Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday ~ lack of energy

Found this spider in my bedroom the other day.....sitting on the ceiling ~ I hate spiders and seems there are many here as the next day we found another one...

I have taken two days off from training since my last run where I felt so bad.
I read everyone's comments and see that this is not unusual at all...
So am feeling a lot more positive about the next run as I was fearing it...fearing feeling bad and then throwing in the towel and losing something I have been so passionate about.

The next time I run I will make sure I walk and run...start over again....its okay...I am going to give myself permission to start all over again if that is what my body is asking for.

My eating has been problems in that department...
I do miss my food routine that I had created for myself back in Germany...
Here I have to try and test products...
and then some cost such a lot i am leaving them out of my diet.

My skin is bad...pimples are breaking out on my chin...put it down to hormones
Its that time....the dreaded time which could be why I lack so much energy as well...
Oh I could think of a million things as to why I am feeling this way,but don't really know what it I keep looking for what is making me feel this way.

I am going to walk run tomorrow....
Check up on me!!!


  1. eeeewwww, my skin was just crawling see that spider!!! Yuck!!!

  2. Hope you have a great walk/run :)

  3. I would feel lack of energy too if I had to battle spiders like that! IcK!!

    Well....if I were you I would let my body relax. Sometimes I take an entire week off and just let my body holiday.
    I go back at it with a with a full tank:)

    Hugs to you!
    (I hope they don't bite??)

  4. That spider is 'way too big' for me to handle! We sometimes have them that big but not this year! Maybe your lack of energy is from stress of flying, getting ready, flu-bug or combination of them. Take care - take it easy so you can enjoy those grand-babies!

  5. Wow I would have a hard time sleeping seeing that HUGE spider!! YUCK!@!
    ANyways- this will work out- for sure- this is a huge switch from your every day life- your body has to adjust as well...give it time- take a rest-(you always tell me to do the same) keep busy with your family!!! HIGS

  6. I feel sorry for you you have a lack of energy. You've been looking forward to this trip and now you're so tired. You don't deserve that.

    Take it easy on the run tomorrow, just enjoy it, even the walk breaks.

  7. Icky spider!

    I think you're wise to take some time off and re-group. No shame in starting over. I've had to do that too. You come back quickly so it's not quite the same as starting. Let your body recharge.

  8. OMG!!!!!! Eeeeeek!!!

    I am so so so glad to hear that you are giving yourself some grace, and going to walk/run, Marcy.. so so glad! Sorry that your last couple runs have you feeling badly.. so so sorry. Don't give up! There is alwyas a way! What is it with us humans being so all or nothing with stuff? So funny huh? I do it too in other areas, and I hear a little voice in my heart speak the word... balance... just keep it in balance and find a way. So true!

  9. That spider is GROSS!

    Marcelle I read your post below and this post and have to wonder if you are not pushing yourself to much? I know you are taking breaks and listening to your body, however you were working quiet hard before you left, is it maybe that your body needs more of a break.

    I only speak from experience, I find that when I'm not having a great run, it's my bodies way of telling me that I need a break.

    Maybe your location, the weather or possibly the ms symptoms could be adding to it. I know you were saying that you were going to do some testing, I hope it gives you some answers.

    Hoping things get better for you Marcelle, Kudos to you for doing what's right and listening to your body and backing off when you need it.

  10. You're not alone in not liking spiders. I hate them too and it seems that they are coming out from all the rain. Argh! Help!