Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday and New Week Begins

The beginning of a new week...and my motivation even after the gain of 400g's is still high.
I know I did everything last week and if my body needed that gain for whatever reason..
So be it...
I'm moving on.

I have a few things in mind for this week...

1. To cut my calories ~ no higher than 1 600 per day.
1 400 calories if possible.
2. Eat carbs for breakfast and lunch, but no carbs after lunch time besides in the form of veggies.
3. Drink more water ( struggle with this one during winter months )

I have already cut out sugar, salt and processed foods
I have cut out bread between Sunday to Friday nights
Love my German rye rolls on Friday night and Saturday lunch time
I drink 2 glasses of wine a on Friday and Saturday evenings
If I do have chocolate, its the dark version and only one block

Today I decided on a run ~ I was a little worried that my legs would struggle after my longest run of 11.58km ( 7 miles ) yesterday morning with the girls.
I headed out telling myself I would walk up the hills and run the flats...
but as I left home and went straight into a run I told myself to keep going...
Which I did.
I ran the whole 7.10 km ( 4.4 miles ) without walking up the dreaded hills and if you see my ascent to descent you will see how much of my route was uphill.
The route I did was a Trail run in the forest...very different to a road run...
My time is a lot faster on the road to a Trail run, but have read in running magazines that this is normal...

Ran 7.8km ( 4.4 miles ) in 51 mins 07
Average speed ~ 8.3km ( 5.1 )
Max speed ~ 11.2km ( 6.9 )
( Both are getting faster )
Burned = 633 calories
12% fat
130 - 144 HR
Total Ascents = 215m
Total Descent = 209m

Ate 1 316 calories today.


  1. Nice!

    I'm craving carbs....I think it's because I know I shouldn't have them if I'm going to do this.....not because I really need them!

    I'm not maybe I'm just thirsty...going off to drink more water...again!

  2. Just to repeat myself .... you're awesome! I run slower on trails too. Very common.

  3. Great run yesterday Marcelle. I've done only a few trail runs, those were races, and I was slower on them too.

    Have a great week!