Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 17/50

Photo of my breakfast this morning

1/2 small banana
50g Frozen blackberries
2 Tsp crushed Flaxseeds
Was lovely.
Have had this before without the small banana and didn't taste as good.
Banana is high in sugar so only added half to keep my sugar within 30g per day.

Lunch was a salad with Lettuce, half Avo, 20g Feta cheese, 4 cherry tomato's, yellow pepper
Dressing was Balsamic 
Chicken left overs from last night

Dinner will be oven baked Salmon with veggies and small salad.

This morning I trained at home with my weights, Kettlebell and skipping rope
Did a set of biceps, shoulder presses, triceps and side ways shoulders each 20x then skip for 3 mins.
I repeated that 3x...
Did around the world abs with Kettlebell 10x each way, then skip....3 sets
Did pushups and skip......3 sets
Did planks and stretch
That workout took me 45 mins.

Cravings - None
Tempted - None
Energy - LOTS

This is day 17/50 on the No sugar challenge and all is good....very good in fact.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

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