Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good Week was had

I had such an awesome run this morning with my running group of ladies from the neighborhood. All 5 of us set off together....the one ran home after 5.4km as she had to be at a function the early afternoon, the rest of us carried on, at 7.8km I asked if anyone wanted to take the shorter downhill road home or did they want to continue with me...they wanted to we carried on....when we got home it was 1 hour and 29 mins later and we did 11.58km. We did a forest trail run and then did interval runs up the hills and a few of them we walked at a fast pace.
Over all everyone seemed very happy with how they coped with what was our longest run to date and our first run together this year, well since October last year.

Today I burned 1024 calories
Average Speed ~ 7.9km
Max Speed ~ 11.0km
Total Ascents = 399m
Total Descents = 395m

I've had an awesome week with my training ~ feel my spirits and happy feelings are so much higher due to this as its a reminder I must keep training.

Monday ~ Ran 10.37km
Tuesday ~ Ran 5.4km and taught a fitness class
Wednesday ~ Ran 7km and did a weights workout at home
Thursday ~ Ran 5km and taught a fitness class
Friday ~ Did an hours weights workout
Saturday ~ Off day
Sunday ~ Ran 11.58km

Total workouts = 9
Total km run = 39km
Total calories burned = 5011


  1. Great job, girls! So glad you are feeling so much more positive and that things are going well! Life really is a roller coaster, isn't it?

  2. You had an awesome workout week Marcy. You're back on track!

  3. I swear that my semi-depression these days is completely linked to my lack of running due to weather. I really need the ice and snow to melt!!!

  4. great job marcelle!
    very proud of you!
    yay for high spirits!!!!

  5. That was a fabulous week!
    Me, well, you saw, pizza, followed by some alcohol on two nights.....
    Got the groceries I needed late yesterday and I'm off and running (well, so to speak anyway) on the 17 Day Diet!

    I did kick 2.2 lbs to the curb last week just flirting with the 17DD, so stay tuned for what happens this week!