Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Great Workout Day

Going to keep it short and sweet as I'm heading off to bath then bed....

Today I did my first one hour kettlebell but fantastic...just the kind of workout I love doing...
Burned 488 calories

Then this evening I taught a fitness class and gave a heavy one cause its what I felt like doing....
Burned 571 calories in the hour...

So today had a fantastic two hour of working out and burned 1059 calories
Ate 1 578
Let see if I can get the scale to start moving....DOWN!

Tomorrow I plan to run....


  1. Wow Marcelle, your a machine!!!!!

    I don't want to sound like your Mother, but 578 calories is not enough for your body to burn calories only to store it. I realize you probably meant that you ate more, this is just your net calories after burned. Anyways, just be safe...okay? :)

  2. I have checked Sheri and see it does say I ate 1 578....I burned 578 in my class I got the two lines mixed up while reading...I got such a fright as dont want anyone to think I would ever do something as silly..would never cut my calories under 1 200 daily and struggle to keep them around 1 400...

  3. Today was a high calorie burn for me....this is not usual.....

  4. What an awesome workout day for you!!! Way to go!

  5. Great workout day!

    Did you get the exercises for the kettlebell from the internet or did you use a DVD or something? I've had a class once in kettlebell few years ago when it just was introduced but it wasn't my kind of thing. They did say it was a great calorieburner workout.

    Have fun on your run today, mine is already done this morning.

  6. Yeah looks like YOU had a great day!
    Don't over do it! Where do you get all that energy? My body just does not allow it!

    Well..You have achieved that amazing body! I also want that toned body. I always have! As soon as I work off some more of this fat hopefully it will make it a bit easier on my body!

    This stupid fatigue always gets the best of me..I HATE IT!!!
    But one day at a time and I will get where I want to be..Poitive thoughts..( :

  7. WoW.. Yeah HEAT is sooo hard on me and I live in a VERY hot state.. Just today I started noticing it and we hit the mid 80's so it is starting.. I will be locked in my house and misserable till late October!!..Some day I hope to move to Washingtom or Oregon State.
    Do you mind me asking how you discovered how you had MS?
    I started waking up with a burning in my chest and arms.
    I was also doing hair at the time and I started dropping my combs all the time and I was really dizzy,swaying,shaking and having vizion issues.
    If it's too personal or you want to stay posotive I understand. I do as well. I was just wondering since many people have issues with fatigue and heat intolerance and that is usally their first sign!

  8. Sorry about the typos..Getting really late here..LOL