Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 15/50

Honestly....I have to be honest here as I hate it when people make things seem so make believe when its really tough.

Even I can't believe it...
I keep asking myself * Do you feel like ice cream, do you feel like a block of chocolate, do you feel like a cup cake...and so on * 
Each time the thought of eating something sweet makes me shiver.

I love sweet.
I was the sweet queen.
I have no idea what has happened to me.
Will this last ( I keep asking myself )

The only sweetness I'm eating is my small amount of fruit a day
I have blueberries and never more than 4 strawberries for breakfast the odd day.
or as a snack with Greek yogurt and 1/4 of an apple.
A 1/4 OF AN APPLE...where ever did that satisfy me.
Well it does now.

Will this last
But while I am here I am going to make the most of it

This weekend I ate on plan
Very much the same as I did on the 17 DD except I added a few Almonds nuts as snacks
And on Saturday I had a glass of wine

Yesterday was an off day for me training wise and today I ran 8km with my friend.
I have read such an interesting article by Dr Mercola on training I will share later this week.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. I don't particularly watch my sugar intake but I do believe it's addictive and if you stop taking it or much less than one is used to, you'll get used to it.

    I probably eat more sugar in my food than is allowed at your challenge but it doesn't feel too much to me. Sometimes I have a sugar binge and eat too much of it and feel tired within 15 minutes after I ate it. So I try to avoid that now.

    You're doing great Marcelle.

  2. Yes I also ate a lot more sugar than on this challenge....