Thursday, January 6, 2011

January Challenge keeps me ACTIVE

I have been training every day since I started the January fitness challenge of 30 mins a day.
I am so grateful for this challenge as there are days I really have not been in the mood and knowing I have all the other ladies waiting to hear if I completed it gives me that extra push as I hope it does to all the ladies who have joined the online group challenge.

Monday I ran
Tuesday the elliptical
Wednesday the indoor bike at home with 250 abs
Today I ran 5 mins and walked 5 mins for 53 mins.

I worked out today why my fitness level is back to zero...
When I got to Cape Town I managed to run a few times a week, then there were three weeks where I only got out once a week then the 4 weeks of no training due to Dr's that 7 weeks!!!

I honestly feel like a beginner again, my breathing is such a struggle, my HR is still low when I workout which is a good sign but otherwise everything is like a beginner.

I know I will get there again, and honestly look forward to that.
I normally do my warm up at level 9 on the treadmill and build up to level 12
Now I am warming up at level 8 and building up to level 9
I am going to start by running for 4 mins and walking for was 5 mins, 5 mins.
Tomorrow its the Elliptical day....

Eating wise I am good...
Staying within my 29 Points a day
Doing the Clean Eating Plan
Staying off sugar
Having 2 fruits per day ( Apple, Kiwi, or Blueberries )
No white stuff
NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER..due to the cold weather...I have to work on this as I know water is very important.
My make up for New Years Eve was done by a 15 year old who did the smoky eyes look, it was fun for the event, but not sure I could get them like that again...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Plan Of Action For January

This was me on New Year's Eve saying goodbye to 2010
What a year it's been for me
A year where I was diagnosed with MS
A year where I managed to maintain my weight.
Also a year I got to go home twice to see my family
It was a year filled with many emotions and I never turned to food during 2010 for comfort.
Its was a year I learned so much about living a Healthy Lifestyle.
This was me yesterday....
Day 3 on my groups challenge, we had to post a photo of ourselves for the start, this was mine...
I went to gym yesterday with my hubby and ran on the treadmill for 5 km and walked for 1km
I felt so unfit, like a beginner again
I know from past experience it takes two weeks to get one's fitness level back
I had to take 4 weeks off ( Doctors orders )
I have not taken off any time for the last two years and while running yesterday I knew why...
Starting over is NO fun...

While pounding the treadmill yesterday at a very easy pace ( 8 - 9 ) it came to me what I need to do....I have mentioned that I want to spend more time doing weights this year...that has not changed, I still want to do that, but for now I need to focus on two area's so going to set them out for January...
1. Get my fitness level back to where it was before I was told to take a break
2. Lose the small amount of weight I gained over the Christmas and New Year period

How am I going to do this....

1. Clean Eating plan with no sugar and white stuff
2. Cardio only for January

I will run on treadmill one day, the next do the elliptical ~ this way I give my body variation but am still getting my cardio up....I plan to do a cycle once a week on the weekends.

I will do no less than 30 mins at each session, if I can do more then will do so, but 30 mins is January's challenge.

I am doing the Clean Eating plan while checking the Point Value for January to make sure I am not eating more than I should ~ I really want to get rid of weight gained ~

Finally I feel I have direction....and a plan of action...
Today I hit the Elliptical