Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 16/50

Not a photo I took today, but one I took the day I weighed in....last Friday.
I wanted to weigh in this morning as feeling a lot slimmer compared to a month or so ago.
Lay in bed last night and could feel my hip bones and rib cage again....
But decided to wait until Friday as I had set out 
Today I wore my jeans out and they were hanging on me, not nice at all...
So am feeling very positive regarding this No sugar challenge I'm on.

My energy level is a lot higher than normal as well.
I don't mind cleaning the house, doing ironing, cooking
In the past everything was done with a half heart and I was NEVER in the mood
Now I am actually enjoying it and have so much to do as a lot has been neglected the last few months.

So all in all...
Still no cravings
Still on plan
I need to up my water level...that is one area I'm not good enough with...

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.