladies from my street, we meet every Wednesday evening, gave them a hard workout, but did feel very alone before and afterwards as they were speaking German to each other at a very fast pace and I had no idea what they were saying. As I'm not hearing the German language being spoken from one Wednesday to the next I'm finding it really hard to feel part of this group.
The last photo is of me and my five grandchildren....taken in November while on holiday to Cape Town...I went home to be at the birth of my 5th grandchild, who I'm holding...she's my little Nunu that one!!!
My son has three children...My Princess, Super Dude, and Beautiful boy ( blogger names for them)
My daughter has two.....Clever boy and Nunu....
I'm really blessed but wish I was able to spend more time with them as they in Cape Town and me in Germany!!!
I'm all dressed and ready to do a run today...but so chilly outside...
Have no idea if I will get out today....lets see.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FEB going well...

Yesterday I went for a much needed haircut and hi here I am with my new Spring style, perfect for me as I find my hair is always such a mess after I've had a workout!!
This style is the old me....the me that used to teach for a living...back in the days.

I went out for an outdoor run yesterday as the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the temp was 4 degrees,....Yes, still chilly but lovely to get outdoors instead of being in the stinky gym where I struggle with my breathing.
I did battle up the hills as have been training since January on the treadmill and only using incline of when it came to the hills I had to walk. It took me an hour to complete 7.45km as I walked the hills, ran the flats and downhills in a pace I felt comfortable at, which at the moment is slower than my pace towards the end of last year...but thats okay...while running I thought to myself that I have so much to be grateful for. I was diagnosed with MS a year ago and I have no symptoms and that here I am running and fit...It could have been such a different situation for me had I allowed it to get me down...but NO, I picked myself up and told myself I can beat running is a huge victory for me.
This is my plain yogurt I eat with my muesli daily....( going to change things up soon )
Its from an organic range at a certain shop in Germany, very low in sugar which is something I am trying to cut back on with making good food choices ~ not always easy, but am doing a lot better now with the kinds of foods I was eating a year ago. No Greek plain yogurt have I found as yet, so far only ( and bought ) was Greek yogurt with honey and nuts...( high in sugar ) which is not good, but will finish it, then not buy again, saying that, it does taste good!!

This evening am going to teach my Tuesday night group of ladies, they have 10 sessions with me and tonight is our 4th class together ~ am wondering if we going to continue for another 10 after these 10 session, or else thats the end of my teaching career and I will be very sad...but will accept and move is all about moving on!!

Now off to make Butter Chicken for dinner.....

P.S I did do 200 sit ups this morning while watching The Biggest Loser UK...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Week of FEB report back

I did mention briefly the other day that I FEAR the scale at the moment.
I dislike being in this space, a space that comes from getting out of the habit of weighing in at least 4x a week and a very long holiday with a slight loss of control eating wise and no training for 6 weeks.
I know if I climb on the scale and its up I am going to feel worse than I am right now...
So one of the reason's I'm staying off as I'm really struggling with feelings of depression, lack of motivation etc, that I'm trying to avoid all things that will make this period harder, the scale is one of them...
I stand in front of the mirror ( naked ) and take a good look at myself and honestly, I like what I see...I ask myself WHY I AM FEARING THE SCALE cause I look good and have not gained the amount of weight ( if any ) that would depress me.
I feel fantastic in my clothing....nothing is tighter.
The size small jacket my hubby bought and was sure it would be too small just by holding it up in the shop, fits me perfectly!!!

So I have decided to give my eating plan, and training ( but struggling here ) my all for the month of February and then on the 1st March I'm going to weigh myself and report my weight here for everyone to see and by doing this I will break the fear of the scale that currently has taken over me.

This is my first FEAR of the scale and wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.

I have not been very good this week in the training department
Here is the report back for the week.

Monday ~ Taught a class
Tuesday ~ Taught a class
Wednesday ~ was my official off day
Thursday ~ Indoor cycle for 18,5 km
Friday and Saturday ~ Lazy and de-motivated, no other words.
Sunday ~ Treadmill run for 6.48 km

Did 3 sessions of 300 sit ups

Did 25 km this week
Burned 1652 calories

I intentions are to improve in all area's this coming week.