Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pink Dress Run

Today I participated in Fran's Virtual blog run...the only rule was ~ Wear Pink.
It was so very windy out....I sat indoors wondering if I should or just leave it, but felt I had committed to this challenge and was going to see it through...
I ran 5km within the complex I am staying...
Over sand dunes and up steep hills...
With crazy windy blowing from all directions.
I did 5km in 36 mins....considering everything I am happy with that time
Burned 557 calories
HR 125-145


  1. Well done my friend, you look great! So happy that you participated in the virtual run. It's so fun to see all these people all across the world running. Imagine if we all could have run somewhere together, that would have been fun.

    Have a great Sunday. We're going to a palace this afternoon for a guided tour. It's been the home of our former queen which is now open for the people.

  2. Good job! Love the sweaty picture!

  3. YAY! Super job!
    L:ove the idea of the Pink:)
    Hope you're having a great time Marcy!!!

  4. Awesome!!!
    You look so happy in that last shot, sweaty and smiley!!!
    Good for you!

  5. Great Job- I wish I was there running with you- in heat and sun!! YOu look fantastic!@!

  6. Congrats...even covered in sweat, you are a beauty!

  7. You're hot in pink! Love the sweat...a little hotter run than in Germany, eh?