Monday, April 4, 2011

Day ONE/ 17 DD

I was ready.....and mostly mentally this morning
Yesterday I was all over the place and binging on foods I knew I would not be eating for 17 Days.. that not typical, this is why I hate and don't believe in diets...
I got my mind thinking that this is not going to be a diet, this is going to shift my weight...move the scale again as I have been this weight for over a year now and nothing I do shifts it...a few 100 grams here and there, but thats all...

So after burning over 5 000 calories in total during last weeks workouts.
Remember the science says 3 500 to lose ONE pound...
I remained the same.
So starting weight for this plan is 63.5 kg's ( 140 lbs )
I drank my half a lemon squeezed into a glass of warm water on waking.
Then had another glass of water with my Multi vit as need to take it 30 mins before I eat breakfast.
Hubby made me a cup of coffee
and then it was time for breakfast, 8 am ( I missed my muesli and yogurt )
To be honest, I didnt enjoy the veggie combo so early in the morning, so not going to have this a hurry!!

After breakfast I drank another glass of water with the rest of my Vits...
Then made my first cup of Green Tea
At 11.30 I made my Green Smoothie.....
Went to post a parcel to South African, and to have my nails done...not liking them that much this time, they far too sharp...
Got home and made lunch at 2.30pm
Had another cup of Green Tea
Around 4pm I had another snack.....and then got stuck into the ironing...
Had dinner at 6.30 pm
Cup of Green Tea

My calories for the day are 1 360

I did an hours Kettlebell workout this morning...
Burned 489 calories
Have still got to have 2 glasses of water before I go to bed and its just after 7pm

So my first day went off well
I never starved
And so far my energy level feels good...

16 Days to go!!


  1. Ohhh, everything looks very yummy. Except for the smoothie... but that's just me, I don't care for smoothies of any kind. Great start. Good luck with the rest of the diet. I bet the days will just fly by! :)

  2. looks like a great fill of many different foods. I am with you on the eggs, can't have them really early in the day but like to have scrambled eggs or an omelette for dinner!
    Excited to read the next 16 days ;-)

  3. The foods look very good I have to say and good variation. I can eat egss in the morning but I don't like to eat veggies in the morning.

    First day is over and you did very well.

  4. I'm REAL excited to see how this works for you!!!!!

  5. Are those brussel sprouts I spy on your dinner plate? Gimme gimme gimme.....I love them, but no one else does in this house, so I never get to eat them. Great source of vitamins.

  6. I've had a few health professionals tell me about warm water/lemon upon waking. I'll be interested to learn if you find it makes a difference.

  7. sounds like your off to a good start for the week!
    keep it up!

  8. Good Morning Marcy!
    I came across the book yesturday while at the grocery store.I would never buy it there! Always at Amazon..Plus I won't even attemp till I am on Maintance. But it made me think of you..
    All of your food looked good..How is the carb thing going? While at the store I passed through the health section. I was looking to see if they had REALLY RAW HONEY..The specific brand when I came across Museli..I have never had it before.Now I know why you like it so much. There was a few different ones to choose from and prices..One was $4.10 and 110 calories The others were $6.20..They looked a bit tastier so my husband talked me into one of them. I went with the Cranberry one..Since I love Cranberries..Then I get home and realize that it was 200 Calories..90 more then the other..But it does look a lot better then the other one! The brand was Bob's Red Mill or hill.They sell a lot of health products so I am sure it is good but It just did not look as good as the one I did get. I have not had the chance to try it yet. I was just not hungry enough this morning. So I stuck with my Greek yogurt and OJ. Look forward to see how this works for you. If anyone can do this you can!

  9. Wow - looks like tasty, healthy many cups of green tea do you have to drink a day?

  10. I need to just come live with u.. then my issues would be solved!

  11. I SEE ON YOUR SIDE BAR THAT YOU GAINED WEIGHT WHEN CUTTING OUT ALL ASPARTAME. Have you tried Truvia brand sweetener, or other Stevia-leaf based, natural sweeteners? I even grew the plant last summer, and could chop it fresh and brew in organic herb teas and iced tea- it sweetens nicely and is zero calories. You can buy it on the plant) Also, do they do much with Agave nectar there (cactus)? I'm interested to see what you are doing to get around the chemical aspartame- there was an incredible amount of graft and corruption around the medical trials and FDA approval hearings on that chemical, and two of the judges and one prosecutor in these cases quit and went to work for the manufacturers for giant salaries. I avoid it. There should never be that much mystery, intrigue and graft around a sweetener. But the Truvia or stevia substitutes are pretty good.