Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Do I Feel Quilty

This morning I trained while watching the tragic natural disaster taking place in Japan.

From pure stress from what was going on at that moment while watching the live footage on TV, I found I worked out so much harder...
It made me think about LIFE
Here I'm training while other people are fighting for their lives, their families lives.
I felt so guilty for training while others were suffering to be honest, I had to give myself a talking to and told myself that life was short and I want to make mine as good as I possibly can have it for myself....
I gave myself permission to train.
Staying fit and healthy is the first step to a happy life for me.

I also thought about my MS...
( My thoughts while talking to myself today )
Why worry about ending up in a wheelchair or other problems as you just don't know if that is going to happen or how long you have on this planet for this to happen.
Take everyday one day at a time, look after yourself daily
Worry about what happens when it happens, whats the use of living day to day worrying and it may never happen.
Life is too short.

I did a kettlebell workout out with cardio mix
As a fitness trainer myself I do my own workout, not one from a video or book.
I work in sets of 3's
1x toning
1x cardio
Repeat that set 3x and then move to the next.
Its a fantastic calorie burn...
I love that I can burn more calories in this hour than I do running, but the bonus is the percentage fat I burn in that hour compared to running..DOUBLE AND MORE!

One hour Kettlebell and cardio workout
Burned ~ 634 calories
22% fat
118-137 HR

~Saturday is my OFF day and Sunday I run with the ladies of my neighborhood~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Plans

This morning I did another kettlebell workout at home.
Am really loving this workout and can see that this workout is going to make huge changes to my body that running is not able to do.
I love the muscular type fitness body and kettlebell is going to help me achieve this.
Of course I will continue running as its my favorite thing to do for cardio
But now think I am going to aim on toning a little more and run a few times a week.
Make toning my no 1 aim and running 2nd.

I workout for one hour and 4 mins this morning
Burned 567 calories
28% fat
113-132 HR

My neighbor called to cancel our run as she is not feeling well....
Its fine as I have workout so hard this week already and with 3 days of lots of squats and leg workout, they pretty tired...So will see if I can fit in a run tomorrow....

Weight was DOWN this morning...:)

Off to have lunch now then tackle the basket of ironing
( Does ironing burn calories.....hehehe :) )

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Great Workout Day

Going to keep it short and sweet as I'm heading off to bath then bed....

Today I did my first one hour kettlebell but fantastic...just the kind of workout I love doing...
Burned 488 calories

Then this evening I taught a fitness class and gave a heavy one cause its what I felt like doing....
Burned 571 calories in the hour...

So today had a fantastic two hour of working out and burned 1059 calories
Ate 1 578
Let see if I can get the scale to start moving....DOWN!

Tomorrow I plan to run....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All going to plan

First thing I do every morning for March is weigh myself.
Something I'm not enjoying, but am finding it very interesting seeing how daily my body can gain or lose a few grams
This morning I'm down 500g from my weigh in yesterday morning and 200grams less than when I first climbed on the scale about 12 days ago....
As I have cut down my calories from this week and not eating carbs after lunch time, I'm interested to see what happens now.

This morning the post lady rang my door bell....
Tomorrow I'm going to do my first workout at home with my new Kettlebell.
The photo's with this entry show what the forest looks like at the moment...this is where I'm doing most of my daily runs....even during this time of the year the forest is such a beautiful place to run.
Today 3 of us girls from my neighborhood met up at 10.30am for a run, we were not sure for what distance, all I wanted was to run for an hour...that was my goal.
As I had run 7.10km ( 4 miles ) yesterday mostly uphills and without walking, I was a little worried how my legs would handle the hills again...forest run means hills, cant get there any other way to miss the hills...thankfully the girls walked the first section and then we ran the rest...both girls talking to each other in German and now and again I got pulled in...which was fine with me as I struggle to talk and run when focusing on a hill I am trying to get up.
We complete 8.72 km this morning ( 5.4 miles ) in 1 hr o7 mins
Average Speed was 7.7km ( slower than yesterday due to the walking we did )
Max Speed was 16.1km ( as we decided to sprint home )
Ascent = 320
Descent = 326
Burned 779 calories
15% fat
127 - 189 HR
A quick update on *the* MS situation.
I decided not to go the medication route as the Neurologist suggest last October during my last visit and check up.
I want to see if I can fight MS by taking the right vits like Vit D and a few others that are needed for an immune disease ~ also no longer eating processed food, diet foods or anything with Aspartame and lots more poison thats added to our food on to this list.
While in Cape Town on holiday, I had what I thought was an MS attack....and found out I had low blood pressure, once I got that sorted out all those weird feeling I get from time to time that I relate to MS are no longer happening.
I am very positive and believe that I can do this without medication.....

