Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday...Ran with JOY

Out there in the distance is where I run while living here....such a beautiful place but full of hills...and all road running which I am not used to anymore as I do mainly trail running in Germany...

Today I gave myself permission to walk...with a little running....So when I headed out the door this morning I felt happy as I knew I had taken the pressure off myself and was going to run with JOY....
I ran when I felt good and walked when I felt I needed was wonderful not having to prove something to myself....I know I can run....I've been running all of summer and for two years in total what if I need to slow down for a while, I'll soon get back to my running self...
So while running today I felt the JOY in my heart, I loved every step I took. I did interval running from lamp post to lamp post, from tree to tree...anything...kept myself entertained all the way...
Running home for the last km ~ I wanted to jump up and down ....all of a sudden I thought
OM Word...I am feeling good, I have my rhythm again...this feels like ME
I could feel the biggest smile on my face...I was filled with the JOY of running...

Today I ran 6.1km
In 46 mins
Burned 575 calories
35% fat
HR ~ 121-174

After my run I slipped into tights and a top and drove my daughter down to the shops
She is finding it too difficult to drive as she gets lower baby comes on Monday
I walked into the shop and soon noticed this man just standing looking at me...
I carried on doing my thing...
The next thing he is standing next to me and in Afrikaans asks me what sport I do...
I spoke back in English so he asked * Are you a cyclist? *
I told him no...I was a dancer all my life and now a runner
He said * Oh a runner, its nice to be fit hey? *
I smiled nodded and walked away.
Its these big calves of mine that made him think I was a cyclist I'm sure....hehe


  1. I'm so happy for you Marcelle. That's what running is about. Glad you found your joy.

    Heehee, we have the same calves. I get asked that alot too. Strong is sexy!

  2. I was so happy to read this post today! It is wonderful that you gave yourself what you needed with this run and that in turn it was enjoyable again...

    And wow, what a compliment to have a complete stranger ask you what sport you do just by seeing your physique!

  3. I was so happy to read this post as well. JOY - it's a beautiful thing. You have nothing to prove to us...just a healthy life to live. I love that you are listening to your body!

  4. Happy to hear you found your joy for running back!

  5. I was going to email you, then remembered you said you can't check your email from there. If there is an email you use, shoot me a mail and I can reply. kidsrme at hotmail for me.

    First of all, how awesome that just standing in the store someone noticed how fit you are. How cool is that??? I'm so proud of you!

    I hope you're enjoying your family...I'm sure you are.

    My sister in law that I keep saying looks so much like your German friend? Her home town was Wertheim. She told me her maiden name but I forgot it now of course. She had 2 brothers and no sisters.

    Keep enjoying life my friend!

    Big hugs.

  6. So glad to hear that your "joy" has returned!!!!