Thursday, January 6, 2011

January Challenge keeps me ACTIVE

I have been training every day since I started the January fitness challenge of 30 mins a day.
I am so grateful for this challenge as there are days I really have not been in the mood and knowing I have all the other ladies waiting to hear if I completed it gives me that extra push as I hope it does to all the ladies who have joined the online group challenge.

Monday I ran
Tuesday the elliptical
Wednesday the indoor bike at home with 250 abs
Today I ran 5 mins and walked 5 mins for 53 mins.

I worked out today why my fitness level is back to zero...
When I got to Cape Town I managed to run a few times a week, then there were three weeks where I only got out once a week then the 4 weeks of no training due to Dr's that 7 weeks!!!

I honestly feel like a beginner again, my breathing is such a struggle, my HR is still low when I workout which is a good sign but otherwise everything is like a beginner.

I know I will get there again, and honestly look forward to that.
I normally do my warm up at level 9 on the treadmill and build up to level 12
Now I am warming up at level 8 and building up to level 9
I am going to start by running for 4 mins and walking for was 5 mins, 5 mins.
Tomorrow its the Elliptical day....

Eating wise I am good...
Staying within my 29 Points a day
Doing the Clean Eating Plan
Staying off sugar
Having 2 fruits per day ( Apple, Kiwi, or Blueberries )
No white stuff
NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER..due to the cold weather...I have to work on this as I know water is very important.
My make up for New Years Eve was done by a 15 year old who did the smoky eyes look, it was fun for the event, but not sure I could get them like that again...


  1. Great work Marcelle,
    have you tried warm water with lemon? I find drinking boiled water with a little lemon helps in the winter when it's colder.
    Love the smokey eyes!

  2. Sounds like you are doing so well keeping active. Drinking water helps so much. I carry a water bottle around with me EVERYWHERE and that helps a lot. I drink tea almost everyday too this time of year. It's not pure water, but almost!

  3. I know you will get to feeling just as strong as you were again soon, with that much determination and such a great workout schedule! It's so frustrating to feel like you've back tracked, but the good thing is how quickly it can return too :-)
    Also, I love the sexy smokey NYE eyes! I could never do that myself (no eyeliner skill!) but it looks awesome!

  4. Love your smokey eye look. You're looking fabulous as always.

  5. The smokey eyes are hot!

    Maybe drink more green or herbal tea to get your water in?

    As I've said before: I'm sure you get your fitness condition back before the month is over.

  6. It's is so frustrating and interesting how unfit one's body get when you don't train for as long as you did. Just comes to show that our bodies need training everyday to stay healthy.