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday and New Week Begins

The beginning of a new week...and my motivation even after the gain of 400g's is still high.
I know I did everything last week and if my body needed that gain for whatever reason..
So be it...
I'm moving on.

I have a few things in mind for this week...

1. To cut my calories ~ no higher than 1 600 per day.
1 400 calories if possible.
2. Eat carbs for breakfast and lunch, but no carbs after lunch time besides in the form of veggies.
3. Drink more water ( struggle with this one during winter months )

I have already cut out sugar, salt and processed foods
I have cut out bread between Sunday to Friday nights
Love my German rye rolls on Friday night and Saturday lunch time
I drink 2 glasses of wine a on Friday and Saturday evenings
If I do have chocolate, its the dark version and only one block

Today I decided on a run ~ I was a little worried that my legs would struggle after my longest run of 11.58km ( 7 miles ) yesterday morning with the girls.
I headed out telling myself I would walk up the hills and run the flats...
but as I left home and went straight into a run I told myself to keep going...
Which I did.
I ran the whole 7.10 km ( 4.4 miles ) without walking up the dreaded hills and if you see my ascent to descent you will see how much of my route was uphill.
The route I did was a Trail run in the forest...very different to a road run...
My time is a lot faster on the road to a Trail run, but have read in running magazines that this is normal...

Ran 7.8km ( 4.4 miles ) in 51 mins 07
Average speed ~ 8.3km ( 5.1 )
Max speed ~ 11.2km ( 6.9 )
( Both are getting faster )
Burned = 633 calories
12% fat
130 - 144 HR
Total Ascents = 215m
Total Descent = 209m

Ate 1 316 calories today.

Weeks report back...with a gain.

I started this plan last Monday

I am going to show how my weight changed daily, my training, calories I ate and workout I did.

MONDAY ~ Weight 00.3

Ran 10.37 km ~ Burned 902 calories

Ate 1 462 calories

Tuesday ~ Weight 00.6 ( up 300 grams)

Ran 5.4km and taught an hours workout class

Burned ~ 899 calories

Ate ~ 1 300 calories

Wednesday ~ 00.5 ( down 100 gram from yesterday but up 200 g from Monday )

Ran 7km and did an 30 minute weights workout

Burned ~ 830 calories

Ate 1 700 calories

Thursday ~ 00.1 ( down 500 grams and down 200 grams from Monday )

Ran 5km and taught hours class

Burned 941 calories

Ate 1 870 calories

Friday ~ 00.8 ( up 700 grams and 500 grams from Monday )

Did an hours weights workout

Burned 401 calories

Ate 2049 calories

Saturday ~ ( up 200 grams ) and up 700 grams from Monday )

Day off.

Ate 1 842 calories

Sunday ~ 00.2 ( Down 700 grams and 100 gram down from Monday )

Ran 11.58 km

Burned 1023 calories

Ate 1 516 calories

Monday weight in is.....00.7 - 500 grams up from yesterday and 400 gram up from last week monday.

I did total of 39 km running

9 Workouts

Burned total of 5011 calories


Had good calorie burn this week...good km I ran and still I end up having gained 1g in a week...I know its nothing but honestly don't you think I should have had a loss at least...The books say if you burn 3500 calories a week you can lose 500g in a week...I did that and more...

Another thing I have noticed...each time I have run ~ I have gained.

So this week I plan to cut back on my calories even more.....Going to stick to 1 400 if possible...will have a good breakfast and then smaller meals....I want to see if that will make a difference.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good Week was had

I had such an awesome run this morning with my running group of ladies from the neighborhood. All 5 of us set off together....the one ran home after 5.4km as she had to be at a function the early afternoon, the rest of us carried on, at 7.8km I asked if anyone wanted to take the shorter downhill road home or did they want to continue with me...they wanted to we carried on....when we got home it was 1 hour and 29 mins later and we did 11.58km. We did a forest trail run and then did interval runs up the hills and a few of them we walked at a fast pace.
Over all everyone seemed very happy with how they coped with what was our longest run to date and our first run together this year, well since October last year.

Today I burned 1024 calories
Average Speed ~ 7.9km
Max Speed ~ 11.0km
Total Ascents = 399m
Total Descents = 395m

I've had an awesome week with my training ~ feel my spirits and happy feelings are so much higher due to this as its a reminder I must keep training.

Monday ~ Ran 10.37km
Tuesday ~ Ran 5.4km and taught a fitness class
Wednesday ~ Ran 7km and did a weights workout at home
Thursday ~ Ran 5km and taught a fitness class
Friday ~ Did an hours weights workout
Saturday ~ Off day
Sunday ~ Ran 11.58km

Total workouts = 9
Total km run = 39km
Total calories burned = 5011