Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All going to plan

First thing I do every morning for March is weigh myself.
Something I'm not enjoying, but am finding it very interesting seeing how daily my body can gain or lose a few grams
This morning I'm down 500g from my weigh in yesterday morning and 200grams less than when I first climbed on the scale about 12 days ago....
As I have cut down my calories from this week and not eating carbs after lunch time, I'm interested to see what happens now.

This morning the post lady rang my door bell....
Tomorrow I'm going to do my first workout at home with my new Kettlebell.
The photo's with this entry show what the forest looks like at the moment...this is where I'm doing most of my daily runs....even during this time of the year the forest is such a beautiful place to run.
Today 3 of us girls from my neighborhood met up at 10.30am for a run, we were not sure for what distance, all I wanted was to run for an hour...that was my goal.
As I had run 7.10km ( 4 miles ) yesterday mostly uphills and without walking, I was a little worried how my legs would handle the hills again...forest run means hills, cant get there any other way to miss the hills...thankfully the girls walked the first section and then we ran the rest...both girls talking to each other in German and now and again I got pulled in...which was fine with me as I struggle to talk and run when focusing on a hill I am trying to get up.
We complete 8.72 km this morning ( 5.4 miles ) in 1 hr o7 mins
Average Speed was 7.7km ( slower than yesterday due to the walking we did )
Max Speed was 16.1km ( as we decided to sprint home )
Ascent = 320
Descent = 326
Burned 779 calories
15% fat
127 - 189 HR
A quick update on *the* MS situation.
I decided not to go the medication route as the Neurologist suggest last October during my last visit and check up.
I want to see if I can fight MS by taking the right vits like Vit D and a few others that are needed for an immune disease ~ also no longer eating processed food, diet foods or anything with Aspartame and lots more poison thats added to our food on to this list.
While in Cape Town on holiday, I had what I thought was an MS attack....and found out I had low blood pressure, once I got that sorted out all those weird feeling I get from time to time that I relate to MS are no longer happening.
I am very positive and believe that I can do this without medication.....


  1. I weigh myself daily...no matter what I do over the weekend, I am always up on Monday. Its like a curse, but since I weight myself so often I know tha it is okay and by Friday my offical weigh in day I will be back to normal. You can so start to see how your weight changes with your cycle. Which is good to know so you don't freak when you have a sudden weight gain, but it is gone 2 days later.

  2. Oh cool, the delivered your kettleballs already?!? That is fantastic. I so know you are burning to try them out :)
    Oh wow! I am so happy to read about the fact that you don't get those weird MS feelings anymore. That is fantastic news and happy that you are so positive about the route you are taking. Thank you for keeping us posted :)

  3. Good For you - it is crazy how weight can fluctuate,,,Me too! I dread the scale but it is so so interesting! I love the idea that no carbs after lunch- will try as well HUGS my friend

  4. I too think you are going to do fine without medication. You are taking such good care of yourself and you feel great at the moment so why put the crap a.k.a. medicine put in your body.

    Great run!

    I'm interested to know your experiences with the kettlebell. Have fun with it.

  5. 17DD - day 2 (from 100% on-plan), day 8 (from when I started clean-eating) - I'm down 1.1 from yesterday! Not feeling in any way deprived and I think the thing I like the most is that when I get hungry, well, it's not an emergency anymore. When I was eating carbs (well, refined carbs), when I would get hungry, I could eat anything and everything that wasn't nailed down. This new way of eating is certainly encouraging......

    ....and it fits right into your clean eating regime as well. I too am banning processed cr@p out of my life. There will be times when I will chose to eat some.....but it will be a conscious effort from here on in....or at least that's what I'm striving for. It's becoming apparent that, go figure, clean eating is what's most important for health and long-term survival!

  6. I hate the scale... Very much. I am glad to see that you got out for a run today!!! Kettle ball looks so interesting.

  7. Way to go tackling those Hills Marcelle!!!

  8. Hey Marcy, That's so funny you wrote about that. One of my friends at work mentioned it today too. She said her mom had seen the 17 day diet on the Dr. Phil show and that she followed it for ~ a month and lost 8 lbs. I think its interesting and may give it a try for one round. I am a huge proponent of not "dieting" but just being conscious of food and losing weight that way, so I'm going to check it out when it comes into barnes and noble on the 15th before I buy it.

    Keep me posted on how it goes for you!

  9. Very nice run Marcelle! My husband loves running the trails too. I do not, at least yet. :)

    I can't imagine not eating carbs after lunch!

  10. You got some good running in already this week! I had to think of your mail lady delivering that kettleball - hope it wasn't too heavy for her!
    I'm so happy you are managing your MS so well - as long as you are doing so well, there is no reason to start with meds...keep up what you're doing!

  11. Thanks for your comment..I did reply back to you! That is funny that I just happen to find you..I did not know you had MS! I found your link at at "a journey to thin"..
    Boy could we have a lot to talk about! I will try and make this short..LOL
    I was on Copaxone about 2 plus years ago. I had bad reactions to it. It was just really painful. So I went off of it on my own. I now have a new nurologist and after long consideration I decided to go back on it and this is why..if you go back over the last week or 2 and read my blog you will see that I did not want to start my meds!
    But anyways..The way that HE exsplained it to me was different then any other doctor had and it was the first time that it made sence enought to me that I decided that i would go ahead. So it IS a personal choice but I will tell you what he told me..
    When I was on it for the year plus that I was..It burned like hell..I dont know
    what you have been on. I did rebif and had bad flu symptoms and then I did copaxone for about a year and a half..It burned so bad every night I would cry for an hour because I did not want to take it. I would be up all night becuase I did not want to take it. It was horrible. My husband seemed to think that while I was on it that I felt better and I thought the same. But when I told my then nuro that she said that was not possible. So I believed her!! After all I was going to one of the best nuros in the country. In the world for that matter! So I decided that I did not want to go through that pain anymore and I stoped it! Then I started seeing a new doc about a year ago. This is how he explained it to me..The reason why it burns so bad is becuase it is designed for the white cells to go and attach that shot instead of your brain. That is why it burns! Ok now here is the kicker. This is why I finally decided to go back on it..! You have MS..It is a disease that you and I have. There is no cure as of right now. So as of right now we will have it for the rest of our lifes. We can do what we are doing. We can eat healthy and do our best to treat our bodies well and try and stay and healthy as possible. But we have no control on what our bodies and our brains,white cells etc will decide to do! So what he said to me..Once it happens...That one bad flare...That one really bad one where I end up with a lesion in wrong spot that ends up in an area where I can't see,walk,hear,talk,or I am parlized etc..I CAN'T GO BACK..I can't go to him and say I wish I had taken the drugs like you said I should have. IF I WOULD have been on them..IF I WOULD have just done what you said then I would be walking today..That jared me like you would not believe because we can't go back once permanent damge is done and those drugs are there to prevent that! They are available to us..I use to have people saying this to me all the time and it use to piss me off. This may be pissing you off right now.. All I know is when my doc said to me...Renea you CANT go back when the damge is done!!! But right now..Today you can take this shot and hopfully it will keep you walking for the rest of your life or you can take your chances..BUT WHY WOULD YOU??? I looked at my husband and that was all I needed to hear!I am one week in and yeah they SUCK..Speaking of..I need to stick myslef right now! Oh and YES they do help with symptoms! I have talked with many docs since that quack told me no.That is part of when the white cells attach the shot and the reason for them burning.That is why.I knew I felt better. Sometimes we just need to listen to our own bodies. This time I am using a journal and I am documenting EVERYTHING!!!!!
    By the way..You look amazing!!